Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hello everyone,

Sorry it's been so long. My laptop cord has not been replaced yet, but they're going for $65 over at Circuit City, so hopefully I'll get it working again soon. But I have been enjoying my internet-free life lately. I've been recording some music with friends and replaying some old video games. This has been the perfect summer so far!


I just checked back here and realized some people are very upset over something! I'm not quite sure what, but then again there probably is no reason.

But I offer you a choice, simply download the music and enjoy it, OR don't. I'm sorry if the Beach Boys have some how hurt your feelings, but please contain your anonymous insults if you can and leave me out of it. Regardless, thank you for all your visits to the page and comments, pleasant or otherwise. I think its great that this is a (very small) place to discuss music and ethics. I really do appreciate it, and a good roast is always welcome.

This will probably be the last time I ever address negative comments on this blog ever again. So for the rest of you whom I made this page for, there will be new downloads soon! Especially smile stuff.

Ok! I just felt like I had to do a quick update just to let you all know I'm not gone forever. I'll be at the beach this weekend, soaking up the sun. Have a great weekend!

- eric


Cruisin' Oldies said...

Enjoy the sun, I look forward to your new downloads soon. Forget the Anonymous jerks. THANK YOU for your music.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric... And welcome back....

Anonymous said...

Sure seems like alot of sick people out there. Like the other post said I guess they are mad about losing money, they just love to rip people off. I'm glad it doesn't bother you its not worth it. welcome back and thanks for taking the time to share.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

Thank you for the happiness you provide to all of us.

Your blog is GREAT and has changed my life since I've discovered it.

I don't understand these crazy comments ; seems there're really hardly sick people out there ! That makes me sad.

Anyway, you're a very clever guy and chose to ignore these jerks, which is the best thing to do from my opinion.


Surf's up !


willy z said...

Hi Eric, i think you should delete the insulting posts right away. I for one am very grateful for your excellent blog. Keep those goodies coming!
Greetings from Holland

willy z

Anonymous said...

You're back? Let's see what pops up from Smiley Smile Dot Net...

Anonymous said...

"You're back? Let's see what pops up from Smiley Smile Dot Net..."

Jesus, so what. Is that the Be All / End All site on the net? OMG DONT SPREAD SHIT OUT, MORE PEOPLE MIGHT FIND THEM!!


That being said, I think Warnakey should at least acknowlege where a link came from if he posted the SAME link. Not if it's the same music with a new link, you know in case something happens to the original.

Otherwise piss off.

I dont feel like logging in.


P.S. This site is great.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric.. and a big thank you! Some strange people out there - just ignore them. Thanks again for some great downloads.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous zei...
I'm not quite sure what, but then again there probably is no reason.

Wow, you're dumb.

June 25, 2007 9:46 AM

Here's an idea....enlighten us too the reason, and maybe you can resolve some issues... or continue to me a know, whatever floats your boat.

Anonymous said...

When someone tells you not to post something that was shared with you either privately or publically and you decide to do it anyway, then that makes you the douchebag.