Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stephen Newcombe - Listen To My Toes


Thank heavens! Stephen Newcombe has released the next album in his trilogy, the second album, Listen To My Toes, from 1994. I have never been so floored and excited to hear the next track. The album had me rolling on the floor laughing with all of his brilliant skits and hilarious lyrics. I don't think Smile could have tried to be this humorous if it had continued to be a comedy album.

But aside from the great many laughs, Stephen continues with his cinematic story telling and whimsical tunes. And this time around he has even more great songs. Huge standouts are the extremely catchy songs Talking To Tarquin, The Trouble With Cupid, and Pipe Concerto Mvmt 1. It seems on Listen To My Toes, Stephen was at his absolute musical peak. Every song is a joy to listen to from a musical perspective and he has no problem, with the album clocking in at over 70 minutes long, stretching his musical muscles.

Listen To My Toes is a much more happy, optimistic, and social (despite Stephen's hardly leaving his home at this time) album than The Wrong Button, and has me so thrilled, I'm writing about him again!

Go to his blog and download Listen To My Toes now, and let him know what you think, you'll be glad you did!

Preview some tracks here:

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