Monday, February 13, 2012

Beach Boys At The Grammys

The Beach boys performed at the Grammy awards last night and someone was nice enough to send me good quality video of it! I think the Beach Boys did incredibly well! I am so very happy that the original members of the Beach Boys are friends again. I feel a bit silly saying that the Beach Boys were never coming back! I was so wrong. I am glad I was wrong.

Anyway! I am also glad the Beach Boys are recording a new album! I am glad that the Smile Sessions Box Set is so perfect. I am glad to be a fan right now!

Where is John Stamos???

p.s. The lead singer of Maroon 5 looks SO uncomfortable!


Juan Montero said...

I have a better quality (720p) video of the whole set: Maroon 5 and "Surfer Girl" (ugh), Foster the People and "Wouldn't it be nice" (much less uggh) and finally this GV with Brian's panic face. Just tell if you want it!

Mark said...

Well, it wasn't great, but it wasn't a disaster either, so I'm fairly happy with that.
All 3 bands would have been embarrassing if members of Brian's band had not been there to back them up.
Mike's vocals were almost nonexistant. No energy whatsoever - a bad sign for the tour.
Brian looked scared until he either remembered or got a signal to smile. I hated that they hid him behind that huge piano, but at least they did a good job of getting closeups of him.
Surprisingly I kept looking at David Marks. He looked the most comfortable onstage, and dressed hip like a rock star. Can he sing? They could use his vocals if Mike performs so miserably.
I recognize this as a reunion, not an anniversary. Stamos' inclusion is a stain on their legacy - if he wants to pretend at being a musician he can go to rock fantasy camp like the rest of us.

The Lexingtons said...

Juan! I want it!

Juan Montero said...

You got it right now, check your email!

The Lexingtons said...

Thank you Juan! I've been a little busy, but I finally got it up there!