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DVD due out August 28

This is a new live DVD celebrating the band's 50th anniversary and included live performances from their 2012 tour plus interviews and in-studio footage.

“If they’d told me back in the ‘60s that we’d be doing this in 2012 I would’ve said, ‘You’re crazy.’ There’s a special chemistry between the five of us. We love each other, and it comes out in our music, in our harmonies.”
--Brian Wilson

“Being in Southern California, with the fantastic potential of the environment, with the surfing and the cars, combined with the way we’re each individually capable of sounding, created a bit of a miracle sonically, and it’s the kind of thing which will last longer than we will.”
-- Mike Love

To commemorate their 50th anniversary as one of America’s most beloved and chart-topping bands, THE BEACH BOYS launched a triumphant 2012 reunion that has earned them massive critical accolades. Now with the August 28 release of The Beach Boys: Doin’ It Again DVD and Blu-ray Disc (BLAST MUSIC), music lovers will have a behind- the-scenes look at the reunion as well as pivotal moments in the band’s history.

Surviving members Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, David Marks and Bruce Johnston gathered earlier this year for an emotional reunion in Los Angeles to record their first album of new material in 20 years, to reflect on their remarkable history, and to kick off a worldwide tour. These moments and more are captured on The Beach Boys: Doin’ It Again.

The hour-long DVD features exclusive 2012 interviews with The Beach Boys, live performances from the band’s 2012 world tour, never-before-seen footage from the 1966 “Good Vibrations” recording sessions, moving tributes to founding members Carl and Dennis Wilson and behind-the-scenes footage from the recording sessions for their new That’s Why God Made The Radio CD.

A preview of The Beach Boys: Doin’ It Again, can be seen here:

This DVD is being released by a new company called BlastMusic. You can pre-order the DVD on Amazon HERE.

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