Friday, July 27, 2012

Life's a Beach Series - Let Me Go Home

DJ Rock is at it again and has created another installment in his famous "Life's A Beach Series".

These are all chronological recordings from June - September 1965 by the Beach Boys and Bruce and Terry. Two discs.

Beach Boys:
01 Let Him Run Wild (Version 1 Rough Mono Mix, 04-06-65)
02 Let Him Run Wild (Alternate Version 1 Take, 04-06-65)
03 Let Him Run Wild (Stereo Mix, 04-06-65)

Glen Campbell:
04 Guess I'm Dumb (Single, 07.06.65)
05 That's All Right (Single, 07.06.65)

Beach Boys:
06 The Girl From New York City (Alternate Stereo LP 'Summer Days')
07 Amusement Park U.S.A. (Alternate Stereo LP 'Summer Days')
08 Then I Kissed Her (Alternate Stereo LP 'Summer Days')
09 Salt Lake City (track, Alternate Stereo LP 'Summer Days')
10 Girl Don't Tell Me (Alternate Stereo LP 'Summer Days')
11 Help Me, Rhonda (Alternate Stereo LP 'Summer Days')
12 California Girls (Alternate Stereo LP 'Summer Days')
13 Let Him Run Wild (track, Alternate Stereo LP 'Summer Days')
14 You're So Good To Me (Alternate Stereo LP 'Summer Days')
15 The Girl From New York City ('Summer Days...' LP, 05-07-65)
16 Amusement Park U.S.A ('Summer Days...' LP, 05-07-65)
17 Then I Kissed Her ('Summer Days...' LP, 05-07-65)
18 Salt Lake City ('Summer Days...' LP, 05-07-65)
19 Girl Don't Tell Me ('Summer Days...' LP, 05-07-65)
20 Help Me, Rhonda (Single Version, 'Summer Days...' LP, 05-07-65)
21 California Girls ('Summer Days...' LP, 05-07-65)
22 Let Him Run Wild ('Summer Days...' LP, 05-07-65)
23 You're So Good To Me ('Summer Days...' LP, 05-07-65)
24 Summer Means New Love ('Summer Days...' LP, 05-07-65)
25 I'm Bugged At My Ol' Man ('Summer Days...' LP, 05-07-65)
26 And Your Dreams Come True ('Summer Days...' LP, 05-07-65)
27 California Girls (Single, 12-07-65)
28 Let Him Run Wild (Single, 12-07-65)
29 Sloop John B (Takes 1-2, 12-07-65)
30 Sloop John B (Takes 3-5, 12-07-65)
31 Sloop John B (Take 6, 12-07-65)
32 Sloop John B (Takes 7-8, 12-07-65)

01 Sloop John B (Take 9, 12-07-65)
02 Sloop John B (Takes 10-13, 12-07-65)
03 Sloop John B (Take 14, 12-07-65)
04 Sloop John B (Instr. Insert Takes 1a & 2a)
05 Sloop John B (Instr. Insert Takes 3a & 4a)
06 Sloop John B (Instr. Insert Take 5a)
07 Sloop John B (highlights from tracking date)
08 Sloop John B (track)
09 Sloop John B (stereo backing track)

Bruce & Terry:
10 Raining In My Heart (Single, 09-1965)
11 Four Strong Winds (Single, 09-1965)

Paul Revere & The Raiders:
12 Steppin' Out (Bruce backing, Single 1965)
13 Blue Fox (Bruce backing, Single 1965)
14 Just Like Me (Bruce backing, Single 1965)
15 B.F.D.R.F. Blues (Bruce backing, Single 1965)

The Blossoms:
16 Things Are Changin' (Single, 1965)

Beach Boys:
17 Tuning Up (08-09-65)
18 Hully Gully #1 (08-09-65)
19 Hully Gully #2 (08-09-65)
20 Ruby Baby #1 (08-09-65)
21 Satisfaction #1 (08-09-65)
22 Satisfaction #2 (08-09-65)
23 Ruby Baby #2 (08-09-65)
24 Hully Gully #3 (08-09-65)
25 Satisfaction #3 (08-09-65)
26 Talk Between Sessions (08-09-65)
27 Ruby Baby #3 (08-09-65)
28 Talk Between Sessions (08-09-65)
29 Ruby Baby #4 (08-09-65)
30 Tell Me Why (08-09-65)

More info here. Download Disc 1 Download Disc 2

Highly recommended. P.S. To anyone who cares to know, I am going to be reuploading all of the content from this blog that I still have (plus more content) to my own server so that they can't be taken down by the hosting website any more. Let me know what stuff you want me to re-upload first, because this is going to be a project that takes weeks and I don't know where to begin. 5 or 6 years worth of material is difficult to sort through.


Anonymous said...

thank you

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hi,any chance that you could upload
The SMiLE Story (CITOP-DVD001)from the Life's a Beach Series

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Hey there Anonymous from 12:26PM, July 27th. This is Eric, testing out something. (Which is why I am not logged in) I will get that up soon.

niels said...

God bless you, tears fill my eyes.

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Would be great if you upload these ones:
16 Doin' In My Head (CITOP039/040)
17 Help Me, Murry (CITOP041/042)
18 California Girls (CITOP043/044)
19 Amusement Park U.S.A(CITOP045/046)
Addendum - Bruce Johnston Story (CITOP028/033)
I've been lookin' for these ones, but I can't find them. Thank you for re-upload all the stuff.

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I wonder if you've got the bbc documentary titled "wouldn't it be nice", by the way great blog.

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how about all of the life's a beach series since Megaupload was cruelly closed down they dont seem to be anywhere.
Thank You

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I had all the Life's A Beach series and lost them in a hard disk crash. It would be great if you could upload them all again. I'd be truly grateful.

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Same as comment above
Lost all my files in external hard drive disaster / nightmare.
please please post all of them
Would be prepared to make donation via paypal for your time and trouble

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I promise I am reuploading them!

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Please start with 16, 17, 18, 19 since you never posted them before. Thanks!

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Hi, can you please reupload the Unsurpassed Masters Volume 1, 2 etc.. and thanks a lot for everything! Your blog is the greatest.