Monday, October 8, 2007

Important stuff

Wow, I have over 15,000 people who looked at my blog! I consider that success!!!

I also uploaded a ton of pictures of beach boys and smile sessions and brian wilson! Its crazy.

Download thousands of photos here!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

(download all 5 parts to the same directory, then extract!)

Also, I started my blog on Pop Music! It's shaping up very well and I have some awesome interviews lined up. You're really going to like this! I don't have anything up yet, but I will really soon!

Check it out here, and save to your favorites!



Mark said...

Hey Eric,

Thanks for the pics. I'm having trouble with part 4--the page just freezes.


warnakey said...

well! i hope it works for you by now!

I just did a test and it worked for me.

Best of luck, eric

Mark said...

I finally got it to work, thanks.
Looking forward to checking these out.

Anonymous said...

Please re-upload!

It's nice blog.:)

Kat said...

could you please re-upload these?
your blog is amazing by the way.

warnakey said...

Hey guys! I have all those pictures on storage on a CD, so it might take a while to get it up. But I will soon!

- eric

Niels said...

please could you re-upload all those pictures, Bye