Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy September 11th

Well, generally today is just such a bummer I figure you might as well wish to be happy. But there is plenty of things to be happy about.

#1 - I finalllllly got a new laptop cord. The saga went like this: I couldn't afford it until the end of August, and then the first cord I bought didn't work, so I had to get a refund. Then I bought the cord straight from Toshiba, and I finally got it for $70-80. It was worth it.

#2 - With that said, before I post any new bootlegs, I am going to be fixing all the old links that have expired or exploded or whatever happened to them, and I am going to be using a new service. www.mediafire.com. You may have noticed that Sendspace sucks now, and they make everyone wait forever to download stuff and they cut downloading speed and all that hoonanny. That's not cool. So I have switched for your convenience.

#3 - I am going to post more SMiLEs super soon, as in tomorrow(ish?). I also made a new banner(sorta new). And best of all, I am going to be posting the KILL ALL TO END ALL. Project Smile. Yeah, I said it. I'm going to post Project Smile. Once I do this, you will own EVERYTHING. Every little bit of Smile that was ever recorded, ever. You'll never have to download stupid bootlegs ever again. And yes, it will be good quality, so don't worry.

#4 - The secret(from a few post ago) is that I am working on a DOCUMENTARY about the Smile recording sessions and the general life style of Brian Wilson and the factors that may or may not have contributed to the ultimate failure of the album. It's going to be pretty long, and I might need some help. So if you would like to help (preferably if your computer has a crap load of free space) email me and we can work together. This is going to be amazing.

#5 - I am not going to college this year (due to me having no money) so I will be spending a crap load of time keeping this blog updated and answering emails to make sure everyone is happy. So feel free to comment or leave emails. I will be updating very often.

and now for some bad news....:(

A couple people's blogs have disappeared. And that makes me kind of worried, but I'm thinking about setting up some kind of mailing list maybe, so that I could email people in the event the blog is shut down, and then I could simply make a new one, or better yet, back this one up and re-host it. Maybe even with the same name. Isn't that neat?

I think everyone should leave me some ideas to make sure this blog can stay up for a long time, because I have no intention of taking it down. So with that said, I hope you can forgive me for taking the summer off, and hopefully the rest of the year will be pretty eventful.

I've been typing way too much. No one really comes here to read stuff. Sorry about that everyone. I'm just excited to be back.

I spent last week in Providence and got a new haircut, here's a photo:

Anyway, I'll be fixing all the old uploads now, so keep checking back and you'll be pleased, and stuff. See ya soon.

- eric w


Multiple0Tigs said...

Awesome man, glad to hear that you are back and ready to post again. I can't wait for Project Smile.
How much space do you need for the Documentary? I've got some and would be willing to help out if you need it. It sounds like it's gonna be an awesome Doc.

wildhoney said...

This all sounds so great!


warnakey said...

To Multiple0Tigs,

could you please email me at EWrnc4@aol.com. I'd prefer to talk about it through email or AIM (if you have it)

But I need more like, processing speed. I've been having trouble with my laptop freezing and running slowly from all the editing and stuff like that.

So I would need more like a collaborator I suppose.

So email me and I'll talk about it more, and give some details.

Mark said...

Welcome back, Eric! So excited about Proj Smile. Hey I hit the link for the mail list, and I get a message about invalid command or something.


warnakey said...

hey mark, just simply email me and i will put you on ok!

Anonymous said...

Great you're back! Could you upload Heroes and Vibrations (you seem to have it, judging from the bootleg list on the right)? Then I'll REALLY have everything once I have Project SMiLE. If you can, post in it FLAC, pretty please?

warnakey said...

Heroes and Vibrations in FLAC...


I only have it from another source. I've only had 1 or 2 things in FLAC ever.

I suppose its at the bottom of my to-do list. Sorry.

Alex said...

You've got an awesome blog going here, loving all the bootlegs and rarities. Those YouTube SMiLE videos are also great. I bet all your readers will be psyched once Project SMiLE is up. I have a CD-R copy of it and all I have to say about it is that its a SMiLE-o-phile's wet dream. Good luck with that documentary.