Wednesday, December 26, 2007

21 Little Ones

Over on the Dutch Beach Boys blog Dutchie posted a bootleg called 21 Little Ones here. It's essentially a collection of unreleased Brian Wilson songs from the unreleased Sweet Insanity album, some sessions with Gary Usher and an awful attempt at a live album that is so obviously fake I literally felt offended. It originally came in .wav format, but I converted it to mp3 format and uploaded it for download below.

This is a pretty awful album (sound quality and song quality). I do really like the last 3 songs though. They are Brian Wilson solo performances of songs written around 1977. The only song officially released was I'll Bet He's Nice on the Beach Boys' 1977 album Love You.

Click Here To Download 21 Little Ones
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THE SAINT said...

Thanks for all of the hard work you put into your blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Websurfer, that I am, I was totally stoked when I found your site, today. This is the best Beach Boy site, ever. I can remember seeing them at a place called The Surf, Nantasket Beach, for Three dollars. I saw them at Schaefer Stadium w/Chicago, and Dennis drummed for both bands. The two bands came onstage together for encores. Jim