Monday, February 25, 2008

Bootlegs out the wazoo!

Hey everyone!

In the super competitive world of Beach Boys bootlegging it seems as though there is a veritable ocean of blogs and forums popping up and I am often feeling left on the beach, alone; unable to catch a wave. (Good pun huh?)

Anyway, I wanted to inform everyone to head over to Jakob Lightman's forum at You have to register to post over at the forum, but its a happening place for "discussing" the Beach Boys with other fans.

Also, this blog aptly named The Beach Boys Boots has a crap load of stuff to check out, including a lot of live stuff. I know a lot of people enjoy live shows, so maybe you'll find something of interest over there.

And then of course I can't forget to mention that Ascrodin has been posting a bunch of awesome stuff on his blog, Yes, I Do Like Worms as well, including the highly fascinating "Life of Brian" series made by Jerry Boyd of Side B Music. It's such a great audio biography and I'm so happy to finally have it after posting about it months ago here.


Anonymous said...

This may be so - lots of sites are popping up - and you may not have been the first, but this blog still surfs. Thanks for all the great Smile stuff. I'm so glad you posted the Psychedelic (sp.?)Sounds material some time back. Now if I can find that 2 cd version of it.

warnakey said...

Hey there! thanks for the comment.

I was actually the 2nd beach boys blog. haha.

And I have disc 2 in the psychedelic sounds thing I posted. You should recheck it out!

Anonymous said...

Well, what do ya know? Thanks for that second disc PS material, too.

Anonymous said...

hmmm- down for several days straight now. DNS doesn't even resolve the host; anyone else get this?

warnakey said...

If you mean the Lightman forum being down...Yes. He decided to close it due to rapid abuse.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did mean that; I was a bit vague. :) Bummer about it going down, I had just registered. :(

Anonymous said...

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