Friday, September 21, 2007

Ryan Marks SMiLE Reconstruction

This version of Smile is one of my absolute favorites. Sent to me by Mr. Ryan Marks himself. He does a near perfect replication of the 2004 version of Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE, and presents it (in my opinion) far better than the Purple Chick version could dream of. Available at 160 kbps this is THE smile bootleg to look for if you want to hear how 2004's BWPS would have sounded in 1967. Tracklist as follows:

Our Prayer/Gee
Heroes and Villains (alternate)
Do You Like Worms?
The Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine
Cabin Essence
Song For Children
Child Is Father Of The Man
Surf's Up
I Wanna Be Around/Workshop
Wind Chimes
Good Vibrations


Still to come - Odeon SMiLE, Wrightfan Presents SMiLE, possibly some of the GEMA smile, possibly some of the MOK smile, some other smile extras, Heroes Vibrations, PROJECT SMILE, and then some other stuff, maybe the Pet Sounds Sessions Box Set and the Good Vibrations Box Set.

see ya soon, eric


Anonymous said...

You are truely a madman, Warnakey, this doesn't even come near to Purple Chick's version, I may agree that Purple Chick's version has its flaws, but it's much better as it has a certain level of consistency. This mix constantly bounces from stereo to mono, while Purple Chick tried to keep the stereo picture up (except for On a Holiday, of which a stereo version can easily be created). This didn't even take half the time that went into Purple Chick's version. Sync-ups, rare stereo sections, whatever, you name it, PC went looking for them. This mix isn't bad, it surely isn't, it is in fact very nice and really true to the 2004 version, but it's no match for PC.

warnakey said...

I agree with you about the mono/stereo debate.

But I care less about sound quality and all that, and more about the album itself and the concept.

I guess I should have made that more clear though.

Anonymous said...

Only make available stuff we can't legally buy...

warnakey said...

Either way, there's just no pleasing some people.

Ra said...

Thank you very much!!

maverick said...

I agree with you, warnakey. After listening to the PC and Ryan Marks versions, I like this version better. It's deviation from BWPS makes it a better listen, in my opinion. But I suppose if you want BWPS except with original BB vocals, PC's the way to go.

Thank you for making all these bootlegs available to the public. I'm only just immersing myself in the history of this album, and it's amazing to be able to listen to all these original recordings, so many years later.

miles said...

i came across a reference to this post (and mix) at 'the beat patrol.' thought it might be interesting to give it a listen. thank you ryan, and eric.

Anonymous said...

So I'm a little confused here, does Ryan Marks use material from BWPS? Sorry for the stupid question...

The Lexingtons said...

Yes, he used material from BWPS

Michael said...

Give it away for free and get pounced on, what lemmings! Cant wait til there annual cliff jump hehe Anyways thanks and may the surf be with you !

BeaSides said...

I just completed and posted my own version from the old bits. Then I posted it on youtube in 6 parts, adding up to about 58 mins. The first one is @
I tried to use Heroes & Villains as an overarching theme, recurring throughout the album to give unity. I also constructed more of a collage than a reassembly. I love this music in any form! Enjoy.

BeaSides said...

Corrrection. I had to take my SMiLE videos down from youtube, because Brothers Records was protesting. However, my BeAcH BoYs LiKe NeVeR BeFoRe videos are still there, and they are very closely related.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.