Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DJ Mike Love's Smile

This is a version of SMiLE done by someone calling themselves DJ Mike Love, not to be confused with this DJ Mike Love.

1. Our Prayer
2. Wind Chimes
3. Do You Like Worms?
4. Heroes and Villains
5. The Old Master Painter
6. Child Is The Father Of The Man
7. Cabin Essence
8. Good Vibrations
9. Wonderful
10. I'm In Great Shape
11. Vege-tables
12. The Elements
13. Surf's Up


link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5, link 6, link 7, link 8


Anonymous said...

Ive been tryin to find this for a while. Cheers man DieM.

Anonymous said...

anyway to get an updated link for the DJ Mic Luv mix? i can't find it anywhere