Monday, December 31, 2007

Free Rocketship Music

I haven't been this excited in years! Rocketship (my favorite group ever) has released their 2 latest albums absolutely free on their website. Go and download these puppies right now! They're amazing, and even more amazingly impossible to find.

Here Comes...Rocketship (2006 Nonstop Co-operative)

Garden Of Delights (1998 Drive In Records)


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

21 Little Ones

Over on the Dutch Beach Boys blog Dutchie posted a bootleg called 21 Little Ones here. It's essentially a collection of unreleased Brian Wilson songs from the unreleased Sweet Insanity album, some sessions with Gary Usher and an awful attempt at a live album that is so obviously fake I literally felt offended. It originally came in .wav format, but I converted it to mp3 format and uploaded it for download below.

This is a pretty awful album (sound quality and song quality). I do really like the last 3 songs though. They are Brian Wilson solo performances of songs written around 1977. The only song officially released was I'll Bet He's Nice on the Beach Boys' 1977 album Love You.

Click Here To Download 21 Little Ones
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

And as a big thank you to everyone I put up 18 (eighteen) full albums for you to download over on my This is pop music blog! 18...That's old enough to vote!

I really hope you find something you love!

Check out This is Pop Music

Friday, December 21, 2007


Hello everyone,

I know some of you have been having problems with errors on files, such as "unknown compression method", etc. This could be caused by trying to open files with an outdated version of Winzip, or some other unzipping program.

If you use windows, please download the latest version of Winzip, version 11.1 here.

And if you use mac, please download the latest version of Stuffit Expander here.

Hope this helps!

And please let me know if you've been having any problems, and tell me the EXACT error you receive when trying to open files. That would help immensely.

Thanks again,


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stephen Newcombe - Listen To My Toes


Thank heavens! Stephen Newcombe has released the next album in his trilogy, the second album, Listen To My Toes, from 1994. I have never been so floored and excited to hear the next track. The album had me rolling on the floor laughing with all of his brilliant skits and hilarious lyrics. I don't think Smile could have tried to be this humorous if it had continued to be a comedy album.

But aside from the great many laughs, Stephen continues with his cinematic story telling and whimsical tunes. And this time around he has even more great songs. Huge standouts are the extremely catchy songs Talking To Tarquin, The Trouble With Cupid, and Pipe Concerto Mvmt 1. It seems on Listen To My Toes, Stephen was at his absolute musical peak. Every song is a joy to listen to from a musical perspective and he has no problem, with the album clocking in at over 70 minutes long, stretching his musical muscles.

Listen To My Toes is a much more happy, optimistic, and social (despite Stephen's hardly leaving his home at this time) album than The Wrong Button, and has me so thrilled, I'm writing about him again!

Go to his blog and download Listen To My Toes now, and let him know what you think, you'll be glad you did!

Preview some tracks here:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007



From now on I will be hosting all of my files to multiple sites, instead of just one. This way everyone wins!

Also, scroll down to the Unsurpassed Masters Volume 5 to see the new format, you will be given your usual download link, along with several alternate links below it, in the event one is taken down.

I hope you find this helpful, and I hope to fix all the broken links soon!

- eric
"Dear eric,

Thanks for using DivShare. Unfortunately, our staff has had to remove one or
more of your files for violation of our content standards.

This action is usually taken because a file contains adult content or
copyrighted material, such as music, movies or software. We apologize for the
incovenience, and ask that you not upload any similar files in the future.

If you ever have any questions or feel we've removed your file in error, please
drop us an e-mail at Thanks again for using the site, and
have a great day.

The DivShare Team"

Can someone help me please?

Unsurpassed Masters Volume 5

Click Here To Download
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

view tracklisting and learn more

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Smile Artwork

I wanted to share with everyone the Smile album cover at very high resolution.

Click below to view.

Some Version of Smile


1. You're Welcome
2. Do You Like Worms
3. Bicycle Rider/Western Theme
4. Heroes and Villains, Part 1
5. Heroes and Villains, Part 2
6. Heroes and Villains (Coda)
7. Cabin Essence
8. Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine
9. Wonderful
10. Child Is Father of The Man
11. Our Prayer
12. Good Vibrations
13. Vege-Tables
14. Windchimes
15. Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
16. Cool, Cool Water
17. Surf's Up

Click Here To Download
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Ascrodin's Smile

I just wanted to let everyone know that Ascrodin has posted his own version of SMiLE over on his blog. You should download it for the artwork alone. He has high quality scans of the front and back of the album (2700 x 2700). You can check it out and download it here.

Or you could download it from me below. I made the files a little bit more "Itunes friendly", so download it below if you don't want to organize it all by yourself.

Click Here To Download Ascrodin's Smile Part 1
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt
Click Here To Download Ascrodin's Smile Part 2
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Friday, November 30, 2007

Smile (1966 - 67)

I found this very strange version of Smile floating around on Rapidshare so I thought I would share it. The album is meant to be a sort of list of official released versions of Smile songs (heroes and villains from smiley smile) and bootlegs from several sources. Every song has a different bit rate (as expected) but they are all 128 kbps and above. By this point you should have heard enough versions of Smile, but I'm always still amazed and pleased when I hear a new one. Read the tracklist below and download!

1. Our Prayer [1972 version]
2. Heroes and Villains [Smiley Smile version]
3. Holidays
4. Vege-Tables
5. Untitled (She's Goin' Bald)-[He Gives Speeches]
6. Barnyard [with false barnyard intro]
7. Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
8. Wonderful
9. Cabin Essence [20/20 version]
10. Child Is The Father Of Man
11. Heroes and Villains [Smile version]
12. The Old Master Painter
13. Wind Chimes
14. Roll. Plymouth Rock
15. Good Vibrations
16. I Ran (Song For Children)
17. I Love To Say Da Da
18. Surf's Up

Click Here To Download Smile (1966 - 67)
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Unsurpassed Masters Volume 3

Download Disc 1
Download Disc 2

learn more

Merry Christmas From The Beach Boys

A long time ago, in 1964, The Beach Boys made a very lovely 12 song album called "The Beach Boys Christmas Album". It spawned the hit Little Saint Nick, and continues to be a holiday classic.

However, not so long ago, in 1992, some horrific human being decided it would be a good idea to "remaster" (and I use term VERY lightly) 9 of those 12 songs and issue it out on an album called "Merry Christmas From The Beach Boys". Not only do these remixes sound completely the same, the order of the songs is all messed up, and the whole thing just makes no sense to any one in the entire world.

So please, do yourself a favor and pick up the old Beach Boys Christmas album. OR BETTER YET! Why not buy Brian Wilson's Christmas album from last year here?

Click Here To Download
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

read about it here on amazon, and make sure to read the hilarious reviews

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Anne Wallace Smile

Hey everyone, just thought I'd let you know you can download the Anne Wallace Smile at the Triffids blog by clicking below.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Stephen Newcombe

I just wanted to share with everyone the latest concept album to fall into my lap, Stephen Newcombe's The Wrong Button.

The album is heavily inspired by Smile era Beach Boys, but the album is much more than just a clone, in fact, it is an extremely original, and extremely well written album that completely blew me away.

Very few artists have the ability to relate their feelings to music as perfectly as Stephen Newcombe. Putting him in the same caliber as Brian Wilson, Burt Bacharach and even Beethoven. The Wrong Button brings you on a musical journey through the psyche of a drugged out madman that you never want to get off of, no matter how frightening it may be.

The album has many sections between the main songs (sound like something else we know?) that he uses expertly to develop a story line that you actually want to immerse yourself in and figure out. But the songs on the album are amazing too! Sing For Us is an eerie tune that starts off with a parent asking her child to sing, which quickly develops into an eerie funeral hymn played on guitar, organ and bells with even more babies over the music. This proves to be equally scary and powerful.

The feel of the album continues to brighten then fall back to bleak disparity with songs like Rolling Away, That's Where It Ends, Talking To Myself and Nobody Listens.

Anyway, I'll be covering this more in depth on my other blog. Listen to some samples and download the album from Stephen's blog below.

Sing For Us
Rolling Away
Talking To Myself
Space Rocket

Download The Album!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

In The Beginning: The Garage Tapes

This bootleg features some early recording sessions for Gary Usher in which The Beach Boys sang background vocals. It's pretty interesting to hear the boys in the studio before they had ever recorded anything of their own.

It also features the tapes a teenage Brian Wilson recorded in his Hawthorne, CA home of him and his young brothers (with friends, family and neighbors) practicing early material before the Beach Boys were ever formed. Also included are some silly skits and recordings of things like Brian and friend Keith Lent practicing Spanish.

Click Here To Download Disc 1 Part 1
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt
Click Here To Download Disc 1 Part 2
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt
(extract both parts to the same directory)

Click Here To Download Disc 2
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

See ya soon,


Pet Sounds (In The Key of Dee)

A new mash up of Pet Sounds has been made, this time by producer Bullion. And surprise, this one is actually really good!!

Bullion has taken all of the original tracks from Pet Sounds and spliced them together with the music of J Dilla to make some very interesting hip hop style remixes that I could imagine anyone of these fine artists performing. ||||||||||

You can check out some samples and download the whole thing below!

I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (Bullion Remix)
Sloop Jay D (Bullion Remix)
You Still Believe In Dee (Bullion Remix)

DOWNLOAD (link fixed)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Hey all,

It's been a little while since I've had time to write anything here, for a couple reasons. Primarily, I've been on a mini-vacation in Providence. I've been having a pretty good time seeing friends and recording music, here's some photos.

I've also been writing on my other blog and interviewing some cool people I'm really excited about. Go check it out and download some mp3s.


And lastly, I've been running into some problems with this blog, mainly with my file host, A lot of my files have literally just been disappearing with no reason and the support team has been no help to me. So I've just been reuploading the files that disappear, and this is no fun at all. It takes up to an hour to upload each file, so it's just a big pain.

I'm really sorry to everyone who has had to wait for me to do this, hopefully I'll be able to figure out a way to prevent this from happening in the future. I'll be sending out an email to everyone who signed up for the mailing list to address this and see if anyone needs anything, etc.

I'm sort of my own customer service department, it's weird. Anyway, as soon as I take care of all of the missing files, I'll be putting up more things for you to download.

P.S. I saw Prehistoric Sea Monsters in 3d at the IMax last night, it was intense. You should go check it out!

- eric

Sunday, October 28, 2007

From The Vaults

Here's another assorted Beach Boys bootleg that I want off my computer. So I'm throwing it up here!

All I really know about this bootleg is: It's very good quality (320 kbps), It's random, and it was definitely made in Italy.

Sherry She Needs Me is great if you've never heard it before, it's pretty shaky though. Same deal for Seasons in the Sun. Actually, the sound quality sucks on it. I'm Beggin' You Please (demo) is pretty awesome too. Sounds like it could have made a really good song.

But the big surprise here, are the last 2 songs. Brian's Back and Viggie. Both are Mike Love songs. They're really great. This version of Brian's back has a beautiful orchestrated introduction that I love. And Viggie is just so cheery and orchestral as well. Kudos to Mike Love for those 2 songs, they're very sentimental and cute.

Click Here To Download
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Unsurpassed Masters Volume 2

Click Here To Download
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

learn more

Unsurpassed Masters Volume 1

Click Here To Download
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

learn more

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

new blog post

I have officially posted my first interview on my pop blog with none other than PAUL STEEL.

Please go check it out now!

and suggest some bands you would like me to check out and write about!

- your good friend eric =]

Odeon Smile

This is the Odeon Records version of Smile!

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

(extract both parts to the same directory)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Important stuff

Wow, I have over 15,000 people who looked at my blog! I consider that success!!!

I also uploaded a ton of pictures of beach boys and smile sessions and brian wilson! Its crazy.

Download thousands of photos here!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

(download all 5 parts to the same directory, then extract!)

Also, I started my blog on Pop Music! It's shaping up very well and I have some awesome interviews lined up. You're really going to like this! I don't have anything up yet, but I will really soon!

Check it out here, and save to your favorites!


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Live Box!

The Complete Michigan Concert Tapes (October 22, 1966) and More.

Click Here To Download The Live Box Disc 1
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Click Here To Download The Live Box Disc 2
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Click Here To Download The Live Box Disc 3
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

More stuff coming soon!

Hello All!

Hey everybody,

You'll have to excuse me. I've been a little busy lately, but I've got a couple new things for you. First off, some people heavily into Smile may have noticed the long standing site, The Smile Shop ( has disappeared. They left a note, the smile shop is done. And has since disappeared.

In case you ever want it, I searched google's cache and saved the website. (at least the section on the Smile album). In case you would ever like to read those articles and interviews, you can download the site here.


And download the Lei'd In Hawaii bootleg.

Click Here To Download Lei'd In Hawaii
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

A few more live things will be posted soon.

Friday, September 28, 2007

September 28, 2007 Update

Hey again,

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. There isn't really a ton of Beach Boys related things for me to post. And it seems a little out of place to just write about whatever.

Anyway, I've got some bad news. There is a foreseeable end to this blog. Put simply, there's just not much left to post. I am going to finish posting everything I own, and then deleting all the days of sessions I have on my computer. It's taking up too much space, and I could use the extra 20 Gigs. And I hate having my Itunes on shuffle and continually getting Beach Boys sessions instead of my thousands of other songs. It's just time to move on I suppose.

With that said, you can expect a lot of activity while I post my remaining stuff. And I won't be deleting this blog anytime soon, and if it is taken down I will rehost it like I promised. And I will still be answering emails, but I don't think I will be able to send you any mp3s anymore, everything will be available through this blog.

So anyway, if you have any questions of concerns just ask away.

In other news, the last thing I will probably doing in the Beach Boys field is finishing my documentary on the SMiLE sessions. This documentary will briefly explain the history of the Beach Boys and will then detail every day of the smile sessions, hopefully explaining some things that hardcore and regular smile fans a like never even realized.

It's really pretty time consuming, but I hope you'll all be able to see it within the next few weeks.

Also, I'm thinking about starting another blog that will focus solely on pop music. Sort of a branch out of this one. If you like the Beach Boys than you would love...{ }. I'm quite sure yet, but I would love to be able to share some of my favorite old and new pop groups with everyone.

- eric

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ryan Guidry Smile

This is the Ryan Guidry version of SMiLE. As far as I know it is only available at 192 Kbps. The tracklisting is as follows:

Our Prayer
Heroes and Villains part 1
Heroes and Villains part 2
Do You Like Worms?
The Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine
He Gives Speeches
Child Is Father Of The Man
Bicycle Rider
Good Vibrations
Wind Chimes
Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
I Love To Say Da Da
Surf's Up


Hope you dig it

Click Here To Download
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

- eric

Friday, September 21, 2007

Project Smile

To download Project Smile please follow these instructions.


#1. Download a program that can download torrents. I suggest Utorrent.

#2. Download this torrent from one of those sites. This is the Project Smile file you need.

#3. After downloading, open the torrent file with your torrent downloading program you downloaded in step 1.

Side note: The speed of the download depends on how many people are downloading this file. The more of you who download it, the better.

#5. When the file is done downloading you will have an ISO file. You need to download an ISO extractor to view the files.

You can try Undisker, MagicISO or any other ISO extractor you can find.

#6. Open the ISO file, and that's it, you're done, hope you enjoy.

If you need any help please leave a comment or email and I (or someone else) will be there to help you.

- eric

Ryan Marks SMiLE Reconstruction

This version of Smile is one of my absolute favorites. Sent to me by Mr. Ryan Marks himself. He does a near perfect replication of the 2004 version of Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE, and presents it (in my opinion) far better than the Purple Chick version could dream of. Available at 160 kbps this is THE smile bootleg to look for if you want to hear how 2004's BWPS would have sounded in 1967. Tracklist as follows:

Our Prayer/Gee
Heroes and Villains (alternate)
Do You Like Worms?
The Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine
Cabin Essence
Song For Children
Child Is Father Of The Man
Surf's Up
I Wanna Be Around/Workshop
Wind Chimes
Good Vibrations


Still to come - Odeon SMiLE, Wrightfan Presents SMiLE, possibly some of the GEMA smile, possibly some of the MOK smile, some other smile extras, Heroes Vibrations, PROJECT SMILE, and then some other stuff, maybe the Pet Sounds Sessions Box Set and the Good Vibrations Box Set.

see ya soon, eric

Thursday, September 20, 2007

More SMiLEs and other stuff

This is a version of SMiLE that someone sent me. I completely forgot who. Anyway, these are in MPEG-4 format, @ 128 kbps, and this is the tracklisting:

Heroes and Villains
Do You Like Worms?
The Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine
He Gives Speeches
Wonderful (Rock With Me Henry version)
Child Is Father Of The Man
Cabin Essence
Good Vibrations
I Wanna Be Around/Friday Night
Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
I Love To Say Da Da (beginning with water chant)
You're Welcome
Surf's Up
Cool Cool Water [bonus track]
Heroes and Villains [bonus track]
Do You Like Worms? [bonus track]
Good Vibrations [bonus track]

Overall, this is a pretty weird mix to make of SMiLE. But then again, I don't think the compiler intended for this to be any kind of definitive SMiLE version. But even still it is pretty interesting, considering that he included He Gives Speeches, The Rock With Me Henry version of Wonderful and those bonus tracks are pretty neat too.

Add this one to your collection.

Download link

Also, a while ago I found a site with some .RA files of some rare Brian Wilson songs, including 2 songs from Brian Wilson's unreleased Sweet Insanity album. But really it is a mixed bag of songs. Check it out though if you have Real Player

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Deep Sea Treasures Volume 1 - 2

Click Here To Download Volume 1
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

(place both .rar files in the same directory before extracting)

The Big Grin

This is a 2 disc fan mix by some people calling themselves Hermit & Devoir. Part 1 is called Smile - The Album, it has the 12 original songs from the album, while Disc 2 is called The Big Grin, it has a whole bunch of extras from the smile recordings. I Downloaded it off of some torrent site last year.

Click Here To Download Part 1 Smile The Album
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Click Here To Download Part 2 The Big Grin
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Click Here To Download The Artwork

Thursday, September 13, 2007


It's an audio documentary about Brian Wilson spread out over 5 discs. Read about it here.

Does anyone have this??? I would love to hear it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy September 11th

Well, generally today is just such a bummer I figure you might as well wish to be happy. But there is plenty of things to be happy about.

#1 - I finalllllly got a new laptop cord. The saga went like this: I couldn't afford it until the end of August, and then the first cord I bought didn't work, so I had to get a refund. Then I bought the cord straight from Toshiba, and I finally got it for $70-80. It was worth it.

#2 - With that said, before I post any new bootlegs, I am going to be fixing all the old links that have expired or exploded or whatever happened to them, and I am going to be using a new service. You may have noticed that Sendspace sucks now, and they make everyone wait forever to download stuff and they cut downloading speed and all that hoonanny. That's not cool. So I have switched for your convenience.

#3 - I am going to post more SMiLEs super soon, as in tomorrow(ish?). I also made a new banner(sorta new). And best of all, I am going to be posting the KILL ALL TO END ALL. Project Smile. Yeah, I said it. I'm going to post Project Smile. Once I do this, you will own EVERYTHING. Every little bit of Smile that was ever recorded, ever. You'll never have to download stupid bootlegs ever again. And yes, it will be good quality, so don't worry.

#4 - The secret(from a few post ago) is that I am working on a DOCUMENTARY about the Smile recording sessions and the general life style of Brian Wilson and the factors that may or may not have contributed to the ultimate failure of the album. It's going to be pretty long, and I might need some help. So if you would like to help (preferably if your computer has a crap load of free space) email me and we can work together. This is going to be amazing.

#5 - I am not going to college this year (due to me having no money) so I will be spending a crap load of time keeping this blog updated and answering emails to make sure everyone is happy. So feel free to comment or leave emails. I will be updating very often.

and now for some bad news....:(

A couple people's blogs have disappeared. And that makes me kind of worried, but I'm thinking about setting up some kind of mailing list maybe, so that I could email people in the event the blog is shut down, and then I could simply make a new one, or better yet, back this one up and re-host it. Maybe even with the same name. Isn't that neat?

I think everyone should leave me some ideas to make sure this blog can stay up for a long time, because I have no intention of taking it down. So with that said, I hope you can forgive me for taking the summer off, and hopefully the rest of the year will be pretty eventful.

I've been typing way too much. No one really comes here to read stuff. Sorry about that everyone. I'm just excited to be back.

I spent last week in Providence and got a new haircut, here's a photo:

Anyway, I'll be fixing all the old uploads now, so keep checking back and you'll be pleased, and stuff. See ya soon.

- eric w

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Hey everyone,

I've finally got a minute to sit down and give a quick update.

First off, I am not burning in hell. I am however enjoying the summer very much and I hope everyone has been checking out all the new beach boys blogs out there. They're all great and I'm going to try to link up to them as soon as I can.

My laptop is still without a cord. But I am getting a universal cord for free off of my friend, which is awesome.

I am aware that some of the uploads have expired and are not working. I have been responding to all of my emails and have been keeping track of what I need to do. Remember that you can always email me. Thanks again, and I will fix these problems soon.

Fourthly, I got the Carpenters first album on vinyl at Savers in Providence a few days ago for $1. I love it so much. Go find it.

Fifthly, I just want to say thanks to everyone for still checking out my blog, even during my months of hiatus. I do plan on getting back into the swing of things as soon as I can. I'm just glad some other fans have decided to step up and share their stuff too. It makes me feel less guilty.

Anyway, I should mention, while I have some time, I have been finding a whole bunch of great new music this summer, and rediscovering some great bands too. If you have some time you should find these bands.

+ The Explorer's Club
+ The High Llamas
+ Sufjan Stevens
+ Harper's Bizarre
+ Rediscover

And I found a very hard to get album from the most beautiful pop band in the world, Majestic. The album is 1999's "Live It Up!". This band started in the early 90's in BREA, California. Really, there is nothing I can do to describe how gorgeous this band's instrumentations and vocal harmonies are. Just take a listen to "Wonderful" and "Say Dee La". You're about to have a new favorite band.

Downlad LIVE IT UP! by Majestic

Monday, June 25, 2007

Purple Chick Smile

Hello, it's good to be back!

After a long break it's time to post some good smile stuff. First up is the fan mix Purple Chick Presents: The Beach Boys Smile.

Read all about it here.

Download in FLAC here!

Download in 160 kbps MP3 here!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hello everyone,

Sorry it's been so long. My laptop cord has not been replaced yet, but they're going for $65 over at Circuit City, so hopefully I'll get it working again soon. But I have been enjoying my internet-free life lately. I've been recording some music with friends and replaying some old video games. This has been the perfect summer so far!


I just checked back here and realized some people are very upset over something! I'm not quite sure what, but then again there probably is no reason.

But I offer you a choice, simply download the music and enjoy it, OR don't. I'm sorry if the Beach Boys have some how hurt your feelings, but please contain your anonymous insults if you can and leave me out of it. Regardless, thank you for all your visits to the page and comments, pleasant or otherwise. I think its great that this is a (very small) place to discuss music and ethics. I really do appreciate it, and a good roast is always welcome.

This will probably be the last time I ever address negative comments on this blog ever again. So for the rest of you whom I made this page for, there will be new downloads soon! Especially smile stuff.

Ok! I just felt like I had to do a quick update just to let you all know I'm not gone forever. I'll be at the beach this weekend, soaking up the sun. Have a great weekend!

- eric

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I regret to inform you

The power cord for my laptop is destroyed.

I only have a little bit of battery life left, so I thought I would let everyone know, I won't be able to upload any bootlegs until I can buy/borrow a new cord. (Considering every Beach Boys file I own is on this laptop).

I'm really sorry! The cord has been taped up for about a year, and then today it suddenly stopped working. So it's time to have a chat with my dad and see if/when he will buy a new one. I guess I need a job. =(

In the meantime, you should check out the California Dreamin' Blog and Silverphial's blog. (They're both on the links on the right). Oh! And leave me some comments.

- Eric

Psychedelic Sounds

***ALERT: If you are having problems with an error "Unknown compression method", please read this article from winzip's website. I am testing to see if my files are corrupt, and will update this. So in the mean time hang tight, and please read that article.***

 Recorded in November 1966,  these tracks were recorded in the  hopes that they could be used on  the Smile album.

 What you get here is a bunch of  tracks of Brian's entourage acting  out silly skits about falling in  pianos, ice cream men,  vegetables, swimming and 2  recording sessions.


1. How's Your Foot
2. Brian Falls In The Piano
3. Michael Falls In
4. Look, It's Mary Poppins
5. Brian Falls Into The Mic
6. You Just Wiped Out My Eardrum
7. Ice Cream Man's Good Vibrations
8. Lifter, Leg And Poker
9. It Was Brian In The Mic
10. Gotta Have A Cabbage
11. Prune Time
12. Beets And Carrots
13. Thats Right, Vegetables
14. Big Bag Of Vegetables
15. Toot Toot Dot Dot
16. Let's Talk About Swimming
17. Side Stroke
18. Swim-Swim
19. Down On The Ocean Floor
20. Breathing
21. Torture
22. Psychedelic Talk
23. Psychadelic Talk 2
24. I'm In Great Shape (Unknown Take)
25. I'm In Great Shape (Unknown Take)
26. I'm In Great Shape (Unknown Take)
27. All Day (Takes 1 & 2)
28. All Day (Takes 13-17)


1. Taxi Cabber
2. Bob Gordon's Real Trip
3. Basketball Sounds
4. Lifeboat Tape
5. Smog
6. Vege-Tables Arguments

Click Here To Download Part 1
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Click Here To Download Part 2
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cocaine Sessions And Some Other Things

Here are the infamous Cocaine Sessions with Brian and Dennis Wilson from 1981.

 1. Yeahhh
 2. Oh Lord
 3. City Blues
 4. Piano
 5. You've Been Part 1
 6. You've Been Part 2
 7. I Feel So Fine
 8. Heroes And Villains

 + an interview with Brian

These demos are worth owning for one reason, and one reason alone - Oh Lord. This song can best be explained by this quote from a fan site.

"Oh Lord, DW, Brian Wilson, ca.1982. Originally recorded in demo form during the infamous Brian/Dennis sessions at Village Recorders 81-82.(Stebbins p.208) After Dennis' death, Brian re-worked this track w/ Culture Club producer Steve Levine in July 1984 for possible inclusion on what would become "the Beach Boys" 1985.(Doe, liner notes: The Beach Boys). It did not make it to the final cut, and remains unreleased"

Really, this is an incredible song, and I love it to death. It still sends shivers down my spine when I hear that line "Make me sad, for everything, let me see, what there is to see." A criminally underrated Dennis Wilson song that was recorded and still remains unreleased.

Click Here To Download The Cocaine Sessions
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt


Dutch Beach Boys Lost Songs

It's no secret. The Dutch Beach Boys Blog has changed to the Jan and Dean Blog. So all of their Beach Boys stuff has disappeared, so I'm going to make a good effort to try to post everything that was lost.

2 versions of the song In my room 1996 version with tammy wynette

i found this on the web. Its just fantastic. Here is what the fan made, enjoy it. Dont know how long its availible.


As a fan of both country music and the Beach Boys, this duet with Tammy Wynette (which was supposed to go on "Stars & Stripes vol. 2") is truly a precious gem.There's been a released version, on the 1998 "Tammy Remembered" CD. But that version, while it featured Tammy's voice recorded in 1996, featured Brian alone on backing vocals. Still, it was already great......But that was before I bought the "Nashville Sounds" DVD, on which you can hear harmonies done by the Beach Boys, and not Brian alone! This version being even greater, I decided to record it from the DVD to make a mp3 of it. So that's what I did. There was a small problem with the intro, because the one on the DVD is "spoiled" by Brian, who talks about the song... So I took the intro from the "Tammy Remembered" version, and modified it a bit (because for some reason, the "Tammy Remembered" version had been sped-up, which caused a key change). I also had to do some editing with the end, so that it wouldn't sound "abrupt".

"My" version, featuring Beach Boys vocals: <---REMOVED--->

The "Tammy Remembered" version, featuring Brian vocals:

Enjoy! - Posted May 17, 2007

the beach boys sing Da doo ron ron, a Keeping the Summer Alive album outake

Just got my hand on this stereo A+ sound outtake. It is 1 of many.

- Posted May 26, 2007

Dennis Wilson outtake song

Its called OUR LOVE. Its a stereo A+ sound. Very nice.

- Posted May 26, 2007

the Beach Boys live Wahington DC july 4th 1980 (A sound)

Made by a dedicated fan who took his dvd from this show and transfered it to his audio. Not the complete show but 14 songs. Very good quality.



do it again
Sloop John B
Little Deuce Coupe
Catch a Wave
School Days
Good Timing
Help me Rhonda
God only knows
Keeping the summer alive
Be true to your school
Rock & roll music
I get around
Surfin usa

- Posted May 28, 2007

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


So anyway, I had a pretty superb weekend. I spent some time with my college friend Cody and my girlfriend Rachel and aside from sleeping in a car Sunday night, the weekend was good. Here's a photo!

Anyway, sorry big time for messing up that last entry and screwing up the links and yada. It was just all bad vibes. But I'm fixing it all up right now with a band-aid and it will all be better in a couple hours.

I'll be fixing the links as they get uploaded. Everything is going to be in 2 parts, then I'm going to keep uploading some new albums for everyone.

***also, the dutch beach boys website, which is operated by CASIO has been changed to the Jan and Dean Blog. He doesn't focus on the Beach Boys anymore. So I will fix the link and if you are into Jan and Dean you should check his blog out and be a cool guy.***

Ok, see ya soon - eric

Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Goodies Triolgy

In an epic triple post, I will be hosting 3 albums made by a fan. Also, I don't have permission to post these. So download only if your conscience allows you.

Download Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

      Amusement Parks USA (alternate version)
      Heroes and Villains (unedited rehearsal)
      I Was Made To Love Her (vocal rehearsal)
      I Was Made To Love Her (alternate mix)
      Wild Honey (backing track without theremin & percussion
      Wild Honey (backing track without theremin, percussion & organ
      Wild Honey (alternate mix)
      Darlin' (alternate mix)
      Darlin' (with harp tag)
      Busy Doin' Nothin' (alternate mix)
      Friends (backing track fragment)
      Friends (backing track fragment)
      Meant For You (backing track)
      Little Bird (backing track)
      Wake The World (backing track)
      We're Together Again (alternate mix)
      Mona Kani (alternate mix)
      Time To Get Alone (backing track)
      Time To Get Alone (a cappella)
      Cotton Fields (backing track)
      Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) (backing track)
      Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) (a cappella)
      You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (single mix)
      Marcella (long version)
      Cuddle Up (single mix)
      Sail On, Sailor (a cappella)
      Mount Vernon and Fairway (home recording)
      Child Of Winter (alternate mix) 2:47
      Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (rehearsal)
      Running Bear (short version)
      We Gotta Groove (alternate mix)
      Brian's Back (alternate mix)
      Angel Come Home (early backing track)
      Let Us Go On This Way (backing vocals)
      The Night Was So Young (a cappella)
      Match Point Of Our Love (alternate mix)
      Match Point Of Our Love (alternate mix)
      She's Got Rhythm (alternate mix)
      Pitter Patter (alternate mix)
      Wontcha Come Out Tonight (alternate mix)
      A Little Somethin'
      Angel Come Home (backing track)
      Skatetown USA (track and backing vocals)
      Little Girl (alternate mix with count-in)
      Back In The USSR
      East Meets West (Demo)
      Getcha Back (alternate mix)
      It's Gettin' Late (alternate mix)
      Crack At Your Love (alternate mix)
      Maybe I Don't Know (alternate mix)
      She Believes In Love Again (alternate mix)
      California Calling (alternate mix)
      Passing Friend (alternate mix)
      I'm So Lonely (alternate mix)
      Where I Belong (alternate mix)
      I Do Love You (alternate mix)
      It's Just A Matter Of Time (alternate mix)
      Male Ego (alternate mix)
      1985 Medley
      Make It Big (movie version 1)
      Make It Big (movie version 2)

Download Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

      Don't You Just Know It (early mix)
      Don't You Just Know It (early mix 2)
      Don't You Just Know It (early mix 3)
      Don't You Just Know It
      To Sir With Love
      Doin' Time On Planet Earth
      Love And Mercy (alternate mix)
      Love And Mercy (track with backing vocals)
      Make A Wish (track)
      Make A Wish (backing vocal only) Edit
      Make A Wish (track with backing vocal)
      Water Builds Up (track)
      Water Builds Up (backing vocal only)
      Water Builds Up (track with backing vocal)
      The Spirit Of Rock And Roll (track)
      The Spirit Of Rock And Roll (backing vocal only) Edit
      The Spirit Of Rock And Roll (track with backing vocal)
      What A Wonderful World
      Proud Mary
      Proud Mary (alternate mix)
      Proud Mary (alternate mix 2)
      Gettin' In Over My Head
      Gettin' In Over My Head (alternate mix)
      Gettin' In Over My Head (alternate mix 2)
      Gettin' In Over My Head (alternate mix 3)
      You're Still A Mystery
      You're Still A Mystery (alternate mix)
      Chain Reaction Of Mystery
      Chain Reaction Of Mystery (alternate mix)
      Chain Reaction Of Mystery (short version)
      Soul Searchin'
      Soul Searchin' (alternate mix)
      Soul Searchin' (Andy Paley vocal)
      Soul Searchin' (Andy Paley vocal, alternate mix)
      It's Not Easy Being Me
      It's Not Easy Being Me (alternate mix)
      It's Not Easy Being Me (alternate mix 2)
      Desert Drive
      Desert Drive (alternate mix)
      Saturday Morning In The City
      Saturday Morning In The City (alternate mix)
      This Song Wants To Sleep With You Tonight
      This Song Wants To Sleep With You Tonight (alternate mix)
      Market Place
      I'm Broke
      I'm Broke (alternate mix)
      Must Be A Miracle
      Must Be A Miracle (alternate mix)
      Must Be A Miracle (alternate mix 2)
      In My Moondreams
      In My Moondreams (alternate mix)
      In My Moondreams (alternate mix 2)
      My Mary Anne
      My Mary Anne (alternate mix)
      My Mary Anne (alternate mix 2)
      Slightly American Music
      Slightly American Music (alternate mix)
      Frankie Avalon
      Elbow '63
      God Did It
      Goin' Home
      Some Sweet Day
      The Boogie's Back In Town
      Dancin' The Night Away

Download Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

      A Simple Song
      Celebration - Almost Summer (Promo mix)
      Celebration - Almost Summer (Single mix)
      You're Looking Better (alternate version)
      I Don't Wanna Know (alternate version)
      Viggie (alternate version)
      Glow Crescent Glow
      Glow Crescent Glow (alternate version)
      Brian's Back (promo mix)
      Today I Started Lovin' You Again (alternate version)
      Hey Good Lookin'
      Mike Love Promo
      Looking Back With Love (alternate version)
      Be My Baby (alternate version)
      Teach Me Tonight (alternate version)
      Can't Stop Talking About American Girls
      Hot Summer Lovers
      Oh! Those Girls
      Endless Summer Beach Band
      Looking Back With Love (promos)
      Alley Oop (with Dean Torrence)
      Da Doo Ron Ron (with Dean Torrence)
      Let's Party (with Dean Torrence)
      Her Boyfriend's Back (with Dean Torrence)
      Lightnin' Strikes (Dean Torrence)
      Sugar Shack (with Dean Torrence)
      The Letter (with Dean Torrence)
      The Loco-motion (with Dean Torrence)
      Mr. Custer (with Dean Torrence)
      Big Bop On The Beach (with Dean Torrence)
      Be True To Your Bud (with Dean Torrence)
      The New Girl In School (with Dean Torrence)
      The New Girl In School (alternate mix) (with Dean Torrence)
      Surfin' Safari (with Dean Torrence)
      The Little Old Lady From Pasadena (with Dean Torrence)
      Shut Down (with Dean Torrence)
      Little Deuce Coupe (with Dean Torrence)
      Fun, Fun, Fun (with Dean Torrence)
      Be True To Your School (with Dean Torrence)
      Jingle Bell Rock (with Dean Torrence)
      Jingle Bell Rock (single mix) (with Dean Torrence)
      Do You Hear What I Hear (with Mary MacGregor)
      Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
      Sealed With A Kiss
      Hot Fun In The Summertime
      Rescue Me
      Rescue Me (alternate mix)
      Stagger Lee (with Adrian Baker)
      Stagger Lee (alternate mix) (with Adrian Baker)
      Catch A Wave (with Adrian Baker)
      Do It Again (with Adrian Baker)
      California Girls (with Adrian Baker)
      Surfin' Safari (with Adrian Baker)
      Surfin' USA (with Adrian Baker)
      Surfer Girl (with Adrian Baker)
      Girls Of The World (with Adrian Baker)
      Summertime City (with Adrian Baker)
      Keep On Dancin' (with Adrian Baker)
      Do You Wanna Dance (with Adrian Baker)
      Dance, Dance, Dance (with Adrian Baker)
      Beach Boys Medley (with Adrian Baker)
      Camp California (with Adrian Baker)
      Endless Summer Beach Band (with Adrian Baker)
      Endless Summer Beach Band (alternate version) (with Adrian
      Hawaii (with Adrian Baker)
      Hawaii (alternate version) (with Adrian Baker)
      Summertime Music (with Adrian Baker)
      Summertime Music (alternate version) (with Adrian Baker)
      Summertime Blues (with Adrian Baker)
      Summertime Blues (alternate version) (with Adrian Baker)
      Hyatt Regency Maui (with Adrian Baker)
      Hyatt Regency Waikiki (with Adrian Baker)
      Hyatt Regency Maui and Waikiki (with Adrian Baker)
      Goodtime Summertime Girls (with Adrian Baker)
      Sun City (with Adrian Baker)
      Let's Dance (with Adrian Baker)
      Let's Dance/Do You Wanna Dance (with Adrian Baker)
      Kokomo (with Adrian Baker)
      Good Vibrations (with Adrian Baker)
      Hungry Heart
      Plant A Tree (promo 1)
      Plant A Tree (promo 2)
      Plant A Tree (promo 3)

I'm gonna be gone this weekend, So I will see you all on Monday! Enjoy!

Just A Heads Up

If you don't head over to Casio's blog this week, you're going to miss out on 3 of the best beach boys rarities albums ever made.

Don't delay!!!

It seems the files have disappeared, I managed to get them in time. I will upload them myself shortly. (Unless there is some good reason why they were taken down in the first place)

Worry not friends.
EDIT 2!!!!!!!!!!

Well, casio took those fan albums down because he didn't have permission from the maker of the albums.

Well, I don't think that fan had permission from the beach boys to make them either. So I am going to host it, in my belief that no one except the beach boys could legally do anything about it, and everyone should be able to have these great songs.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I'm working on something really big! Just wait until it's done.

Secret Smile


1. Wind Chimes (Early Version Ending Take 3) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
2. Wind Chimes (Re-record Take 23) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
3. Wind Chimes (Re-record Tag) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
4. I Ran (Aka Look) (Assembly) (B. Wilson)
5. Wonderful (Instrumental Track) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
6. Wonderful (Vocal Overdub) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
7. Holidays (Take 7) (B. Wilson)
8. Cabinessence (Verse Takes 1-12) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
9. Cabinessence (Chorus Takes 1-17) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
10. Cabinessence (Chorus Takes 18-23) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
11. Cabinessence (Tag Takes 1-5) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
12. Cabinessence (Verse Chorus Mix 1) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
13. Cabinessence (Verse Chorus Mix 2) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
14. Cabinessence (Verse Chorus Mix 3) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
15. Cabinessence (Verse Chorus Mix 4) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
16. Cabinessence (Verse Chorus Mix 5) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
17. Cabinessence (Verse Chorus OD) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
18. Cabinessence (Verse Chorus Tag Vocal OD) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
19. Cabinessence (Tag Vocal Overdub) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
20. Cabinessence (Chorus Vocal Overdub) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
21. Cabinessence (Chorus Tag Vocal OD) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
22. Child Is Father Of The Man (Verse Unknown Take) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
23. Child Is Father Of The Man (Bridge Unknown Take) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
24. Child Is Father Of The Man (Chorus Vocal OD) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
25. Child Is Father Of The Man (Piano Section Vocal Overdub) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
26. Child Is Father Of The Man (Backing Track �) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
27. Do You Like Worms? (Alternate Mix 1) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
28. Do You Like Worms? (Alternate Mix 2) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)


1. Surf's Up (Session) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
2. Surf's Up (Instrumental Overdub) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
3. Surf's Up (Piano Demo) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
4. The Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine (Instrumental 1) (Gillespie/Smith/Davis/Mitchell)
5. The Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine (False Barnyard) (Gillespie/Smith/Davis/Mitchell)
6. The Elements Part 1 - Fire (Unknown Take) (B. Wilson)
7. The Elements Part 1 - Fire (Mono Mix) (B. Wilson)
8. Smile Radio Promo (TV/Radio chat/jingle) (unknown)
9. Water Chant (B. Wilson)
10. Untitled Instrumental (unknown)
11. Little Red Book (Bacharach/David)
12. With Me Tonight (Fast Version Session) (B. Wilson)
13. With Me Tonight (Fast Version Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson)
14. With Me Tonight (Slow Version Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson)
15. Tones (AKA Tune X) (Unknown Take) (C. Wilson)
16. Tones (AKA Tune X) (Mix Session) (C. Wilson)
17. Tones (AKA Tune X) (Instrumental Overdub) (C. Wilson)
18. Vega-Tables (Early Version Mono Mix) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
19. Vega-Tables (Early Version Stereo Mix 1) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
20. Vega-Tables (Early Version Stereo Mix 2) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
21. Vega-Tables (April Assembly) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
22. Vega-Tables (Fade Session) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
23. Vega-Tables (Fade Mono Mix) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
24. I Love To Say Da Da (Pt. 1 Take 5 Or 9 (?)) (B. Wilson)
25. I Love To Say Da Da (Part 2 Take 2) (B. Wilson)
26. I Love To Say Da Da (Part 2 Take 3) (B. Wilson)
27. I Love To Say Da Da (Part 2 Take 4) (B. Wilson)
28. I Love To Say Da Da (Part 2 Overdub) (B. Wilson)
29. I Love To Say Da Da (Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson)
30. I Love To Say Da Da (2nd Day Take 1) (B. Wilson)
31. I Love To Say Da Da (2nd Day Take 2) (B. Wilson)


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Summer Dreams: The Story of the Beach Boys

 Well, another interesting find on Youtube.  The 1990 cult classic, Summer Dreams:
 The Story of the Beach Boys. Read More

 Warning: Horrible inaccuracies and
 general confusion ahead.

Hope you enjoy, see you soon! - eric

Friday, May 25, 2007


 BDW's unreleased 1977 solo album.

 1. Life Is For The Living
 2. Hey Little Tomboy
 3. Deep Purple
 4. H.E.L.P. Is On The Way
 5. It's Over Now
 6. Everybody Wants To Live
                                         7. Shortnin' Bread
                                         8. Lines
                                         9. Oh Broadway
                                         10. Games Two Can Play
                                         11. It's Trying To Say
                                         12. Still I Dream Of It

Click Here To Download
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dennis Wilson - Bamboo

 Our friends over at The Heat Warps Blog
 have posted Dennis Wilson's unreleased
 and unfinished second album, Bamboo.

 For more information and to download,
 click here.

Or download from me here: