Friday, May 11, 2007

Sandy/Sherry She Needs Me/She Says She Needs Me

A while back while on the Silverphial blog I downloaded the Unsurpassed Masters Volume 9 and it had 8 tracks from a song recorded in 1965 called "Sandy". There were some lyrics for the song recorded in 1965 (and The Honeys even had a small part in it!!!).

Well, the next time I heard this song was on the Dumb Angel Rarities Volume 3 bootleg (which can also be found on Silverphial) with a song called "Sherry She Needs Me". After some research on the internet I found out Brian decided to rewrite and rerecord some vocals for this song in 1976. It was never officially released and has only been released on bootleg - specifically the Dumb Angel Rarities Volume 3 and the second section of the "Lei'd In Hawaii" album.

Anyway, the conclusion is - Brian rewrote the lyrics a THIRD time and included it on his 1998 album Imagination. Which of course, can be legally bought.

Now, I'm going to show you all 3 different versions of the song!

Sandy (1965 recording with vocal overdub at 2:05)

Sherry, She Needs Me (New instrumental recording and new vocals from Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys)

She Says She Needs Me
(Another new and improved instrumental with some great new vocals from Brian Wilson and company)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this 33 year evolution of a Beach Boys song. I have to say I was extremely happy with the final results!


casio said...

reaL nice site, glad there are more fans sharing

Anonymous said...

How come this never got some decent lyrics and put out? It's a dern good production

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, thanks for putting that together. I love all three versions so much.

warnakey said...

you're welcome!

jondon said...

Hi, I wondered who Sherry was in Brian's life - I'm just curious to find more out about the person herself and the actual facts, of his muse.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for these, Eric. I first heard this on Brian's wonderful Imagination album - but unfortunately you can't buy any of his solo albums in the UK, and i've looked in many a rare record shop in London???

brianp said...

In any version, this is an absolutely great song which is equal to or better than many of the other songs the group was doing at the time. I have no problem with the original lyrics. My biggest question is why this cut kept getting rejected when it was obviously of such high quality.

Anonymous said...

Sandy is an absolute gem of a song. I have heard it many times, really you can feel the beginning of musical change that usherered in Pet Sounds an Smile.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful songs, can really see the beginnings of a change in style that ushered in Pet Sounds and Smile.