Thursday, February 28, 2008


EDIT: This is the 1990 reissue with 18 tracks. Check out the updated tracklisting.

The only Beach Boys record from the 60s to completely miss the charts. Stack-O-Tracks is a collection of 15 instrumentals tracks packed with lyrics and sheet music to the songs, designed to be sung karaoke style by fans. Unfortunately, I don't have the original booklet that came with it. If anyone does have it, please share it with me!

Rereleased in 1990 as a twofer album with the Beach Boys party, this version has 3 extra songs. If anyone does have the original vinyl album on mp3 please let me know.

1. Darlin'
2. Salt Lake City
3. Sloop John B
4. In My Room
5. Catch A Wave
6. Wild Honey
7. Little Saint Nick
8. Do It Again
9. Wouldn't It Be Nice
10. God Only Knows
11. Surfer Girl
12. Little Honda
13. Here Today
14. You're So Good To Me
15. Let Him Run Wild
16. Help Me Rhonda - (bonus track)
17. California Girls - (bonus track)
18. Our Car Club - (bonus track)

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Many Moods of Murry Wilson

Someone asked me if I could reupload this really quick! So if you don't have Murry Wilson's only solo album from 1967 go ahead and grab it! It's an instrumental, jazzy kind of album with the big band sound of the 40s.

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Bootlegs out the wazoo!

Hey everyone!

In the super competitive world of Beach Boys bootlegging it seems as though there is a veritable ocean of blogs and forums popping up and I am often feeling left on the beach, alone; unable to catch a wave. (Good pun huh?)

Anyway, I wanted to inform everyone to head over to Jakob Lightman's forum at You have to register to post over at the forum, but its a happening place for "discussing" the Beach Boys with other fans.

Also, this blog aptly named The Beach Boys Boots has a crap load of stuff to check out, including a lot of live stuff. I know a lot of people enjoy live shows, so maybe you'll find something of interest over there.

And then of course I can't forget to mention that Ascrodin has been posting a bunch of awesome stuff on his blog, Yes, I Do Like Worms as well, including the highly fascinating "Life of Brian" series made by Jerry Boyd of Side B Music. It's such a great audio biography and I'm so happy to finally have it after posting about it months ago here.

Heroes and Vibrations

Another bootleg full of Heroes and Villains sessions! This one also has plenty of Good Vibrations sessions. Pretty good quality as well. I've had this one on my computer for a while, so it's time to clear it off.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Heroes and Villains Sessions Part 2

The second CD of the Heroes and Villains Sessions is much longer than the first with 50 tracks clocking in at just over an hour. This one is definitely an educational bootleg for anyone interested in the smile sessions, with all sorts of vocal snippets and unused recordings.

Hope you dig it.

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Heroes and Villains Sessions Part 1

The Heroes and Villains Sessions bootleg is a 2 CD collection of assorted sessions and sections from the Heroes and Villains recording dates.

This first CD is pretty interesting because of how the tracks are organized starting with the "In the Cantina" mix of Heroes and Villains in February 1967 by Brian. The rest of the CD I think must be from the original source tapes of Heroes and Villains. The sound of slight static from the dated tapes and the sudden starts and stops really convince me that this must be from something other than an acetate copy.

This CD also has a bunch of vocal parts recorded by the Boys for the song. A lot of these sections never made it into the song, so it's pretty cool to hear them. It's also great to hear Brian controlling his music and directing the Wrecking Crew to play his music just how he wants.

So anyway, I hope you enjoy this one. CD 2 will be coming shortly!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Mike Love - First Love/Country Love

1978 was a very, very weird time for the Beach Boys. After the success of their Endless Summer album in 1975, the immensely popular Brian's Back campaign and the minor success of their albums 15 Big Ones and Love You it seemed like the Beach Boys were about to fall apart, again.

Dennis Wilson had just released his first solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue, in 1977 to great reviews and moderately good sales, and I'm sure this caused an unspoken amount of uncertainty about the future of the group. And with the ever increasingly erratic performances and no shows of Brian Wilson at their live concerts, not to mention Dennis and Carl's tendency to be drunk on stage, it seemed like this could be the final blow for the Beach Boys. Things got so bad that The Beach Boys were forced to apologize for a terrible performance in Perth, Australia in 1978.

All of this must have made Mike Love think "Now is a great time to unleash my cosmic genius on an unsuspecting public!" After all he had been part of a successful side band called Celebration throughout the 70s, so why not just take the center stage?

Well, this was the worst idea of all time.

Throughout October and November of 1978 Mike Love made 2 albums simultaneously, First Love and Country Love. [sarcasm] For some strange reason neither of these albums were ever released, but at least us die hard fans still have the recordings. [/sarcasm]

But seriously, these songs are terrible. They sound bad quality wise, and they are just boring songs. I admit, I like Viggie and Brian's Back, but they never would have made any kind of dent in American popular music at that time, or ever. Mike Love never learned from the mistakes of this album, as most of the material has appeared on subsequent Beach Boys albums and other solo debacles he attempted later.

However, if you thought First Love couldn't get any worse, wait until you get into the other album in this folder, Country Love. I have always, always hated Country music, so to me this album is a personal attack against all that I hold dear and good. It's like Mike Love is trying to rape my family and kill my God with one album.

Songs like Dallas and Rock N Roll Country Bride are just so awful it literally makes me want to put in a Garth Brooks album just to see if I can appreciate legitimate country music a little bit more. I still have never done this, but God I thought about it. The only song from this album (besides the 2 covers) to ever show its ugly head anywhere else is the song Everyone's In Love With You, which appeared on the Beach Boys album 15 Big Ones two years before. The Beach Boys version is massively, insanely superior to Mike Love's solo version.

So I present you with the track listing to Mike Love's first 2 solo albums, and I strongly suggest you only download this if you are in need of some hearty guffawing.


1. First Love
2. Too Cruel
3. You're Looking Better
4. Little Darlin'
5. I Don't Wanna Know
6. Brian's Back
7. Viggie
8. The Right Kind of Love
9. Sumahama
10. Day Break
11. Tricia


12. Today I Started Loving You Again
13. Dallas
14. Beth On The Mesa
15. Brand New Start
16. Baby I'm A Changed Man
17. Rock N' Roll Country Bride
18. Everything I Touch Turns To Tears
19. Wrinkles
20. My Side of the Bed
21. Everyone's In Love With You
22. Some Sweet Day
23. Hey Good Lookin'

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Hi everyone, youtube removed a bunch of my videos this morning, INCLUDING THE EXPLANATION VIDEO I MADE! They also suspended my account, those jerks. Luckyily I still have the video on my computer! I'll try to keep it up here on my blog for as long as possible.

Sorry if it's a bit strange (with my explanations of where things are on the screen, it was made for youtube). Anyway, I hope this will be a good explanation of what happened to my youtube page.

- eric

Monday, February 11, 2008

Time To Get Alone

Hey everyone,

I wanted to say thanks for the continued emails! I haven't quite given up on this blog yet, but I am perpetually plagued by computer issues. This time the fan on my laptop died. But I'm fighting through it.

Anyway, this bootleg is called Time To Get Alone. It originally came in FLAC format (or so I hear). However, I do not have it in FLAC, if anyone does, please feel free to share it. Anyway here it is in 320 kbps MP3 format. I hope you like this 2 disc-er.

Disc 1

1. Help Me Ronda Session (with Murry Wilson's drunken ramblings)
2. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
3. Ticket To Ride
4. Mountain Of Love
5. Riot In Cellblock # 9
6. Laugh At Me
7. One Kiss Led To Another
8. California Girls
9. I Get Around
10. Little Deuce Coupe

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Disc 2

1. I'm So Young
2. Help Me Rhonda
3. Good To My Baby (inst)
4. Good To My Baby
5. In The Back Of My Mind
6. The Little Girl I Once Knew
7. Holy Holy
8. Time To Get Alone (Redwood version)
9. Wouldn't It Be Nice
10. You Still Believe In Me
11. Hang On To Your Ego
12. Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
13. Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
14. I'm Waiting For The Day
15. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
16. Wouldn't It Be Nice (reprise)
17. Outro
18. Good Vibrations
19. Heroes And Villains

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