Thursday, February 24, 2011

SMiLE - Father of the Man Mix

Hello everyone,

I am sharing a new version of SMiLE made by my buddy Sr101 (or Mike if you prefer). He describes his mix below:

"SMiLE was created in 1966 and was to be released in January of 1967. It missed that date by 37 years and when Brian Wilson finally released "SMiLE" to the world, it destroyed many people's expectations. Many have tried to decide on how the album would have sounded back in 67' and so I am here to show my version of SMiLE, which I call the "Father Of The Man Mix". All the music used on the project is owned by the Beach Boys and has been remastered and re-imagined for your listening enjoyment. The biggest enhancement on the album is the full remastering of "Child is the Father of the Man", which normally has very bad quality. My favorite tracks are Surf's Up and Child is The Father of The Man."

You can learn more about this version HERE or download it below



Anonymous said...

I have not yet had the opportunity to sit down and listen to this yet - but I usually look forward to hearing more adventurous listings, rather than the 2004 order of play


Sr101 said...

I'm currently working on another mix that is more creative, this was mostly just a remaster. My next mix will feature songs like "He gives speaches" and "Can't wait too long"

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting a lossless version of your new mix?

I'm ALWAYS up for a new "Smile".
I love all these different fan created versions.

Anonymous said...

Nice one. Very creative!

Anonymous said...


When I downloaded the tracks just came out in alphabetical order, and the "more info" link on the page comes up blank.

So, what is the running order?

Thanks, can't wait to hear,


bglobe313 said...


What's the track order? When I unzipped it, there were no track numbers, so I just have it alphabetical!



Merseybeat said...

Thanks for the mix. What is the running order of the songs?

Anonymous said...

dude, this is the best mix yet! this will hold me till the real thing comes out. i'm waiting for the vinyl the most. thanks again.

Anonymous said...

hi the link reports an error could someone please repost it?