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Friday, January 28, 2011

Life's A Beach #14 - Radio XMAS:

October - November 1964.

"Concert" (LP, 19.10.1964.):
01 Fun, Fun, Fun
02 The Little Old Lady From Pasadena
03 Little Deuce Coupe
04 Long Tall Texan
05 In My Room
06 Monster Mash
07 Let's Go Trippin'
08 Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
09 The Wanderer
10 Hawaii
11 Graduation Day
12 I Get Around
13 Johnny B. Goode

14 Dance, Dance, Dance (Single, 26.10.64)
15 The Warmth Of The Sun (Single, 26.10.64)

Radio Sessions (26.10.1964.):
16 KDWB Radio Spot
17 KFWB Radio Spot
18 KLIV Radio Spot
19 WKBW Radio Spot
20 KNAK Radio Spot
21 KROY Radio Spot
22 KPOI Radio Spot

01 KJR Radio Spot
02 WMCA Radio Spot
03 KYA Radio Spot
04 KOYL Radio Spot
05 KDEO Radio Spot
06 WLS Radio Spot
07 WIL Radio Spot
08 KMAK Radio Spot
09 KAFY Radio Spot
10 KMEN Radio Spot
11 KLIF Radio Spot
12 KORL Radio Spot
13 KROY Radio Spot
14 KXOE Radio Spot
15 WIFE Radio Spot
16 KJR Radio Spot
17 WKBW Radio Spot
18 WBBF Radio Spot
19 WTRY Radio Spot
20 WPTR Radio Spot
21 KENO Radio Spot
22 WMCA Radio Spot
23 WINS Radio Spot
24 KNUZ Radio Spot
25 KILT Radio Spot
26 KBOX Radio Spot
27 CHUM Radio Spot
28 KRLA Radio Spot

T.A.M.I. Show (Santa Monica Civic, 29.10.1964.):
29 Intro (by Jean & Dean) - Surfin' USA
30 I Get Around
31 Surfer Girl
32 Dance, Dance, Dance

33 Brian Wilson Christmas Interview (Silver Platter Service, 10.64)

Ready Steady Go (06.11.1964):
34 I Get Around
35 Interview (Ready Steady Go, 06.11.64)
36 When I Grow Up (Ready Steady Go, 06.11.64)

"Christmas Album" (LP, 09.11.1964):
37 Little Saint Nick
38 The Man With All The Toys (Single, 09.11.64)
39 Santa's Beard
40 Merry Christmas, Baby
41 Christmas Day
42 Frosty The Snowman
43 We Three Kings Of Orient Are
44 Blue Christmas (Single, 09.11.64)
45 Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
46 White Christmas
47 I'll Be Home For Christmas
48 Auld Lang Syne




Saturday, January 1, 2011

Album Reviews, That Lucky Old Sun and Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin

That Lucky Old Sun is Brian Wilson's eighth solo album and was released in 2008. Due to legal reasons I wasn't able to post my review of this album until this year, 2011. Happy New Year lawyers!

Anyway, That Lucky Old Sun, in addition to being Brian Wilson's 2nd newest album, was also a 1949 song written by Beasley Smith and Haven Gillespie that was covered by numerous famous singers including Frank Sinatra, Frankie Laine and Louis Armstrong. It was a huge hit at the time but has faded from popularity as time has gone by, but it appears Brian Wilson hasn't forgotten about it because he uses the song as a reoccurring theme multiple times in the album. As Brian continues to evolve as an artist he still continues to draw most of his influences from artists that were popular when he was a child.

This album is a tribute to Brian's childhood and adolescence. It pays tribute to Americana and the American experience, but more importantly it is a memorial to Wilson's own experiences driving around California and falling in love. The album was co-written with Van Dyke Parks (Smile lyricist) and Scott Bennett (from Brian's band) and the collaborative effort definitely made for a more creative album than it would have been had just Brian worked on it. Van Dyke Parks has spoken word segments in the album that make it more cinematic than most pop albums.

The album has beautiful song writing, singing and production, but moremost importantly is tremendously successful at transporting its listener from where ever they may be straight to the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. I would recommend listening to this album while driving in your car alone; it's just perfect for that. This album won't get any parties started, but it might spark nostalgic conversation and some fond memories.


Brian Wilson's ninth and latest album, Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin was released last August but I wasn't able to post my review until this year. Curse the powers that be! But anyway!

This album is Brian's first album as a recording artist under Disney Records (his next album will be classic Disney covers) and that fact doesn't really have any impact on the record...oh, except for infinite $$$$$. Once again, Brian looks to the past for his inspiration for this record, recording 10 George and Ira Gershwin songs in "Brian" style and also completing two new songs from unfinished song sketches that he got from the Gershwin estate. He also wrote this record with Scott Bennett again, proving that those two guys must really like each other or something!

The album definitively proves that Brian cares about George Gershwin and wants to make his music more accessible to a larger group of people. He faithfully recreates these songs and the whole album is really enjoyable. I especially like the songs "They Can't Take That Away From Me", "The Like In I Love You", and "I Got Rhythm". Those songs are all really up-beat and very modern.

I want to mention that Brian Wilson was originally the producer of this album, but apparently Disney wasn't 100% sure about Brian's good ear, because they hired big-shot record producer Al Schmitt (he produced records for Neil Young, Jefferson Airplane and plenty more) to remix the whole album. I wonder if anyone will leak the original Brian Wilson mix of this album?