Sunday, May 6, 2007

Something Big


It has been confirmed that this song "grin.mp3" is in fact, the B-Side to the 1967 single Vegetables. The song vegetables was written by Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks and intended for the Smile album, but was rerecorded and released under the alias Laughing Gravy with Dean Torrence of Jan and Dean.

The actual name of the track in question is "Snow Flakes on Laughing Gravy's Whiskers". And it was credited to Laughing Gravy, not Brian Wilson. I should mention, Laughing Gravy actually was Dean Torrence, Brian Wilson and American Spring (Marilyn Wilson and Diane Rovell).

So, did Brian Wilson write this one? Maybe. Did he write it during the Smile Sessions? Maybe, but it was more likely during the Smiley Smile era. But I think it was probably written by Dean Torrence and had absolutely nothing to do with the Smile project. Sorry everyone, especially those who adamantly believe it was a lost Smile track.


Someone just sent me a link to a song that is allegedly a "lost" Smile track. The track is called "Grin" and you can download it here.


The mp3 is from this page.

Anyway, I HIGHLY doubt this is legit, in fact, I think some body recorded it and put fake static/crackle over the track. But give it a listen and let me know your opinions.


Also, I will be switching all of my uploads and downloads from sendspace to a better server soon. It will also make all files available as long as people keep downloading them. And it will also be good for 6 months after the last download. So, I will update my links soon!

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Anonymous said...

This indeed a Smile tune, it's called Indian Wisdom among tape traders

warnakey said...

according to the smile shop..."apparently some people assumed that the quote on the back of the SMILEY SMILE album cover ("The smile you make returns to you"), which is credited to "Indian Wisdom," was actually a discarded lyric from a SMILE song with that title. (It's not.)"

If this were in fact a genuine smile track there would be more information on it. I'm sorry, but I can't believe you.

I still think its a fake.

Anonymous said...

Your response confuses me - the quote you offer does not specify that there never was a song with that title, only that the lyrics were not discarded from a song with that title.

More information? Are you serious? How much of our "knowledge" of SMILE is based on speculation??

warnakey said...

A little bit too much. But this track sounds completely different from everything else recorded, it uses different instruments, and the static sounds completely generated.

And the quote is basically saying that there was never a song on SMILE titled Indian Wisdom, or that it was ever even in any smile song.

There is just nothing on this song. There is more information out there on the tracks "All Day" "Little Red Book" and "Mona Kani" - and THOSE are pretty uncommon.

Mark said...

It does sound like a fake. It's whimsical enough, and it's got the Americana feel to it, but it's just too literally Americana. Brian used this type of music as a jumping off point, and then he'd put his own psychedelic spin on it, but there's none of that here. These do sound like authentic instruments, not the ones the Wrecking Crew used. So maybe this is part of an old-time recording. I wonder if one of the old-time music bloggers would recognize this?

Anonymous said...

definitely a fake - the key as Warnakey pointed out - it sounds nothing like the Smile session stuff, fake static or no.