Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Goodies Triolgy

In an epic triple post, I will be hosting 3 albums made by a fan. Also, I don't have permission to post these. So download only if your conscience allows you.

Download Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

      Amusement Parks USA (alternate version)
      Heroes and Villains (unedited rehearsal)
      I Was Made To Love Her (vocal rehearsal)
      I Was Made To Love Her (alternate mix)
      Wild Honey (backing track without theremin & percussion
      Wild Honey (backing track without theremin, percussion & organ
      Wild Honey (alternate mix)
      Darlin' (alternate mix)
      Darlin' (with harp tag)
      Busy Doin' Nothin' (alternate mix)
      Friends (backing track fragment)
      Friends (backing track fragment)
      Meant For You (backing track)
      Little Bird (backing track)
      Wake The World (backing track)
      We're Together Again (alternate mix)
      Mona Kani (alternate mix)
      Time To Get Alone (backing track)
      Time To Get Alone (a cappella)
      Cotton Fields (backing track)
      Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) (backing track)
      Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) (a cappella)
      You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (single mix)
      Marcella (long version)
      Cuddle Up (single mix)
      Sail On, Sailor (a cappella)
      Mount Vernon and Fairway (home recording)
      Child Of Winter (alternate mix) 2:47
      Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (rehearsal)
      Running Bear (short version)
      We Gotta Groove (alternate mix)
      Brian's Back (alternate mix)
      Angel Come Home (early backing track)
      Let Us Go On This Way (backing vocals)
      The Night Was So Young (a cappella)
      Match Point Of Our Love (alternate mix)
      Match Point Of Our Love (alternate mix)
      She's Got Rhythm (alternate mix)
      Pitter Patter (alternate mix)
      Wontcha Come Out Tonight (alternate mix)
      A Little Somethin'
      Angel Come Home (backing track)
      Skatetown USA (track and backing vocals)
      Little Girl (alternate mix with count-in)
      Back In The USSR
      East Meets West (Demo)
      Getcha Back (alternate mix)
      It's Gettin' Late (alternate mix)
      Crack At Your Love (alternate mix)
      Maybe I Don't Know (alternate mix)
      She Believes In Love Again (alternate mix)
      California Calling (alternate mix)
      Passing Friend (alternate mix)
      I'm So Lonely (alternate mix)
      Where I Belong (alternate mix)
      I Do Love You (alternate mix)
      It's Just A Matter Of Time (alternate mix)
      Male Ego (alternate mix)
      1985 Medley
      Make It Big (movie version 1)
      Make It Big (movie version 2)

Download Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

      Don't You Just Know It (early mix)
      Don't You Just Know It (early mix 2)
      Don't You Just Know It (early mix 3)
      Don't You Just Know It
      To Sir With Love
      Doin' Time On Planet Earth
      Love And Mercy (alternate mix)
      Love And Mercy (track with backing vocals)
      Make A Wish (track)
      Make A Wish (backing vocal only) Edit
      Make A Wish (track with backing vocal)
      Water Builds Up (track)
      Water Builds Up (backing vocal only)
      Water Builds Up (track with backing vocal)
      The Spirit Of Rock And Roll (track)
      The Spirit Of Rock And Roll (backing vocal only) Edit
      The Spirit Of Rock And Roll (track with backing vocal)
      What A Wonderful World
      Proud Mary
      Proud Mary (alternate mix)
      Proud Mary (alternate mix 2)
      Gettin' In Over My Head
      Gettin' In Over My Head (alternate mix)
      Gettin' In Over My Head (alternate mix 2)
      Gettin' In Over My Head (alternate mix 3)
      You're Still A Mystery
      You're Still A Mystery (alternate mix)
      Chain Reaction Of Mystery
      Chain Reaction Of Mystery (alternate mix)
      Chain Reaction Of Mystery (short version)
      Soul Searchin'
      Soul Searchin' (alternate mix)
      Soul Searchin' (Andy Paley vocal)
      Soul Searchin' (Andy Paley vocal, alternate mix)
      It's Not Easy Being Me
      It's Not Easy Being Me (alternate mix)
      It's Not Easy Being Me (alternate mix 2)
      Desert Drive
      Desert Drive (alternate mix)
      Saturday Morning In The City
      Saturday Morning In The City (alternate mix)
      This Song Wants To Sleep With You Tonight
      This Song Wants To Sleep With You Tonight (alternate mix)
      Market Place
      I'm Broke
      I'm Broke (alternate mix)
      Must Be A Miracle
      Must Be A Miracle (alternate mix)
      Must Be A Miracle (alternate mix 2)
      In My Moondreams
      In My Moondreams (alternate mix)
      In My Moondreams (alternate mix 2)
      My Mary Anne
      My Mary Anne (alternate mix)
      My Mary Anne (alternate mix 2)
      Slightly American Music
      Slightly American Music (alternate mix)
      Frankie Avalon
      Elbow '63
      God Did It
      Goin' Home
      Some Sweet Day
      The Boogie's Back In Town
      Dancin' The Night Away

Download Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

      A Simple Song
      Celebration - Almost Summer (Promo mix)
      Celebration - Almost Summer (Single mix)
      You're Looking Better (alternate version)
      I Don't Wanna Know (alternate version)
      Viggie (alternate version)
      Glow Crescent Glow
      Glow Crescent Glow (alternate version)
      Brian's Back (promo mix)
      Today I Started Lovin' You Again (alternate version)
      Hey Good Lookin'
      Mike Love Promo
      Looking Back With Love (alternate version)
      Be My Baby (alternate version)
      Teach Me Tonight (alternate version)
      Can't Stop Talking About American Girls
      Hot Summer Lovers
      Oh! Those Girls
      Endless Summer Beach Band
      Looking Back With Love (promos)
      Alley Oop (with Dean Torrence)
      Da Doo Ron Ron (with Dean Torrence)
      Let's Party (with Dean Torrence)
      Her Boyfriend's Back (with Dean Torrence)
      Lightnin' Strikes (Dean Torrence)
      Sugar Shack (with Dean Torrence)
      The Letter (with Dean Torrence)
      The Loco-motion (with Dean Torrence)
      Mr. Custer (with Dean Torrence)
      Big Bop On The Beach (with Dean Torrence)
      Be True To Your Bud (with Dean Torrence)
      The New Girl In School (with Dean Torrence)
      The New Girl In School (alternate mix) (with Dean Torrence)
      Surfin' Safari (with Dean Torrence)
      The Little Old Lady From Pasadena (with Dean Torrence)
      Shut Down (with Dean Torrence)
      Little Deuce Coupe (with Dean Torrence)
      Fun, Fun, Fun (with Dean Torrence)
      Be True To Your School (with Dean Torrence)
      Jingle Bell Rock (with Dean Torrence)
      Jingle Bell Rock (single mix) (with Dean Torrence)
      Do You Hear What I Hear (with Mary MacGregor)
      Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
      Sealed With A Kiss
      Hot Fun In The Summertime
      Rescue Me
      Rescue Me (alternate mix)
      Stagger Lee (with Adrian Baker)
      Stagger Lee (alternate mix) (with Adrian Baker)
      Catch A Wave (with Adrian Baker)
      Do It Again (with Adrian Baker)
      California Girls (with Adrian Baker)
      Surfin' Safari (with Adrian Baker)
      Surfin' USA (with Adrian Baker)
      Surfer Girl (with Adrian Baker)
      Girls Of The World (with Adrian Baker)
      Summertime City (with Adrian Baker)
      Keep On Dancin' (with Adrian Baker)
      Do You Wanna Dance (with Adrian Baker)
      Dance, Dance, Dance (with Adrian Baker)
      Beach Boys Medley (with Adrian Baker)
      Camp California (with Adrian Baker)
      Endless Summer Beach Band (with Adrian Baker)
      Endless Summer Beach Band (alternate version) (with Adrian
      Hawaii (with Adrian Baker)
      Hawaii (alternate version) (with Adrian Baker)
      Summertime Music (with Adrian Baker)
      Summertime Music (alternate version) (with Adrian Baker)
      Summertime Blues (with Adrian Baker)
      Summertime Blues (alternate version) (with Adrian Baker)
      Hyatt Regency Maui (with Adrian Baker)
      Hyatt Regency Waikiki (with Adrian Baker)
      Hyatt Regency Maui and Waikiki (with Adrian Baker)
      Goodtime Summertime Girls (with Adrian Baker)
      Sun City (with Adrian Baker)
      Let's Dance (with Adrian Baker)
      Let's Dance/Do You Wanna Dance (with Adrian Baker)
      Kokomo (with Adrian Baker)
      Good Vibrations (with Adrian Baker)
      Hungry Heart
      Plant A Tree (promo 1)
      Plant A Tree (promo 2)
      Plant A Tree (promo 3)

I'm gonna be gone this weekend, So I will see you all on Monday! Enjoy!

Just A Heads Up

If you don't head over to Casio's blog this week, you're going to miss out on 3 of the best beach boys rarities albums ever made.

Don't delay!!!

It seems the files have disappeared, I managed to get them in time. I will upload them myself shortly. (Unless there is some good reason why they were taken down in the first place)

Worry not friends.
EDIT 2!!!!!!!!!!

Well, casio took those fan albums down because he didn't have permission from the maker of the albums.

Well, I don't think that fan had permission from the beach boys to make them either. So I am going to host it, in my belief that no one except the beach boys could legally do anything about it, and everyone should be able to have these great songs.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I'm working on something really big! Just wait until it's done.

Secret Smile


1. Wind Chimes (Early Version Ending Take 3) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
2. Wind Chimes (Re-record Take 23) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
3. Wind Chimes (Re-record Tag) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
4. I Ran (Aka Look) (Assembly) (B. Wilson)
5. Wonderful (Instrumental Track) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
6. Wonderful (Vocal Overdub) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
7. Holidays (Take 7) (B. Wilson)
8. Cabinessence (Verse Takes 1-12) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
9. Cabinessence (Chorus Takes 1-17) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
10. Cabinessence (Chorus Takes 18-23) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
11. Cabinessence (Tag Takes 1-5) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
12. Cabinessence (Verse Chorus Mix 1) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
13. Cabinessence (Verse Chorus Mix 2) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
14. Cabinessence (Verse Chorus Mix 3) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
15. Cabinessence (Verse Chorus Mix 4) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
16. Cabinessence (Verse Chorus Mix 5) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
17. Cabinessence (Verse Chorus OD) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
18. Cabinessence (Verse Chorus Tag Vocal OD) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
19. Cabinessence (Tag Vocal Overdub) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
20. Cabinessence (Chorus Vocal Overdub) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
21. Cabinessence (Chorus Tag Vocal OD) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
22. Child Is Father Of The Man (Verse Unknown Take) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
23. Child Is Father Of The Man (Bridge Unknown Take) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
24. Child Is Father Of The Man (Chorus Vocal OD) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
25. Child Is Father Of The Man (Piano Section Vocal Overdub) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
26. Child Is Father Of The Man (Backing Track �) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
27. Do You Like Worms? (Alternate Mix 1) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
28. Do You Like Worms? (Alternate Mix 2) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)


1. Surf's Up (Session) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
2. Surf's Up (Instrumental Overdub) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
3. Surf's Up (Piano Demo) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
4. The Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine (Instrumental 1) (Gillespie/Smith/Davis/Mitchell)
5. The Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine (False Barnyard) (Gillespie/Smith/Davis/Mitchell)
6. The Elements Part 1 - Fire (Unknown Take) (B. Wilson)
7. The Elements Part 1 - Fire (Mono Mix) (B. Wilson)
8. Smile Radio Promo (TV/Radio chat/jingle) (unknown)
9. Water Chant (B. Wilson)
10. Untitled Instrumental (unknown)
11. Little Red Book (Bacharach/David)
12. With Me Tonight (Fast Version Session) (B. Wilson)
13. With Me Tonight (Fast Version Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson)
14. With Me Tonight (Slow Version Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson)
15. Tones (AKA Tune X) (Unknown Take) (C. Wilson)
16. Tones (AKA Tune X) (Mix Session) (C. Wilson)
17. Tones (AKA Tune X) (Instrumental Overdub) (C. Wilson)
18. Vega-Tables (Early Version Mono Mix) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
19. Vega-Tables (Early Version Stereo Mix 1) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
20. Vega-Tables (Early Version Stereo Mix 2) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
21. Vega-Tables (April Assembly) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
22. Vega-Tables (Fade Session) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
23. Vega-Tables (Fade Mono Mix) (B. Wilson/V. D. Parks)
24. I Love To Say Da Da (Pt. 1 Take 5 Or 9 (?)) (B. Wilson)
25. I Love To Say Da Da (Part 2 Take 2) (B. Wilson)
26. I Love To Say Da Da (Part 2 Take 3) (B. Wilson)
27. I Love To Say Da Da (Part 2 Take 4) (B. Wilson)
28. I Love To Say Da Da (Part 2 Overdub) (B. Wilson)
29. I Love To Say Da Da (Stereo Mix) (B. Wilson)
30. I Love To Say Da Da (2nd Day Take 1) (B. Wilson)
31. I Love To Say Da Da (2nd Day Take 2) (B. Wilson)


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Summer Dreams: The Story of the Beach Boys

 Well, another interesting find on Youtube.  The 1990 cult classic, Summer Dreams:
 The Story of the Beach Boys. Read More

 Warning: Horrible inaccuracies and
 general confusion ahead.

Hope you enjoy, see you soon! - eric

Friday, May 25, 2007


 BDW's unreleased 1977 solo album.

 1. Life Is For The Living
 2. Hey Little Tomboy
 3. Deep Purple
 4. H.E.L.P. Is On The Way
 5. It's Over Now
 6. Everybody Wants To Live
                                         7. Shortnin' Bread
                                         8. Lines
                                         9. Oh Broadway
                                         10. Games Two Can Play
                                         11. It's Trying To Say
                                         12. Still I Dream Of It

Click Here To Download
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dennis Wilson - Bamboo

 Our friends over at The Heat Warps Blog
 have posted Dennis Wilson's unreleased
 and unfinished second album, Bamboo.

 For more information and to download,
 click here.

Or download from me here:

The Early Masterpieces

A Fan mix covering the Beach Boys masterpieces from 1961-1965. This is a great collection for fans only acquainted with The Beach Boys material from Pet Sounds on.

24 Great songs from the first 5 years of the Beach Boys.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Youtube videos part 2 - Dennis Wilson

 Forever & It's About Time, 1971. video removed.
 Promo vid, Fallin' In Love, 1970. video removed.
 Biography on Dennis Wilson. Watch.
 Dennis Wilson Interview, 1980. Watch.
 A Time To Live In Dreams. Watch.
 Thoughts Of You. Watch. **my favorite**
 Farewell My Friend. Watch.
 Angel Come Home, 1979. video removed.
 Never Learn Not To Love, 1969. Watch.
 Surfer Girl, 1978. video removed.

You can download Pacific Ocean Blue below!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pet Sounds Mashup Part 2

Another fan has made his own mix of the Pet Sounds album, this time it mixes Pet Sounds with several other songs. I was extremely impressed with the first track, mixing Wouldn't It Be Nice with Be My Baby by the Ronettes. Some of the vocal blends of these 2 songs sound incredible, especially the "We could be married, then we'd be happy" section at the end. Definitely check this out.

Totom Presents "Bastard Pet Sounds" (< click for more info)

01. Wouldn't It Be Nice + Ronettes - Be My Baby = Wouldn't You Be My Baby
02. You Still Believe In Me + Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong = You Still Might Believe I'm Wrong
03. That's Not Me + M83 - Run Into Flowers = That's Not M83
04. Don't Talk + Yann Tiersen - La Valse d'Amélie = Don't Talk, Amélie
05. I'm Waiting For The Day + Electrelane - Only One Thing Is Needed = I'm Waiting For One Thing Is Needed
06. Let's Go Away For A While + Dr Dre - Still D.R.E. & Beatles - Girl, Blue Jay Way & We Can Work It Out (Vocals) = Let's Go Away For A Mashup
07. Sloop John B + Iggy Pop - In the Death Car = In the Death Sloop
08. God Only Knows + Queens of the Stone Age - Better Living Through Chemistry = God Only Lives Better Through Chemistry
09. I Know There's An Answer + Goblins - Suspiria = I Know there's a Goblin
10. Here Today + Dandy Warhols - You Were The Last High = You Were the Last Here Today
11. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times + Rolling Stones - She's a Rainbow = She's Just A Rainbow This Time
12. Pet Sounds + Stevie Wonder - Uptight (Vocals) = Uptight Sounds
13. Caroline No + Led Zeppelin - No Quarter = Caroline No Quarter

(If anyone would like this whole album in a zip file just let me know. Also, 2 Pet Sounds albums in one day! I must be on a roll!)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Pet Sounds (A Cappella)

Over at the Never Get Out Of The Boat Blog they've posted an early version of the Pet Sounds Sessions Box Set, specifically the entire album in a cappella (all vocals, no music). This is a great download and really show cases the amazing vocal harmonies on this album.

Learn more and download here:

Or download it from me here:

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Quick Update

In my personal life, I just finished my first year of college and I moved back home today (from Providence, RI to Western Massachusetts), So I've been pretty busy lately, but here's a song to enjoy.

Dirty Jokes with Carol Kaye & Diane Rovell (mono - no date)

A recording session from the smile era, probably an idea for the humor record.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Weird Mix Tape and It's Like Heaven

Someone sent me a half hour tape once of rare American Spring and Brian Wilson stuff, I actually just found it the other night, and I thought I would upload it and be a cool guy.

1. It's Like Heaven - American Spring (alternate)
2. California Feeling - Brian Wilson (more info here)
3. Romeo And Juliet - American Spring

For some reason, the file cuts off in the middle of the 3rd song. The reason I posted this is because of the rarity of this tape. Nowhere can I find this track listing, and I don't remember who actually sent it to me! But I'll post it up for all of you. If anyone has any information on this particular tape, or the full version of it please let me know!!

DOWNLOAD! (in .wma format)

And this is pretty cool too, The Honeys 1986 Album "It's Like Heaven".

This is essentially 100% re-released tracks from the 1972 era. But check it out anyway, I don't think you'll ever find it anywhere else.

1. She's Just Out To Get You (written by this guy)
2. Romeo And Juliet (written by these guys)
3. It's Like Heaven (written by Brian Wilson and Diane Rovell)
4. Don't Be Cruel (written by this guy and this other guy)
5. Do Ya (Written by American Spring and Brian Wilson)
6. Slip On Through (written by this cool guy)
7. Sweet Sunday Kinda Love (written by this hit making duo)
8. Snowflakes (written by this fellow!)
9. Had To Phone Ya (written by Brian Wilson and Diane Rovell)

<- in mp3 this time

*also, The Honeys made a video for the song Running Away From Love, has anyone seen it or have it? I would love to see it.*

Monday, May 14, 2007

Surf's Up Sheet Music

I saw that someone was looking for sheet music to the song Surf's Up. So I spent a couple hours and wrote it out using Finale NotePad 2007. (If you are interested you can download it free here).

*A little note, there are a lot of different versions of this song, but this sheet music is from the TV Show performance of Surf's Up (I think it sounds the best), so if you have any complaints or questions just leave me a comment.

Anyway, here they are!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

American Spring

Download American Spring's 1972 album spring featuring Marilyn Rovell, and Diane Rovell.

Track listing:

1. Tennessee Waltz
2. Thinkin' Bout You Baby (originally a Honeys song, also the same music as Darlin')
3. Mama Said
4. Superstar
5. Awake
6. Sweet Mountain
7. Everybody
8. This Whole World (Beach Boys Cover)
9. Forever (Beach Boys Cover)
10. Good Time (Beach Boys Cover)
11. Now That Everything's Been Said
12. Down Home
13. Shyin' Away
14. Fallin' In Love
15. It's Like Heaven
16. Had To Phone Ya (Beach Boys cover, also a Honeys song)

Click Here To Download American Spring
alt, alt, alt, alt, alt

Friday, May 11, 2007

Sandy/Sherry She Needs Me/She Says She Needs Me

A while back while on the Silverphial blog I downloaded the Unsurpassed Masters Volume 9 and it had 8 tracks from a song recorded in 1965 called "Sandy". There were some lyrics for the song recorded in 1965 (and The Honeys even had a small part in it!!!).

Well, the next time I heard this song was on the Dumb Angel Rarities Volume 3 bootleg (which can also be found on Silverphial) with a song called "Sherry She Needs Me". After some research on the internet I found out Brian decided to rewrite and rerecord some vocals for this song in 1976. It was never officially released and has only been released on bootleg - specifically the Dumb Angel Rarities Volume 3 and the second section of the "Lei'd In Hawaii" album.

Anyway, the conclusion is - Brian rewrote the lyrics a THIRD time and included it on his 1998 album Imagination. Which of course, can be legally bought.

Now, I'm going to show you all 3 different versions of the song!

Sandy (1965 recording with vocal overdub at 2:05)

Sherry, She Needs Me (New instrumental recording and new vocals from Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys)

She Says She Needs Me
(Another new and improved instrumental with some great new vocals from Brian Wilson and company)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this 33 year evolution of a Beach Boys song. I have to say I was extremely happy with the final results!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Pacific Ocean Blue

Download all of Dennis Wilson's solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue.

Download here
alt alt alt alt

See you next time!

Something Big


It has been confirmed that this song "grin.mp3" is in fact, the B-Side to the 1967 single Vegetables. The song vegetables was written by Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks and intended for the Smile album, but was rerecorded and released under the alias Laughing Gravy with Dean Torrence of Jan and Dean.

The actual name of the track in question is "Snow Flakes on Laughing Gravy's Whiskers". And it was credited to Laughing Gravy, not Brian Wilson. I should mention, Laughing Gravy actually was Dean Torrence, Brian Wilson and American Spring (Marilyn Wilson and Diane Rovell).

So, did Brian Wilson write this one? Maybe. Did he write it during the Smile Sessions? Maybe, but it was more likely during the Smiley Smile era. But I think it was probably written by Dean Torrence and had absolutely nothing to do with the Smile project. Sorry everyone, especially those who adamantly believe it was a lost Smile track.


Someone just sent me a link to a song that is allegedly a "lost" Smile track. The track is called "Grin" and you can download it here.


The mp3 is from this page.

Anyway, I HIGHLY doubt this is legit, in fact, I think some body recorded it and put fake static/crackle over the track. But give it a listen and let me know your opinions.


Also, I will be switching all of my uploads and downloads from sendspace to a better server soon. It will also make all files available as long as people keep downloading them. And it will also be good for 6 months after the last download. So, I will update my links soon!

Thanks for checking my page - Eric

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Unsurpassed Masters Volume 17 - The Smile Sessions

I'm going to post a link to the Unsurpassed Masters Volume 17 - The Smile Sessions.


Download Disc 1

Download Disc 2

Download Disc 3

Time for an update

Wow! At least one person reads my blog! Awesome!

Anyway, after that last tenure into Youtube videos, I've decided it's a good idea to make a 2 part entry. The first part will be Youtube videos, the second part will be song uploads.



Last time I believe I mentioned a biography about Brian Wilson on Youtube, and I'm pretty sure I linked to it too. Well, what good is that? This is so important, I'm embedding it! Here it is, Part 1-9 of the A&E biography on Brian Wilson.

Also, The Beach Boys perform on the Michael Douglas Show in 1969. Part 1 has Breakaway and an interview, followed by Celebrate The News, and finally a cabaret style song and dance. These are very entertaining videos.


This is a bootleg called Get The Boot 1 and 2, from the Dutch Beach Boys Blog.


Click Here To Download Get The Boot Volume 1
alt, alt, alt, alt


Click Here To Download Get The Boot Volume 2
alt, alt, alt, alt

And I would like to edit this post and say I used to like the website... (too bad its gone now. It made me want to make this site.)

and check this out too


Okay! Have an awesome weekend everyone! See ya next time