Monday, December 31, 2007

Free Rocketship Music

I haven't been this excited in years! Rocketship (my favorite group ever) has released their 2 latest albums absolutely free on their website. Go and download these puppies right now! They're amazing, and even more amazingly impossible to find.

Here Comes...Rocketship (2006 Nonstop Co-operative)

Garden Of Delights (1998 Drive In Records)



holycownyc said...

Oh, and you can also BUY it, if you like; you can name your price. Hey, it might help the guy out if you do. It might also make other talented people feel that it's worth creating new music.

warnakey said...

I completely missed that! Now I feel silly, I actually emailed them and asked them how I could donate, but I don't really have a paypal account or credit card anyway.

But thanks a lot for pointing that out. I hope this choice does end up making artists money, I know it worked for Radiohead.

Busy Doin Nothin said...

Wow, thanks for bringing me to attention..
I Love the track 'this modern livin'!