Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Hi everyone, youtube removed a bunch of my videos this morning, INCLUDING THE EXPLANATION VIDEO I MADE! They also suspended my account, those jerks. Luckyily I still have the video on my computer! I'll try to keep it up here on my blog for as long as possible.

Sorry if it's a bit strange (with my explanations of where things are on the screen, it was made for youtube). Anyway, I hope this will be a good explanation of what happened to my youtube page.

- eric


DonnaK said...

Hey Eric, I hope we don't have to start a legal fund for you!! You have a lot of fans tho so it won't take too long!!! Keep up the great work! Will say a prayer for your Gram today.


goat66 said...

I guess Capitol doesn't like free advertisement. Hope your Grannys OK.

Anonymous said...

EMI is very over protective of its big-time properties, or at least that's what I've come to experience, with things such as The Beachles and The Gray Album being slapped with cease and desist orders. I liked your videos, watched quite a few of them back when they first came up on youtube. Hope your grandma is alright. If Capitol and/or Brother decided to release the original SMiLE stuff, we wouldn't have to put it on blogs and YouTube videos and bootlegs, etc. Brian really doesn't want the original sessions out, though. He just says BWPS is "it".

Argantonio said...

Tears, tears in the morning

Linear Zap said...

Youtube is definitely not what it used to be... As you said, if people can't distribute SMiLE sessions for free, then Capitol must RELEASE THEM!

And I hope your grandma is okay!


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for all the music you shared with me!!! I am forever grateful to you and your youtube channel has changed the lives of many many people!

thanks and love to you and your grandma!

Anonymous said...

That sucks, you're vids were awesome