Monday, May 14, 2007

Surf's Up Sheet Music

I saw that someone was looking for sheet music to the song Surf's Up. So I spent a couple hours and wrote it out using Finale NotePad 2007. (If you are interested you can download it free here).

*A little note, there are a lot of different versions of this song, but this sheet music is from the TV Show performance of Surf's Up (I think it sounds the best), so if you have any complaints or questions just leave me a comment.

Anyway, here they are!


Rafa said...

I've recently asked for this in the shutdown message board (I don't know if it was that what you saw). Anyway, thank you very much!!!

warnakey said...

you're welcome.

I've never been to the shut down message board, maybe I'll look around for it.

Rafael said...

In case you're still insterested:

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic, but where is page 2? It doesn't seem to show up?