Friday, February 4, 2011

Hollywood Bowling!

There is a new chapter in the Cork in the Ocean Productions by DJ Rock. This one is called The Beach Boys Hollywood Bowl-ing. Its from a live show on October 19th, 1963. You can see the tracklisting and download it below.

The Beach Boys were the last act of the day for "Y-Day", sponsored by the Hollywood YMCA and local station KFWB. They were only supposed to perform three songs, but decided on-the-spot to perform "Surfer Girl" as well. They also sang a short acapella tribute to KFWB.

The date for this concert was actually October 19th, 1963, not November 1st, as widely (and incorrectly) claimed. Ads for the show indicate the 10/19 date. The ads also include the opening acts: Jan and Dean, Bobby Vinton and Duane Eddy. Art Linkletter hosted.

01 Intro
02 Little Deuce Coupe
03 In My Room
04 Be True To Your School
05 Surfer Girl
06 KFWB Theme
07 Outro (Closing Credits)
BONUS: 08 (Thank Him For) Our Love (Brian Wilson Demo, 1963)


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LearningByReading said...

Thanks for letting us know about this! So its effectively a reincarnation of the the show in 63?