Friday, November 30, 2007

Smile (1966 - 67)

I found this very strange version of Smile floating around on Rapidshare so I thought I would share it. The album is meant to be a sort of list of official released versions of Smile songs (heroes and villains from smiley smile) and bootlegs from several sources. Every song has a different bit rate (as expected) but they are all 128 kbps and above. By this point you should have heard enough versions of Smile, but I'm always still amazed and pleased when I hear a new one. Read the tracklist below and download!

1. Our Prayer [1972 version]
2. Heroes and Villains [Smiley Smile version]
3. Holidays
4. Vege-Tables
5. Untitled (She's Goin' Bald)-[He Gives Speeches]
6. Barnyard [with false barnyard intro]
7. Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
8. Wonderful
9. Cabin Essence [20/20 version]
10. Child Is The Father Of Man
11. Heroes and Villains [Smile version]
12. The Old Master Painter
13. Wind Chimes
14. Roll. Plymouth Rock
15. Good Vibrations
16. I Ran (Song For Children)
17. I Love To Say Da Da
18. Surf's Up

Click Here To Download Smile (1966 - 67)
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