Thursday, August 29, 2013

Server Space

I have about 30GB of Beach Boys stuff I want to share, but I have nowhere to host it (as sites like rapidshare often remove them) If anyone has some server space that they would be willing to "loan" me, I would be happy to get this blog back on track. Please email me, if you can help. Please don't leave a comment on this post, as I will probably not see it. I'm still dealing with hundreds of spam comments every day. - Eric Warncke

Monday, August 12, 2013

Not Posting

Hello Beach Boys friends, I haven't been updating this blog much lately because I receive hundreds of spam comments every day that bury any real comments, so I have taken a vacation from deleting dozens of comments every day. I think Google needs to try harder to keep spammers off of Blogspot. Anyway, The Heavy Blinkers have finally released HEALTH! You should go to to download it! More updates coming soon (after I figure out a solution to my spam problem) - Eric W