Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cocaine Sessions And Some Other Things

Here are the infamous Cocaine Sessions with Brian and Dennis Wilson from 1981.

 1. Yeahhh
 2. Oh Lord
 3. City Blues
 4. Piano
 5. You've Been Part 1
 6. You've Been Part 2
 7. I Feel So Fine
 8. Heroes And Villains

 + an interview with Brian

These demos are worth owning for one reason, and one reason alone - Oh Lord. This song can best be explained by this quote from a fan site.

"Oh Lord, DW, Brian Wilson, ca.1982. Originally recorded in demo form during the infamous Brian/Dennis sessions at Village Recorders 81-82.(Stebbins p.208) After Dennis' death, Brian re-worked this track w/ Culture Club producer Steve Levine in July 1984 for possible inclusion on what would become "the Beach Boys" 1985.(Doe, liner notes: The Beach Boys). It did not make it to the final cut, and remains unreleased"

Really, this is an incredible song, and I love it to death. It still sends shivers down my spine when I hear that line "Make me sad, for everything, let me see, what there is to see." A criminally underrated Dennis Wilson song that was recorded and still remains unreleased.

Click Here To Download The Cocaine Sessions
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Dutch Beach Boys Lost Songs

It's no secret. The Dutch Beach Boys Blog has changed to the Jan and Dean Blog. So all of their Beach Boys stuff has disappeared, so I'm going to make a good effort to try to post everything that was lost.

2 versions of the song In my room 1996 version with tammy wynette

i found this on the web. Its just fantastic. Here is what the fan made, enjoy it. Dont know how long its availible.


As a fan of both country music and the Beach Boys, this duet with Tammy Wynette (which was supposed to go on "Stars & Stripes vol. 2") is truly a precious gem.There's been a released version, on the 1998 "Tammy Remembered" CD. But that version, while it featured Tammy's voice recorded in 1996, featured Brian alone on backing vocals. Still, it was already great......But that was before I bought the "Nashville Sounds" DVD, on which you can hear harmonies done by the Beach Boys, and not Brian alone! This version being even greater, I decided to record it from the DVD to make a mp3 of it. So that's what I did. There was a small problem with the intro, because the one on the DVD is "spoiled" by Brian, who talks about the song... So I took the intro from the "Tammy Remembered" version, and modified it a bit (because for some reason, the "Tammy Remembered" version had been sped-up, which caused a key change). I also had to do some editing with the end, so that it wouldn't sound "abrupt".

"My" version, featuring Beach Boys vocals: <---REMOVED--->

The "Tammy Remembered" version, featuring Brian vocals:

Enjoy! - Posted May 17, 2007

the beach boys sing Da doo ron ron, a Keeping the Summer Alive album outake

Just got my hand on this stereo A+ sound outtake. It is 1 of many.

- Posted May 26, 2007

Dennis Wilson outtake song

Its called OUR LOVE. Its a stereo A+ sound. Very nice.

- Posted May 26, 2007

the Beach Boys live Wahington DC july 4th 1980 (A sound)

Made by a dedicated fan who took his dvd from this show and transfered it to his audio. Not the complete show but 14 songs. Very good quality.



do it again
Sloop John B
Little Deuce Coupe
Catch a Wave
School Days
Good Timing
Help me Rhonda
God only knows
Keeping the summer alive
Be true to your school
Rock & roll music
I get around
Surfin usa

- Posted May 28, 2007


Anonymous said...

Great idea.....

I have Carl's last perfomance of God Only Knows (maybe the last, maybe close to the last performance).... it's from the dutch beach boys site....

I can upload that, if you don't have it....

warnakey said...

I don't have it, throw it up!

Anonymous said...

Now it's on my blog.....

Tonight i have the time, so i'm finding a few other things to upload....

And thanks for the inspiration from your blog......

Anonymous said...

Where is the link for the Cocaine Sessions? Am I missing it?

warnakey said...

oh yeah, I guess you need that huh!!

My bad. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I've been having all kinds of upload troubles lately. haha.

Anonymous said...

Love your downloads! But, I don't understand why you call this download the "Cocaine Sessions" It sounds like Brian just farting around.
Not much is known about this tape, featuring just Brian and Dennis at the piano and organ. Some refer to it as the "Hamburger Tapes", while some say it's actually the genuine "Cocaine Sessions". There's a disc called "The Cocaine Sessions" up at Cabinessence with a completely different track listing:

1. (Talking)
2. California Girls
3. "Let's Start Our Own Band"
4. My Solution
5. (Sounds of sexual intercourse)
6. Mike, Mike, Mike
7. Bonanza Theme
8. It's Just A Matter Of Time
9. I Don't Want To Die
10. Take My Breath Away
11. You Take My Breath Away
12. (Talking)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm the guy who made the "In My Room (with Tammy Wynette)" mix. I'd like it to be removed from your blog, please.

Thanks in advance

Rich said...

Thanks so much for your help.

Michael G Breece said...

Fucking hell man, "Oh Lord" is simply stunning. I don't know if there are any tapes of Brian at home just sitting at his piano playing and singing as his kids and ex-wife say on the documentaries of him doing - rather than communicating through talking - wish those were in existence and posted somewhere. That's the vibe I get with this download. But damn, "Oh Lord" in particular really is SUCH a heartfelt performance, wow.

By the way, great blog, keep up the great work, love it, been downloading like a monkey on crack.

sandy said...

Brian Douglas Wilson is in american musician. It was during this period that he was introduced to cocaine.
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warnakey said...

this was well over a decade after he was strongly addicted to cocaine actually.

Steven said...

the guy that had a stick up his ass about HIS tammy wynette version is a fag. grow up: 1] music is for sharing, and 2] no, you're not special.

Jo said...

thank you for this blog! Very helpful info. link to my little podcast about the BBs