Tuesday, October 23, 2007

new blog post

I have officially posted my first interview on my pop blog with none other than PAUL STEEL.

Please go check it out now!

and suggest some bands you would like me to check out and write about!

- your good friend eric =]

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Anonymous said...

I apologize in advance for posting such a long comment.

Suggestion for artist on blog: Barenaked Ladies-goofy yet talented and overly dorky Canadian pop/rock act. Responsible for hits such as "If I Had $1000000", "One Week", "Its All Been Done", "Pinch Me", and "Brian Wilson". They have a massive back catalog of top-notch rock and pop songs that is often overlooked and overshadowed by their better-known "jokey" songs.

Their first three albums "Gordon", "Maybe You Should Drive", and "Born On A Pirate Ship" showcase some of their more odd and quirkier material,

"Stunt" is a more mainstream-sounding record than the first three yet is still quirkier and more original than much other mainstream pop of its time,

"Maroon", produced by Don Was was billed as the Ladies' first "no-jokes" album, filled with solid songwriting and great production-Brian Wilson visited the Ladies at the studio during the recording of this album to tell them he was covering their song "Brian Wilson",

"Everything to Everyone" narrowly avoids being "Maroon II"-good songs except for the single, great production but does not cover much new ground-avoid the single from that album, "Another Postcard" at all costs,

"Barenaked Ladies Are Me" and "Barenaked Ladies Are Men" aren't awe-inspiring, won't convert any new fans, but are beyond satisfactory for the band's existing fanbase.

Recommended tracks:
The entire "Gordon", "Maybe You Should Drive", and "Born On A Pirate Ship" albums.
Light Up My Room
I'll Be That Girl
In The Car
When You Dream
Some Fantastic
Tonight Is The Night I Fall Asleep At The Wheel
Off The Hook
War On Drugs
Bank Job
Maybe You're Right
Fun and Games
The New Sad
Everything Had Changed