Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pet Sounds Mashup Part 2

Another fan has made his own mix of the Pet Sounds album, this time it mixes Pet Sounds with several other songs. I was extremely impressed with the first track, mixing Wouldn't It Be Nice with Be My Baby by the Ronettes. Some of the vocal blends of these 2 songs sound incredible, especially the "We could be married, then we'd be happy" section at the end. Definitely check this out.

Totom Presents "Bastard Pet Sounds" (< click for more info)

01. Wouldn't It Be Nice + Ronettes - Be My Baby = Wouldn't You Be My Baby
02. You Still Believe In Me + Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong = You Still Might Believe I'm Wrong
03. That's Not Me + M83 - Run Into Flowers = That's Not M83
04. Don't Talk + Yann Tiersen - La Valse d'Amélie = Don't Talk, Amélie
05. I'm Waiting For The Day + Electrelane - Only One Thing Is Needed = I'm Waiting For One Thing Is Needed
06. Let's Go Away For A While + Dr Dre - Still D.R.E. & Beatles - Girl, Blue Jay Way & We Can Work It Out (Vocals) = Let's Go Away For A Mashup
07. Sloop John B + Iggy Pop - In the Death Car = In the Death Sloop
08. God Only Knows + Queens of the Stone Age - Better Living Through Chemistry = God Only Lives Better Through Chemistry
09. I Know There's An Answer + Goblins - Suspiria = I Know there's a Goblin
10. Here Today + Dandy Warhols - You Were The Last High = You Were the Last Here Today
11. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times + Rolling Stones - She's a Rainbow = She's Just A Rainbow This Time
12. Pet Sounds + Stevie Wonder - Uptight (Vocals) = Uptight Sounds
13. Caroline No + Led Zeppelin - No Quarter = Caroline No Quarter

(If anyone would like this whole album in a zip file just let me know. Also, 2 Pet Sounds albums in one day! I must be on a roll!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the cool stuff!

another Dutchie

Anonymous said...

Whoa! 'Wouldn't You Be My Baby' is pretty crazy but I dig the way it ends.

Interesting stuff.. I'm kind of interested to hear what 'Be My Baby' and 'Don't Worry Baby' would sound like together.

warnakey said...

I don't think they're in the same key. You would have to speed up one of the songs to make it work. But it could be interesting.

holycownyc said...

Wouldn't It Be My Baby is not that good. The Masher Upper doesn't have much of a musical sense. The track was not very inventive.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested to know how the voices are added without the backing tracks, especially on uptight.