Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Beach Boys in Mojo Magazine

On June 15th (I'm a little late on this) Mojo Magazine released a special edition called "Mojo 60s" and the cover story was the official release (hopefully this month) of Smile!

The official version of Smile is going to be completed with the approval of Brian and will finally be mastered by some producers who know exactly what needs to be done to improve the sound on the Smile tracks to make them perfect. (I pray)

The magazine came with a single on pretty yellow vinyl. The A side was Wonderful, the B side was Cabinessence. Bionicool posted a nice video of the two songs.


Sr101 said...

I just ordered this, I've been hearing the magazine is terrible and has faux info everywhere. The 78' however, is fantastic.

DJA said...

I just picked this up today at a Barnes & Noble in Arlington, VA for a whopping $16.50 (gotta love those UK import prices). It's a gorgeous package, with lots of great pictures. The single has a very nice sleeve as well. I haven't finished all of the articles -- there are several dealing with the Beach Boys and, to varying degrees, Smile -- but there does seem to be a bit of re-hashing of old information (all of the Manson stuff comes up again, for instance). There is a fairly extensive interview with Brian that appears to be new, at least I had not read it before, but again, a lot of the stuff he says isn't all that new. But then again, it's probably unrealistic at this point to expect any major revelations about Smile.

Anonymous said...

It's actually 45rpm and makes a very interesting listen - there are differences - Martin

Freddie french-Pounce said...

Just browsing through, and lo and behold I find my videos posted here. Thanks for using my ones!