Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Weird Mix Tape and It's Like Heaven

Someone sent me a half hour tape once of rare American Spring and Brian Wilson stuff, I actually just found it the other night, and I thought I would upload it and be a cool guy.

1. It's Like Heaven - American Spring (alternate)
2. California Feeling - Brian Wilson (more info here)
3. Romeo And Juliet - American Spring

For some reason, the file cuts off in the middle of the 3rd song. The reason I posted this is because of the rarity of this tape. Nowhere can I find this track listing, and I don't remember who actually sent it to me! But I'll post it up for all of you. If anyone has any information on this particular tape, or the full version of it please let me know!!

DOWNLOAD! (in .wma format)

And this is pretty cool too, The Honeys 1986 Album "It's Like Heaven".

This is essentially 100% re-released tracks from the 1972 era. But check it out anyway, I don't think you'll ever find it anywhere else.

1. She's Just Out To Get You (written by this guy)
2. Romeo And Juliet (written by these guys)
3. It's Like Heaven (written by Brian Wilson and Diane Rovell)
4. Don't Be Cruel (written by this guy and this other guy)
5. Do Ya (Written by American Spring and Brian Wilson)
6. Slip On Through (written by this cool guy)
7. Sweet Sunday Kinda Love (written by this hit making duo)
8. Snowflakes (written by this fellow!)
9. Had To Phone Ya (written by Brian Wilson and Diane Rovell)

<- in mp3 this time

*also, The Honeys made a video for the song Running Away From Love, has anyone seen it or have it? I would love to see it.*


casio said...

cool stuff that tape. thanks.

holycownyc said...

I downloaded the Spring tape; MS won't let me play it. Is there a way around this?

warnakey said...

What does MS stand for?

holycownyc said...

MS=microsoft. There is some restriction on the file. I can't play it; something about a license...

warnakey said...

that's annoying.

Well, if I can ever find the full tape I will put it up in mp3. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric- The Honeys album is gone too!

wiggbuggie said...

hey warnakey can you upload the american spring and brian wilson demo again?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, could you please re-upload the Spring/Brian Wilson tape? Maybe as an mp3. I am dying to hear it! :)