Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Smile Sessions Box Set Promo

On November 1st Capitol Records will be releasing the Smile Sessions Box Set! (October 31st international release) This is a promo video of everything that will be included in the box set. Consider this a pre-oder =D

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Smile - Millennium Edition

This version of smile was made in 2000 and has some of the most interesting arrangements of the usual smile songs. I especially like the extended Heroes and Villains, the foxtrot version of Wonderful with the Rock with me Henry ending and The powerful Elemental suite. This version has great dynamics and originality but also uses some clips with too much static without any effort to remove it, but thankfully this doesn't happen very often.

These are the liner notes to this album:

Our Prayer: Real stereo version and the last verse remixed with break out into laughter.

Heroes and Villains (The Barnyard Suite): This is not "Heroes and Villains". This track is new-salvage remix called "Heroes and Villains" suite made with lots of fragments. This stereo remixed version contains "I'm In Great Shape" demo verse. Constitution is different from ever make-up another suite.

Child is Father of the Man: This track contains a lot of pieces from "Child is father of The man" sessions. The first verse is the same as "Look". The second verse diverted to last verse of "Surf's Up". Break in as "Vega-Tables" tag, track move on last verse like a Jazz flavor (sic) sound.

Wonderful: Harpsichord version with "ma ma ma" chorus and "rock with me henry" verse. Ending part is smiley smile's laughing dialogue tag.

With Me Tonight: An acappella (sic) version is smiley smile sessions, but this track's end verse is never heard fast chorus on album version.

Do You Like Worms?: Real stereo version you never heard on other disc. Complete last mix with stereo sounds. And also this song is one part of "Heroes and Villains" suite.

The Old Master Painter: Real stereo version with "Barnyard part 2". This song might be included among "Heroes and Villains" suite, too.

Cabin Essence: This a long version with instrumental introduction. After "Grand coolle (sic) dam-Over the crow cries" verse, "Who run the iron horse" arrival again as ending verse.

Good Vibrations: Incredible Stereo sound! First Time On C.D.! Try to hear each channel. Maybe you can find secret of this miracle number.

Vega-Tables: Incredible arrival at first time on this C.D. Real stereo sound! Again try to hear each channel.

Wind Chimes: Beautiful marimba version with stereo sound.

The Elemental Suite: The "Elements" is still in mysteriousness. Maybe Brian construct with "Good Vibrations" " Vega-Tables" "Wind Chimes" "Look" "Holidays" "Mrs. O'leary's (sic) Cow" "I Love to say Da-da" "I wanna be around" "Friday Night" ... and other fragment from SMILE sessions. This is a puzzling suite made with lots of fragments that previously we heard.

Vega-tables reprise: Reprise with a incredible session track! This is take-2 of the session. Maybe this take is Brian's original idea for "SMILE". Because he filled up the track with a burst of laughter.

Surf's Up: Luckily you can hear heavenly sound in this version presented by Brian. This version contains four parts. The First verse is instrumental introduction as prelude for Brian's singing. Second one is incledible (sic) with Brian's lead vocal and perfect track. Third one is solo performance from "Inside Pop". Fourth one is as known as "Child is father of the man".


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Saturday, August 20, 2011

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Smile - Philistine Compilation

This version of Smile is called the Philistine Compilation. I don't know who made this. If you made it, email me!

1. Our Prayer/Gee
2. Heroes and Villains
3. Do You Like Worms?
4. He Gives Speeches
5. Barnyard
6. The Old Master Painter/You Were My Sunshine
7. Cabinessence
8. Wonderful
9. Look
10. Child Is The Father Of The Man
11. Surf's Up
12. I'm In Great Shape/I Wanna Be Around
13. Vegetables
14. Holidays
15. Wind Chimes
16. Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
17. I Love To Say Da Da
18. Good Vibrations
19. You're Welcome
20. Smile Promo
21. He Gives Speeches
22. Surf's Up
23. Cabinessence
24. Heroes and Villains/Barnyard


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Monday, August 15, 2011

Without Her

I have always liked Harry Nilsson, so here is a cover of one of my favorite Nilsson songs.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Smile Booklet

You can see the entire Smile booklet here: http://www.bradcoweb.com/smile/smbooklet.htm

It's not that big of a deal.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Brian Wilson Met John Lennon Hundreds Of Times

I was reading the blog Brian Wilsonite and laughed at this story that comes from groovyrick, who relays a story that Alice Cooper told him. Try to follow along:

I’ve seen Alice in concert a couple of times, and met him twice. The first time I met him, someone told him that I was a major Brian Wilson fan. Alice immediately smiled and stated that he was also a major fan, and a good friend of Brian’s. He also said that he had a GREAT Brian Wilson story to tell me.

From this point, I will let Alice tell the story:

“I was sitting backstage after the 1974 Grammys with Bernie Taupin (Elton John’s lyricist) and John Lennon. This was when Brian was really having some mental issues. During the course of the conversation, I kept seeing Brian out of the corner of my eye, just kind of staring at us from different angles. Finally, he came up to the table, bent down and whispered in my ear, ‘Hey Alice, introduce me to John Lennon.’ I couldn’t BELIEVE that these two men had never met! They were virtually neck and neck in the 60’s as the greatest bands on the planet, and I’m SURE they must have crossed paths at some point. But then I thought to myself, ‘Wow, if they REALLY have never met, I’m going to be the one to introduce them and become a part of rock history!’ So I merely said, ‘Brian Wilson, this is John Lennon. John Lennon, this is Brian Wilson.’ Lennon was very cordial and polite, saying things like, ‘Hello Brian, I’ve always wanted to meet you. I’ve always admired your work, and Paul and I considered Pet Sounds one of the best albums ever made.’ Brian thanked him and walked away, at which point Lennon went right back to his conversation like nothing had happened. About ten minutes later, Brian came by our table again, leaned down and whispered something to Bernie, and all of a sudden, Bernie was saying, ‘Brian Wilson, this is John Lennon. John Lennon, Brian Wilson.’ Lennon was just as cordial and polite as the first time, saying essentially the same thing about always wanting to meet him. As soon as Brian walked away, John looked at both of us and casually said in his typical Liverpudlian accent, ‘I’ve met him hundreds of times. He’s not well, you know.’”

Alice went on to say that he loves Brian, and later that night went with a group of people to Brian’s house and went into his studio to add and subtract instruments and passages from Beach Boys songs. I don’t know what was funnier to me…the punchline of the story, or listening to Alice Cooper try to talk like John Lennon.

The Beach Boys in Mojo Magazine

On June 15th (I'm a little late on this) Mojo Magazine released a special edition called "Mojo 60s" and the cover story was the official release (hopefully this month) of Smile!

The official version of Smile is going to be completed with the approval of Brian and will finally be mastered by some producers who know exactly what needs to be done to improve the sound on the Smile tracks to make them perfect. (I pray)

The magazine came with a single on pretty yellow vinyl. The A side was Wonderful, the B side was Cabinessence. Bionicool posted a nice video of the two songs.

Brad Cook's SMiLE Edit - Repost

This is a repost of my 3rd favorite SMiLE ever made. This one is by Brad Cook and I originally posted this May 1, 2010. This version is so psychedelic I can barely get my head around it.

It starts off with the silent hum of a 60s record... Moments later a bizarre Spanish influenced instrumental song plays several bars of a repetitive figure before violently bursting into a triumphant and unique edit of Heroes and Villains featuring the "My Children Were Raised" section of this song with the "boys and girls" backing vocals very prominent. This mix feels very authentic and I accept and consider this very close to how an official Smile release in 1967 would have sounded (namely far out, brilliant and slightly static-y).

There were some attempts made to clean up the sources for these tracks, but the creator of this mix mostly left the tracks alone, meaning if there was background hum in the original recording, you will hear it in this mix. If you like that, cool. If you don't like that, this is still a nice mix.

I also really love how vibrant Child Is The Father Of The Man sounds on this mix too. I can really hear the wood blocks and claves.

You will appreciate this mix if you download it.

1. Untitled Instrumental
2. Heroes & Villains
3. Holiday
4. Heroes And Villains Intro
5. Do You Like Worms?
6. Cabinessence
7. Heroes And Villains (Sections)
8. Prayer
9. Wonderful
10. Child Is The Father Of The Man
11. Look
12. Vegetables
13. Wind Chimes
14. The Elements Part 1
15. Water Chant
16. I Love To Say Da Da
17. Surf's Up


link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5, link 6, link 7, link 8

DJ Mike Love's Smile

This is a version of SMiLE done by someone calling themselves DJ Mike Love, not to be confused with this DJ Mike Love.

1. Our Prayer
2. Wind Chimes
3. Do You Like Worms?
4. Heroes and Villains
5. The Old Master Painter
6. Child Is The Father Of The Man
7. Cabin Essence
8. Good Vibrations
9. Wonderful
10. I'm In Great Shape
11. Vege-tables
12. The Elements
13. Surf's Up


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Monday, August 1, 2011

String Quartet Cover of Good Vibrations

I just got an email showing me a video of a String Quartet called Baby Strings from Miami, Florida doing a nice cover of Good Vibrations. You can learn more about the baby strings at their website.