Saturday, May 12, 2007

American Spring

Download American Spring's 1972 album spring featuring Marilyn Rovell, and Diane Rovell.

Track listing:

1. Tennessee Waltz
2. Thinkin' Bout You Baby (originally a Honeys song, also the same music as Darlin')
3. Mama Said
4. Superstar
5. Awake
6. Sweet Mountain
7. Everybody
8. This Whole World (Beach Boys Cover)
9. Forever (Beach Boys Cover)
10. Good Time (Beach Boys Cover)
11. Now That Everything's Been Said
12. Down Home
13. Shyin' Away
14. Fallin' In Love
15. It's Like Heaven
16. Had To Phone Ya (Beach Boys cover, also a Honeys song)

Click Here To Download American Spring
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Anonymous said...

Brian Wilson did NOT produce this record

warnakey said...

okay...but he did. Sorry dude.

Anonymous said...

Read close:

warnakey said...

ehhhh. Stephen Desper is an old man, I don't think his memory is quite as good as the print on the album itself.

"1988 (as Spring)
Rhino 75762 (CD) Spring Produced By Brian Wilson (16 tracks, including all listed above under 1971-1973, and two bonus tracks : It's Like Heaven, Had To Phone Ya)"

^ for example, that print from the same thread.

At best it was Desper and Brian, remember Stephen Desper was the house producer, of course he had a big part in the album.

mikeyj said...

I remember AGD posting a quote saying that Mr Desper said it was 5% of Brians production and Marilyn said "no way, it was atleast 25%" (or something to that effect.

Anonymous said...

I think David Leaf exaggerates Brian's contribution to this album, it fits his overall thesis that he had the talent within him and the drive to create new music but just not for the Beach Boys

Anonymous said...

thanks!!!!!great blog...

Anonymous said...

The Rovell Sisters were hot....!!

Alex said...

According to Peter Ames Carlin, Brian did produce a good chunk of it, and the rest was produced by David Sandler and Steve Desper.

The Rhymeocerous said...

wow, they really ruin this whole world, i'm all for a 're-imagining' of the original, but the whole albums pretty undynamic,pity 'cos the vocals are sweet.

Anonymous said...

I bought the original UK release (American Spring By American Spring) and fell in love with it. The vinyl was worn out by the time I eventually 'lost' it in the mid 70's. I began trying to find a replacement around 12 years ago... you cannot imagine how happy I am to hear it again AND with bonus tracks too! I had almost given up hope... thank you so very very much. Went to see BJ's Beach Boys UK tour a year or two back - was an incredible memory jerker!