Saturday, May 5, 2007

Time for an update

Wow! At least one person reads my blog! Awesome!

Anyway, after that last tenure into Youtube videos, I've decided it's a good idea to make a 2 part entry. The first part will be Youtube videos, the second part will be song uploads.



Last time I believe I mentioned a biography about Brian Wilson on Youtube, and I'm pretty sure I linked to it too. Well, what good is that? This is so important, I'm embedding it! Here it is, Part 1-9 of the A&E biography on Brian Wilson.

Also, The Beach Boys perform on the Michael Douglas Show in 1969. Part 1 has Breakaway and an interview, followed by Celebrate The News, and finally a cabaret style song and dance. These are very entertaining videos.


This is a bootleg called Get The Boot 1 and 2, from the Dutch Beach Boys Blog.


Click Here To Download Get The Boot Volume 1
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Click Here To Download Get The Boot Volume 2
alt, alt, alt, alt

And I would like to edit this post and say I used to like the website... (too bad its gone now. It made me want to make this site.)

and check this out too


Okay! Have an awesome weekend everyone! See ya next time


casio said...

thanks for mentioning my site. Surfs up

adrian said...

brian wilson's interview on the MD show isn't working. At the moment youtube has the second half of the interview but not the first. Could anyone direct me to where i could find the first half. i'd even be happy just to have an mp3 of it.