Sunday, March 23, 2008

RIP Tony Carbone

I wanted to write about my extreme sadness over the passing of one of the great pop geniuses of our time, Tony Carbone of the band Bikeride. For over ten years Bikeride has been releasing classic album after classic album and their latest album The Kiss ended up being the final album from the band.

You can hear the kiss on their page here.

According to a flyer for a benefit show a month before his death "Tony Carbone is a 34-year old elementary teacher for the Long Beach Unified School District. Two years ago, Tony was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma (the most aggressive and life threatening form of skin cancer), which spread to his brain. …Tony and his wife have nowhere to turn. Tony’s Avastin cycle, recommended by his doctor, will cost $30K. Tony’s family and friends are organizing a fund raiser to help pay for the cost.”[1]

Sadly, Tony didn't make it and passed away on March 6, 2008. I had asked Tony for an interview on my Pop Music blog before he passed, but unfortunately I never got the chance to talk with him in depth. But even still I hope to do a recap of their music and albums soon.

I encourage everyone to listen to their music and if you did enjoy bikeride leave a kind comment on their myspace.



TelboyD said...

I miss Bikeride/Tony. What an alchemist.! 'The Kiss' is a masterpiece. I'm going to ask my friend who writes for MOJO to do an article on them.

Anonymous said...

I went to middle school and high school with Tony. He was such a great guy who was always so kind and full of life. He is missed.

harvamom said...

I am Tony's mother and just now ran across this articale. This Friday, March 6, with be the 7th anniversary of his passing. We miss him so terribly, and thank you for the wonderful article and the nice comments about him.

Tel-X said...

Hi Tony's Mom!
My comments were heartfelt and I do all I can to keep Bikeride's music alive in the United Kingdom. If ever any of my friends pay me a visit and ask me to play something to surprise them, 'The Kiss' is always a winner.
I actually began chatting with Tony through MySpace about eighteen months before his passing, and found him to be wonderfully witty. He liked my band, The Special Guest Stars, as we were both Beatles nuts (plus I'd had the pleasure of going through th Sgt Peppers tapes with Sir George Martin which Tony obviously wanted to know about).
Your lad was very talented. I try to encourage my two daughters to play music in the way that you obviously encouraged Tony - with a spirit of adventure. Thanks for bringing him to this world!
Tel Sutton.

Anonymous said...

Tony and Bikeride’s music was the soundtrack to my teenage years. I am still in shock ten years later when I think of Tony’s beautiful life and talent being cut so short. Tony, we love you. Your memory will forever live on. -Meghan