Thursday, June 7, 2007

I regret to inform you

The power cord for my laptop is destroyed.

I only have a little bit of battery life left, so I thought I would let everyone know, I won't be able to upload any bootlegs until I can buy/borrow a new cord. (Considering every Beach Boys file I own is on this laptop).

I'm really sorry! The cord has been taped up for about a year, and then today it suddenly stopped working. So it's time to have a chat with my dad and see if/when he will buy a new one. I guess I need a job. =(

In the meantime, you should check out the California Dreamin' Blog and Silverphial's blog. (They're both on the links on the right). Oh! And leave me some comments.

- Eric


Anonymous said...

Hi Eric

That's not good with that laptop... hope you'll soon get it fixed....

I'm not home from sunday to tuesday.....

Thanks again for the Psychedelic Sounds...

mark said...

Eric, your headline freaked me out! I thought you were gone too. Hope the cord isn't hard to replace.
Thankyouthankyou for Psych sounds! Can't wait to hear it.

Anonymous said...

As you want some, here's a comment (and a request) in case you didn't see the first one:

I'm the person who made the "In My Room - Tammy Wynette & The Beach Boys" mix. I'd like it to be removed from your blog, please.

You can keep the version with Brian Wilson on backing vocals but I don't want my mix (the one with the 'Boys) to be on your blog. Please respect that.

Anonymous said...

Hello, this is Eric.

To the anonymous poster - sorry for uploading your stuff. But I actually just took the post straight from the Dutch Beach Boys website. I assumed it was all good because I was just quoting from his site. Alas.

Seeing as how I am pressed for time right now (on a public computer) I can't take it down now. I feel like a jerk, but give me a little bit of time to get my laptop fixed and I'll take it down for you.

I'm really sorry!

Anonymous said...

No worries, take your time! But there are reasons for me asking you to remove it (that I can't mention here).

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,

Since you're not able to post right now.... For anyone interested, here's a mix of SMiLE I made using some of the stuff from your site. Feel free to re-post later if the link gets killed.

Anonymous said...

Your fried cord looks like the fried cord avatar over on the Smiley board.......ha

smiley Police

Anonymous said...

it shouldnt be that expensive i think, maybe 15 dollars ?

Anonymous said...

Mine cost 150.00 and that was the cheapest Circuit city. and it wasa universal cord. The factory cord cost twice that.

Anonymous said...

If was up and running, (I doubt it ever will be!) fan's wouldn't need to get the bootlegs.

Anonymous said...

exactly! If record companies could get their heads out of their *** . If they can't sell 10 million of a record ,then they consider it a flop.

Dicky Dooliddle

Robert Walser said...

Yeah, I feel real bad about downloading bootlegs . . . those bootleggers really care about the music, not $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. What the world really needs is less people who share so those only interested in money can have their way.

Anonymous said...

Gee, maybe those who can't make a living bootlegging anymore can use their skills for other noble endeavors . . . say, for instance, ticket scalping. Anyway, thanks for all your posts Eric.

Anonymous said...

get a paper route

Anonymous said...

I don't care what anyone says, thank you Eric for this great site and keep up the incredible downloads. You are making alot of people very happy. I would really like to know how this site could make anyone angry, if it does quit looking at it. It is not taking money out of anyones pocket, if anything it's making people go out and buy the back cataloug with renewed interest.

Steffi said...

I would love to buy alot of this stuff with some nice packaging, cool linear notes, and super clean remastered sound....but alas they are only available from one collector to another.... so be it. Glad to have it in any form available.

Thanks for the Cocain Sessions I was having trouble tracking those ones down!! And there are some other nice suprises in there too!!!


And what is this you cant go into???

"No worries, take your time! But there are reasons for me asking you to remove it (that I can't mention here)"


Anonymous said...

Certainly not ego - I had told another guy he could post it on his blog - but the "situation" has changed and I CAN'T mention the reasons why I'm asking Eric to remove it from his blog.

Obviously you're new to the world of bootlegging. Sometimes you simply CAN'T talk about some things.

Corey said...

yes, the ENTIRE world of "bootleging" has changed. It's no longer restricted to flea markets, foreign 'imports' and greasy backroom deals.

Thanks to the internet the fans can easily find and share the unreleased recordings of thier favorite artists. No more sleazy guys making money off them.

I've been trading long enough to know the 'rules'.

They are simple:

Dont Buy and Dont Sell.

The only people capable of requesting something be removed and/or not traded are the artists themselves. (and unfortunatly the record companies have stake in that too)

I've seen this happen where an artist requested certain recordings not be traded for different reasons such as they were stolen, are set for a future release, or they just arent happy with the performance. MOST people are respect of this, and it's a fair deal all around, IMO. But I've never heard of someone say I cant talk about why.

I would stop sharing something because an artist says 'just because', sorry maybe I am just a dick, but if a reguar person wont give an honest reason why, then too bad.

Once you put a 'fan' mix out on the net, you've pretty much given up any control over it...control you really never had anyway, unless you created the actual music. The net is too big and vast to control something like that. And why would you have it on there at all if you didnt want it shared or available? Doesnt make sense.

Now if there are valid reasons for not wanting something out say maybe the record company is gonna sue you.....then fine, but I dont buy this 'Cant Talk About Some Things'

Dont get me wrong I believe in ettiquet, and if someone politly asks to have something taking down and offers good reaon, then ok, oblige them. But getting all secretive and tricky about just doesnt seem to incur any empathy.

Anyway, I dont really care about this all that much. people will keep trading and I think it's a good thing... I just wanted to stir some embers because I am bored.... (yes I admit it)

Anonymous said...

Well, in case you haven't noticed, I *had* asked him politely to remove the link. As somebody else already said, this guy doesn't realize he's pissing many people off, not to mention he's putting some people into trouble (legal or not). I, for instance, can't talk about "the reasons" because I would put *myself* into trouble... But believe me, you talked about "valid reasons", and my reasons are definitely valid!

Anyway, this guy Warnakey's been flamed. I know where he's been able to get all his stuff from, and I and others will do our best in order not to let him get anything else. Ha.

P.S. Oh, and I agree with most of what you've just said... ;)

Anonymous said...

just wondering.... why exactly are you people talking smack? you sell these types of things on ebay or something?

Mister Mustard said...

Unfiltered blogging comments sure brings out the silly arses!

Larz said...

So many complaints, so little time. You are all a big bunch of babies!

There are more things to life than crappy bootlegs. How about getting a life or at least stop being cowards, posting anonymous insults?

YOU don't own the fecking music!

All this bickering makes me want to stop collecting bootlegs and become a Christina Aguilera fan instead.

Anonymous said...

Eric ...

For every loser that you are allegedly "pissing off", you are making tons of Beach Boys fans very happy. So ... keep it up.

... Phil