Monday, June 25, 2007

Purple Chick Smile

Hello, it's good to be back!

After a long break it's time to post some good smile stuff. First up is the fan mix Purple Chick Presents: The Beach Boys Smile.

Read all about it here.

Download in FLAC here!

Download in 160 kbps MP3 here!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hello everyone,

Sorry it's been so long. My laptop cord has not been replaced yet, but they're going for $65 over at Circuit City, so hopefully I'll get it working again soon. But I have been enjoying my internet-free life lately. I've been recording some music with friends and replaying some old video games. This has been the perfect summer so far!


I just checked back here and realized some people are very upset over something! I'm not quite sure what, but then again there probably is no reason.

But I offer you a choice, simply download the music and enjoy it, OR don't. I'm sorry if the Beach Boys have some how hurt your feelings, but please contain your anonymous insults if you can and leave me out of it. Regardless, thank you for all your visits to the page and comments, pleasant or otherwise. I think its great that this is a (very small) place to discuss music and ethics. I really do appreciate it, and a good roast is always welcome.

This will probably be the last time I ever address negative comments on this blog ever again. So for the rest of you whom I made this page for, there will be new downloads soon! Especially smile stuff.

Ok! I just felt like I had to do a quick update just to let you all know I'm not gone forever. I'll be at the beach this weekend, soaking up the sun. Have a great weekend!

- eric

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I regret to inform you

The power cord for my laptop is destroyed.

I only have a little bit of battery life left, so I thought I would let everyone know, I won't be able to upload any bootlegs until I can buy/borrow a new cord. (Considering every Beach Boys file I own is on this laptop).

I'm really sorry! The cord has been taped up for about a year, and then today it suddenly stopped working. So it's time to have a chat with my dad and see if/when he will buy a new one. I guess I need a job. =(

In the meantime, you should check out the California Dreamin' Blog and Silverphial's blog. (They're both on the links on the right). Oh! And leave me some comments.

- Eric

Psychedelic Sounds

***ALERT: If you are having problems with an error "Unknown compression method", please read this article from winzip's website. I am testing to see if my files are corrupt, and will update this. So in the mean time hang tight, and please read that article.***

 Recorded in November 1966,  these tracks were recorded in the  hopes that they could be used on  the Smile album.

 What you get here is a bunch of  tracks of Brian's entourage acting  out silly skits about falling in  pianos, ice cream men,  vegetables, swimming and 2  recording sessions.


1. How's Your Foot
2. Brian Falls In The Piano
3. Michael Falls In
4. Look, It's Mary Poppins
5. Brian Falls Into The Mic
6. You Just Wiped Out My Eardrum
7. Ice Cream Man's Good Vibrations
8. Lifter, Leg And Poker
9. It Was Brian In The Mic
10. Gotta Have A Cabbage
11. Prune Time
12. Beets And Carrots
13. Thats Right, Vegetables
14. Big Bag Of Vegetables
15. Toot Toot Dot Dot
16. Let's Talk About Swimming
17. Side Stroke
18. Swim-Swim
19. Down On The Ocean Floor
20. Breathing
21. Torture
22. Psychedelic Talk
23. Psychadelic Talk 2
24. I'm In Great Shape (Unknown Take)
25. I'm In Great Shape (Unknown Take)
26. I'm In Great Shape (Unknown Take)
27. All Day (Takes 1 & 2)
28. All Day (Takes 13-17)


1. Taxi Cabber
2. Bob Gordon's Real Trip
3. Basketball Sounds
4. Lifeboat Tape
5. Smog
6. Vege-Tables Arguments

Click Here To Download Part 1
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Click Here To Download Part 2
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cocaine Sessions And Some Other Things

Here are the infamous Cocaine Sessions with Brian and Dennis Wilson from 1981.

 1. Yeahhh
 2. Oh Lord
 3. City Blues
 4. Piano
 5. You've Been Part 1
 6. You've Been Part 2
 7. I Feel So Fine
 8. Heroes And Villains

 + an interview with Brian

These demos are worth owning for one reason, and one reason alone - Oh Lord. This song can best be explained by this quote from a fan site.

"Oh Lord, DW, Brian Wilson, ca.1982. Originally recorded in demo form during the infamous Brian/Dennis sessions at Village Recorders 81-82.(Stebbins p.208) After Dennis' death, Brian re-worked this track w/ Culture Club producer Steve Levine in July 1984 for possible inclusion on what would become "the Beach Boys" 1985.(Doe, liner notes: The Beach Boys). It did not make it to the final cut, and remains unreleased"

Really, this is an incredible song, and I love it to death. It still sends shivers down my spine when I hear that line "Make me sad, for everything, let me see, what there is to see." A criminally underrated Dennis Wilson song that was recorded and still remains unreleased.

Click Here To Download The Cocaine Sessions
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt


Dutch Beach Boys Lost Songs

It's no secret. The Dutch Beach Boys Blog has changed to the Jan and Dean Blog. So all of their Beach Boys stuff has disappeared, so I'm going to make a good effort to try to post everything that was lost.

2 versions of the song In my room 1996 version with tammy wynette

i found this on the web. Its just fantastic. Here is what the fan made, enjoy it. Dont know how long its availible.


As a fan of both country music and the Beach Boys, this duet with Tammy Wynette (which was supposed to go on "Stars & Stripes vol. 2") is truly a precious gem.There's been a released version, on the 1998 "Tammy Remembered" CD. But that version, while it featured Tammy's voice recorded in 1996, featured Brian alone on backing vocals. Still, it was already great......But that was before I bought the "Nashville Sounds" DVD, on which you can hear harmonies done by the Beach Boys, and not Brian alone! This version being even greater, I decided to record it from the DVD to make a mp3 of it. So that's what I did. There was a small problem with the intro, because the one on the DVD is "spoiled" by Brian, who talks about the song... So I took the intro from the "Tammy Remembered" version, and modified it a bit (because for some reason, the "Tammy Remembered" version had been sped-up, which caused a key change). I also had to do some editing with the end, so that it wouldn't sound "abrupt".

"My" version, featuring Beach Boys vocals: <---REMOVED--->

The "Tammy Remembered" version, featuring Brian vocals:

Enjoy! - Posted May 17, 2007

the beach boys sing Da doo ron ron, a Keeping the Summer Alive album outake

Just got my hand on this stereo A+ sound outtake. It is 1 of many.

- Posted May 26, 2007

Dennis Wilson outtake song

Its called OUR LOVE. Its a stereo A+ sound. Very nice.

- Posted May 26, 2007

the Beach Boys live Wahington DC july 4th 1980 (A sound)

Made by a dedicated fan who took his dvd from this show and transfered it to his audio. Not the complete show but 14 songs. Very good quality.



do it again
Sloop John B
Little Deuce Coupe
Catch a Wave
School Days
Good Timing
Help me Rhonda
God only knows
Keeping the summer alive
Be true to your school
Rock & roll music
I get around
Surfin usa

- Posted May 28, 2007

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


So anyway, I had a pretty superb weekend. I spent some time with my college friend Cody and my girlfriend Rachel and aside from sleeping in a car Sunday night, the weekend was good. Here's a photo!

Anyway, sorry big time for messing up that last entry and screwing up the links and yada. It was just all bad vibes. But I'm fixing it all up right now with a band-aid and it will all be better in a couple hours.

I'll be fixing the links as they get uploaded. Everything is going to be in 2 parts, then I'm going to keep uploading some new albums for everyone.

***also, the dutch beach boys website, which is operated by CASIO has been changed to the Jan and Dean Blog. He doesn't focus on the Beach Boys anymore. So I will fix the link and if you are into Jan and Dean you should check his blog out and be a cool guy.***

Ok, see ya soon - eric