Saturday, January 29, 2011

Please consider

Hello Beach Boys fans,

It's your friend Eric Warncke here. Thank you to everyone who continues to email me and tell me how much they like the blog. But unfortunately, right now I am unemployed and living back at home with my parents and my car needs a new wheel on it before I can get out and find that killer job.

All I am asking is that if you have a few dollars and love the blog and can donate it, I would appreciate you forever.

Thank you.

- Eric Warncke =]


Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

Just an update for your blogroll. Never Get Out Of The Boat REDUX is over here these days.

Thanks for all your kind support.

Good luck with the home issues.

Your Host, Susan said...

Are you kidding me? We are all unemployed or we wouldn't be looking at your blog. There is nothing else better to do. If I had a buck it would be yours, But since I am also umemployed so sorry. Hope things get better Man!! I can tell you spent a lot of time on this. I just can't spare the dough.
Hey, Maybe you could forward this to Obama???