Wednesday, December 5, 2007



From now on I will be hosting all of my files to multiple sites, instead of just one. This way everyone wins!

Also, scroll down to the Unsurpassed Masters Volume 5 to see the new format, you will be given your usual download link, along with several alternate links below it, in the event one is taken down.

I hope you find this helpful, and I hope to fix all the broken links soon!

- eric
"Dear eric,

Thanks for using DivShare. Unfortunately, our staff has had to remove one or
more of your files for violation of our content standards.

This action is usually taken because a file contains adult content or
copyrighted material, such as music, movies or software. We apologize for the
incovenience, and ask that you not upload any similar files in the future.

If you ever have any questions or feel we've removed your file in error, please
drop us an e-mail at Thanks again for using the site, and
have a great day.

The DivShare Team"

Can someone help me please?


Anonymous said...

Don't use DivShare anymore.

My guess is that somebody turned you in for posting "objectionable" content and DivShare "had no choice" but to follow through with the removal. They are trying to cover their ass in case they are sued someday.

holycownyc said...

Help you what? Jeeeez.

Heli0tr0pe said...

Hey bro -

You don't wanna try RapidShare or MegaUpload? Those seem like the 2 most popular out there...maybe it's a $$$ issue?

bests and thanks,
appreciate all you do,
Tim (

warnakey said...

I need help with finding a way to post these albums without having them taken down.

Clearly, someone is complaining about them. Curse you Bruce Johnston! (but i still love you for Deirdre.)

And Rapidshare makes you wait, and it just bugs me. And they're money grubs. And Megaupload is really prone to removing files and I just don't want that.

I need my own FTP.

Anonymous said...

What about massmirror? I don't know how the uploading works, but when you download, you have a choice of sites to download from, including zshare which seems like a good service...

Uncle Mort said...

This sounds bad news for us who have been enjoying your collection. Hope you get a suitable site to upload your files soon

Linear Zap said...

Damn. So I have to rule out DivShare from my list of file-hosting options...

The perfect thing would be a "Beach Boys FTP", but I have no idea how much it'd cost.

I guess I'll use zshare for the time being...


Anonymous said...

"Curse you Bruce Johnston!"

I thought Mike Love was the one who liked to sue everybody.

warnakey said...

Well Bruce Johnston is currently in court against a beach boys fan called Jaspereich. Maybe you've heard of him?

Anyway, times are changing, and its now Bruce's turn to sue sue sue!

And it's not just family anymore, now its the fans!

Anonymous said...

Yes I've heard of JasperEich. The guy who had all those BB videos on Youtube. I liked his videos.

Bruce doesn't even own a share in BRI. Or at least I thought he sold his share back to the company when he first quit the group in '71. Is Mike having BJ do all the dirty work? They just don't get it when it comes to the digital age. I bet Bruce is just pissy because he and Mike weren't making any $$$ from people watching the videos. Kind of reminds me of what the RIAA is doing to music downloaders.

Anonymous said...

Hey Warnakey, any chance you could possibly post full artwork for the 'Secret SMiLE' bootleg you have on your blog?

While we're on the subject of requests, is there any chance of you making available any of the following:-
1)'Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 15: Good Vibrations'
2)'Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 16: SMiLE'
3)'SMiLE: Millenium Edition'?

Many thanks in advance,