Sunday, July 31, 2011

Repost - 66 - 67 Smile

This is another fan made smile with awesome high resolution scans of the original booklet! This is worth it for the booklet alone, BUT the mix is fantastic. Here is a bit of the description!

"All credit for audio quality goes to Purple Chick, Mok and Ryan Marks. I could not hope to out-do them in the remastering of these tracks.

Without doing a track-by-track, some of the highlights of this mix include:
*Improved seamless transitions between tracks, without cutting in elements from BWPS (for the hardcore vintage folks)
*I used tracks without digital edits (pitch/tempo shifts) as much as possible. (Those that may remain are not distracting)
*Perhaps best of all, a hi-res reconstruction of the original Smile booklet is included. (I used 150 dpi for the attached jpeg's, which are perfect for printing)"


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A New Smile

This is the 2nd most adventurous SMiLE mix ever created (the first being AlternateBrianWilson's Smile). It is only 4 (long) tracks but they are all spliced together perfectly. You MUST own this version. I order you to download.

I don't actually know who made this version of smile, but I love it a lot. I have had this version since July 6, 2010. If you made this version of SMiLE, TELL ME!

1. Suite 1
2. Suite 2
3. Suite 3
4. Suite 4


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SMiLE - Authentic Mix

I received this in an email last year and forgot about it. Sorry!


The Beach Boys - SMiLE (authentic Mix)

** The concept of this SMiLE sequence is to present what SMiLE would have actually sounded like in 1967 if Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys had finished it. **

1. Our Prayer
2. Heroes and Villains (part 1)
3. Heroes and Villains (part 2)
4. Do You Like Worms?
5. Wonderful
6. Look
7. Cabinessence
8. Good Vibrations
9. Vege-Tables
10. Wind Chimes
11. The Elements
12. Surf's Up

The SMiLE (Authentic Mix) attempts to correct the inherent flaws in previous mixes to present what SMiLE more or less would have actually sounded like in 1967. In effect, this mix is more concise and "bare bones" than some, but is more unified and cohesive as a whole.

* created by soniclovenoize using SAW+, SONAR and Goldwave. *


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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Repost - Cocaine Sessions

Here are the infamous Cocaine Sessions with Brian and Dennis Wilson from 1981.

1. Yeahhh
2. Oh Lord
3. City Blues
4. Piano
5. You've Been Part 1
6. You've Been Part 2
7. I Feel So Fine
8. Heroes And Villains

+ an interview with Brian

These demos are worth owning for one reason, and one reason alone - Oh Lord. This song can best be explained by this quote from a fan site.

"Oh Lord, originally recorded in demo form during the infamous Brian/Dennis sessions at Village Recorders 81-82. After Dennis' death, Brian re-worked this track with Culture Club producer Steve Levine in July 1984 for possible inclusion on what would become "the Beach Boys" 1985. It did not make it to the final cut, and remains unreleased."

Really, this is an incredible song, and I love it to death. It still sends shivers down my spine when I hear that line "Make me sad, for everything, let me see, what there is to see." A criminally underrated Dennis Wilson song that was recorded and still remains unreleased.


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Brian Loves You

In 1977 the Beach Boys needed to release a smash record. Instead, they released The Beach Boys Love You; a comical, heart warming album that is truly the last Beach Boys album that I don't skip any songs on. It's Brian Wilson's last effort as a producer.

This album that I am sharing today (with the help of my friend Reggie) is demo versions of the songs on Love You performed by Brian Wilson on the piano. Its solid gold!


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Zach Steiner's Smile

I found a reconstruction of Smile that I had never heard before by someone named Zach Steiner. You can read about his version HERE (includes tracklisting) and listen to his version and download it HERE.


Repost - Mok's Smile

Mok's Smile is one of the classic reconstructions of Smile. You can learn more about it and read the tracklisting HERE.


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30th Anniversary Show

This is a recording of a live performance from 1991. It's actually pretty good, especially Bruce Johnston's singing on Please Let Me Wonder. This one is worth a listen.

CD 1:
01. California Girls
02. You're So Good To Me
03. Darlin'
04. Then I Kissed Her
05. Do It Again
06. Surfer Girl
07. Please Let Me Wonder
08. Don't Worry Baby
09. Be True To Your School
10. Cottonfields
11. Rock And Roll Music
12. Dancing In The Street
13. Dance Dance Dance
14. Do You Wanna Dance
15. Still Cruisin'
16. Little Deuce Coupe
17. 409
18. The Little Old Lady From Pasadena
19. Shut Down
20. Little GTO

CD 2:
01. I Get Around
02. In My Room
03. God Only Knows
04. Sloop John B
05. Wouldn't It Be Nice
06. Good Vibrations
07. Kokomo
08. Help Me Rhonda
09. Barbara Ann
10. Fun Fun Fun
11. Wipe Out
12. Surfin' Safari
13. Surf City
14. Surfin' USA


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Repost - 21 Little Ones

This is a repost of an album that got removed before. It's essentially a collection of Brian Wilson songs from the unreleased Sweet Insanity album, some sessions with Gary Usher and an awful attempt at a live album that is so obviously fake I literally felt offended. It originally came in .wav format, but I converted it to mp3 format and uploaded it for download below.

This is a pretty awful album (sound quality and song quality). I do really like the last 3 songs though. They are Brian Wilson solo performances of songs written around 1977. The only song officially released was I'll Bet He's Nice on the Beach Boys' 1977 album Love You.


link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5, link 6, link 7, link 8, link 9

more coming tomorrow,

eric =]

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jeffrey Foskett The Best Of

Jeffrey Foskett has been a member of the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson's band for over 30 years and has released 12 solo albums in the style of the Beach Boys. This is under the section of Beach Boys related releases.

There are some fantastic covers and original songs on this album, including I Live For The Sun (a cover of a song by The Sunrays), Hurting Each Other (a cover of a song by the Carpenters) and She Knows Me Too Well (a classic Beach Boys cover).

1. I Live For The Sun
2. Thru My Window
3. Maryann
4. Baby It's You (with Doug Fieger)
5. Cool and Gone
6. Reflections Of My Life
7. Nowhere
8. The Word Go (with Jeff Larson)
9. Hurting Each Other
10. It's My Fault
11. The Best Thing About Me Is You (with Marshall Crenshaw)
12. Everything I Need (with Brian Wilson)
13. No One Knows (But You) (with Randelle Kirsch)
14. I Can't Let Go (with Larry Ramos)
15. You're My Favorite Waste of Time (with Randelle Kirsch)
16. She Knows Me Too Well
17. I Don't Know (with Michael Campion)U.S. Bonus Tracks
18. New York's A Lonely Town
19. You Wouldn't Listen
20. Your Very Eyes
21. Everybody


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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reuploads coming + new stuff

Everybody! I have read your numerous emails and comments about reuploading lost files. I am having most of them sent to me and they will be uploaded soon. (Within 2 weeks to 4 weeks.)

I also will be uploading lots of new material, including live recordings of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys (from the 60s and 70s). I got this stuff from a friend of mine who used to be a DJ.

Anyway, expect lots of updates in the next few months.

- Eric Warncke

Here is a peak at some of the updates coming!

Friday, July 22, 2011


If you have any old files from this blog from between 2007 and 2009, will you email them to me at I am just trying to reupload them for everyone who emails me asking me to upload removed files. It would mean a lot to me.

I lost them a while back due to a harddrive crash.