Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Goodies Triolgy

In an epic triple post, I will be hosting 3 albums made by a fan. Also, I don't have permission to post these. So download only if your conscience allows you.

Download Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

      Amusement Parks USA (alternate version)
      Heroes and Villains (unedited rehearsal)
      I Was Made To Love Her (vocal rehearsal)
      I Was Made To Love Her (alternate mix)
      Wild Honey (backing track without theremin & percussion
      Wild Honey (backing track without theremin, percussion & organ
      Wild Honey (alternate mix)
      Darlin' (alternate mix)
      Darlin' (with harp tag)
      Busy Doin' Nothin' (alternate mix)
      Friends (backing track fragment)
      Friends (backing track fragment)
      Meant For You (backing track)
      Little Bird (backing track)
      Wake The World (backing track)
      We're Together Again (alternate mix)
      Mona Kani (alternate mix)
      Time To Get Alone (backing track)
      Time To Get Alone (a cappella)
      Cotton Fields (backing track)
      Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) (backing track)
      Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) (a cappella)
      You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (single mix)
      Marcella (long version)
      Cuddle Up (single mix)
      Sail On, Sailor (a cappella)
      Mount Vernon and Fairway (home recording)
      Child Of Winter (alternate mix) 2:47
      Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (rehearsal)
      Running Bear (short version)
      We Gotta Groove (alternate mix)
      Brian's Back (alternate mix)
      Angel Come Home (early backing track)
      Let Us Go On This Way (backing vocals)
      The Night Was So Young (a cappella)
      Match Point Of Our Love (alternate mix)
      Match Point Of Our Love (alternate mix)
      She's Got Rhythm (alternate mix)
      Pitter Patter (alternate mix)
      Wontcha Come Out Tonight (alternate mix)
      A Little Somethin'
      Angel Come Home (backing track)
      Skatetown USA (track and backing vocals)
      Little Girl (alternate mix with count-in)
      Back In The USSR
      East Meets West (Demo)
      Getcha Back (alternate mix)
      It's Gettin' Late (alternate mix)
      Crack At Your Love (alternate mix)
      Maybe I Don't Know (alternate mix)
      She Believes In Love Again (alternate mix)
      California Calling (alternate mix)
      Passing Friend (alternate mix)
      I'm So Lonely (alternate mix)
      Where I Belong (alternate mix)
      I Do Love You (alternate mix)
      It's Just A Matter Of Time (alternate mix)
      Male Ego (alternate mix)
      1985 Medley
      Make It Big (movie version 1)
      Make It Big (movie version 2)

Download Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

      Don't You Just Know It (early mix)
      Don't You Just Know It (early mix 2)
      Don't You Just Know It (early mix 3)
      Don't You Just Know It
      To Sir With Love
      Doin' Time On Planet Earth
      Love And Mercy (alternate mix)
      Love And Mercy (track with backing vocals)
      Make A Wish (track)
      Make A Wish (backing vocal only) Edit
      Make A Wish (track with backing vocal)
      Water Builds Up (track)
      Water Builds Up (backing vocal only)
      Water Builds Up (track with backing vocal)
      The Spirit Of Rock And Roll (track)
      The Spirit Of Rock And Roll (backing vocal only) Edit
      The Spirit Of Rock And Roll (track with backing vocal)
      What A Wonderful World
      Proud Mary
      Proud Mary (alternate mix)
      Proud Mary (alternate mix 2)
      Gettin' In Over My Head
      Gettin' In Over My Head (alternate mix)
      Gettin' In Over My Head (alternate mix 2)
      Gettin' In Over My Head (alternate mix 3)
      You're Still A Mystery
      You're Still A Mystery (alternate mix)
      Chain Reaction Of Mystery
      Chain Reaction Of Mystery (alternate mix)
      Chain Reaction Of Mystery (short version)
      Soul Searchin'
      Soul Searchin' (alternate mix)
      Soul Searchin' (Andy Paley vocal)
      Soul Searchin' (Andy Paley vocal, alternate mix)
      It's Not Easy Being Me
      It's Not Easy Being Me (alternate mix)
      It's Not Easy Being Me (alternate mix 2)
      Desert Drive
      Desert Drive (alternate mix)
      Saturday Morning In The City
      Saturday Morning In The City (alternate mix)
      This Song Wants To Sleep With You Tonight
      This Song Wants To Sleep With You Tonight (alternate mix)
      Market Place
      I'm Broke
      I'm Broke (alternate mix)
      Must Be A Miracle
      Must Be A Miracle (alternate mix)
      Must Be A Miracle (alternate mix 2)
      In My Moondreams
      In My Moondreams (alternate mix)
      In My Moondreams (alternate mix 2)
      My Mary Anne
      My Mary Anne (alternate mix)
      My Mary Anne (alternate mix 2)
      Slightly American Music
      Slightly American Music (alternate mix)
      Frankie Avalon
      Elbow '63
      God Did It
      Goin' Home
      Some Sweet Day
      The Boogie's Back In Town
      Dancin' The Night Away

Download Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

      A Simple Song
      Celebration - Almost Summer (Promo mix)
      Celebration - Almost Summer (Single mix)
      You're Looking Better (alternate version)
      I Don't Wanna Know (alternate version)
      Viggie (alternate version)
      Glow Crescent Glow
      Glow Crescent Glow (alternate version)
      Brian's Back (promo mix)
      Today I Started Lovin' You Again (alternate version)
      Hey Good Lookin'
      Mike Love Promo
      Looking Back With Love (alternate version)
      Be My Baby (alternate version)
      Teach Me Tonight (alternate version)
      Can't Stop Talking About American Girls
      Hot Summer Lovers
      Oh! Those Girls
      Endless Summer Beach Band
      Looking Back With Love (promos)
      Alley Oop (with Dean Torrence)
      Da Doo Ron Ron (with Dean Torrence)
      Let's Party (with Dean Torrence)
      Her Boyfriend's Back (with Dean Torrence)
      Lightnin' Strikes (Dean Torrence)
      Sugar Shack (with Dean Torrence)
      The Letter (with Dean Torrence)
      The Loco-motion (with Dean Torrence)
      Mr. Custer (with Dean Torrence)
      Big Bop On The Beach (with Dean Torrence)
      Be True To Your Bud (with Dean Torrence)
      The New Girl In School (with Dean Torrence)
      The New Girl In School (alternate mix) (with Dean Torrence)
      Surfin' Safari (with Dean Torrence)
      The Little Old Lady From Pasadena (with Dean Torrence)
      Shut Down (with Dean Torrence)
      Little Deuce Coupe (with Dean Torrence)
      Fun, Fun, Fun (with Dean Torrence)
      Be True To Your School (with Dean Torrence)
      Jingle Bell Rock (with Dean Torrence)
      Jingle Bell Rock (single mix) (with Dean Torrence)
      Do You Hear What I Hear (with Mary MacGregor)
      Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
      Sealed With A Kiss
      Hot Fun In The Summertime
      Rescue Me
      Rescue Me (alternate mix)
      Stagger Lee (with Adrian Baker)
      Stagger Lee (alternate mix) (with Adrian Baker)
      Catch A Wave (with Adrian Baker)
      Do It Again (with Adrian Baker)
      California Girls (with Adrian Baker)
      Surfin' Safari (with Adrian Baker)
      Surfin' USA (with Adrian Baker)
      Surfer Girl (with Adrian Baker)
      Girls Of The World (with Adrian Baker)
      Summertime City (with Adrian Baker)
      Keep On Dancin' (with Adrian Baker)
      Do You Wanna Dance (with Adrian Baker)
      Dance, Dance, Dance (with Adrian Baker)
      Beach Boys Medley (with Adrian Baker)
      Camp California (with Adrian Baker)
      Endless Summer Beach Band (with Adrian Baker)
      Endless Summer Beach Band (alternate version) (with Adrian
      Hawaii (with Adrian Baker)
      Hawaii (alternate version) (with Adrian Baker)
      Summertime Music (with Adrian Baker)
      Summertime Music (alternate version) (with Adrian Baker)
      Summertime Blues (with Adrian Baker)
      Summertime Blues (alternate version) (with Adrian Baker)
      Hyatt Regency Maui (with Adrian Baker)
      Hyatt Regency Waikiki (with Adrian Baker)
      Hyatt Regency Maui and Waikiki (with Adrian Baker)
      Goodtime Summertime Girls (with Adrian Baker)
      Sun City (with Adrian Baker)
      Let's Dance (with Adrian Baker)
      Let's Dance/Do You Wanna Dance (with Adrian Baker)
      Kokomo (with Adrian Baker)
      Good Vibrations (with Adrian Baker)
      Hungry Heart
      Plant A Tree (promo 1)
      Plant A Tree (promo 2)
      Plant A Tree (promo 3)

I'm gonna be gone this weekend, So I will see you all on Monday! Enjoy!


casio said...
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MikeyJ said...

Thanks so much for the files. I downloaded the Brian Wilson goodies but when I tried to extract the files it said that I needed another file called "Brian Wilson Goodies.z01" to continue the extraction. I could still get some of the files but only about half of them. Do you have any idea how to fix this? Thanks

warnakey said...

yes I know the problem. sorry about forgetting that part.

audiodrome said...

Thanks very much for uploading these! The Beach Boys Goodies album has the same problem. It says you need another file called "beachboysgoodies.z01" to continue extraction. Without it, you only get the last 20 songs or so.

achtung wellenreiter said...

Yep, have the same problem with "Goodies". Got only 20 tracks unzipped, so "z01" and possibly more files are missing.

warnakey said...

I uploaded it for you guys. The z01 files, it just took a few hours because they're huge files and I needed some sleep.

Hope everything works now though, I'm testing it myself.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that this "fan mix" really screwed with a lot of the songs. Many of the songs aren't even in their original key and some alternate mixes sound like they were just EQ'd. It's a shame b/c there's some good stuff (title wise) on these collections

audiodrome said...

I tried extracting the Beach Boys Goodies zip file with the new file (Beach Boys Goodies.z01) but it said it was looking for beachboysgoodies.z01 to complete the extraction, so I renamed it and then it said the archive is corrupt. I tried it without renaming it and it said the same thing. I don't know what's wrong.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. For info were these mp3 files converted from the original wma post? Fle sizes for your mp3 are much bigger but if the quality is better then great....
Could not get the Beach Boys Goodies archive to unzip either --- will start again.
Thanks for the files.

MikeyJ said...

Just letting everyone know that I downloaded the original Brian Wilson Goodies file... and then I downloaded the "Brian Wilson Goodies.z01" and it worked. So there is no problems with that one

audiodrome said...

I downloaded it again and the Beach Boys Goodies.z01 file is still corrupt.

warnakey said...

this is a pain. I'll have to fix it as soon as I can. Sorry.

audiodrome said...

Thanks - we appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

any chance of posting the three WMA files from Casio's blog as they are not anymore

audiodrome said...

Were these 320 mp3s just converted from the 128 wma files or are they better quality from the original source?

Anonymous said...

Dude, you are so awesome! Between you and Silver Phial I've finally been able to get more Beach Boys music than what's been officially released. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

cheers w. what do you recommend to unzip the files (PC, Mac). need some help.

warnakey said...

To answer some questions, download WINRAR or WINZIP to unzip these files. (google to download them)

I will post the three missing WMAs.

I don't know much about bitrate or anything like that. And I don't know about the original keys of these songs. I suppose you'll just have to take them as they are. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting these but something's not right with Brian Wilson Goodies - part 1 gives you tracks 62 - 125 and part 2 gives you tracks 94 - 125 over again. So still missing tracks 1-61....

Anonymous said...

this is eric again!

boy oh boy, problem after problem.

This has been one of the worst posts of all time to deal with.

Again, I will fix it when my laptop cord is replaced.

Thank you for dealing with me in the mean time.

Jason said...


I've looked a while for some of these songs so thanks for posting them. I downloaded both Brian Wilson goodies and they worked except the original versions for the second half of the songs on the second download are absent. Would that be a downloading problem on my computer or are they not available right now?

Thanks again.

warnakey said...

I figured it out. The Brian Wilson Goodies is not broken. Tracks 1-62 are the beach boys goodies.

beach boys goodies 1-61
brian wilson goodies 62-125

and for whatever reason the mike love goodies start at track 1-84.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back - and many thanks for all this stuff!

Is it possible to put the BW Goodies under Mediafire as well?

Sendspace does indeed suck.


Anonymous said...

Hey Eric could you tell me who put these together? (or at least point me in the right direction if you can't) I'm intrigued as to where some of these tracks come from.

warnakey said...

It was originally on Casio's blog. So, you would have to ask him! Sorry.

Anonymous said...

And where can I find this Casio? Thanks! :)

warnakey said...

thats his blog right there. Contact him through that.

Anonymous said...

Could you please repost:
Beach Boys Goodies Parts 1-4.
Thanks in advance.

annmargretfan said...

It keeps saying the link is broken when I try to download these. Any chance of a fix?

annmargretfan said...

The links don't work anymore. Any chance of a fix for the Beach Boys & Brian ones?

Bengt Stenström said...

Hi any chance of re-upping BBG? :)

warnakey said...

Hey guys, I am trying to find this again.

Anonymous said...

the BB links are all dead & part one of Mike Love is dead. can they br reupped?

Anonymous said...

Could you re-up The Beach Boys Goodies? All of the links are dead.

Anonymous said...

Hi Warnakey,
Thanks for your great blog, which I only recently ran in to. Really enjoy your posts of the BW and ML goodies. Any chance you will reup the BB goodies once more soon?
Thanks again,
- Pep

Hessler Lobo said...

Los links estan caidos amigo! Podrias resubirlos por favor!