Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Smile - Essential Extras

This is a release called Smile - Essential Extras. Tragically, this is not essential. It is mostly just instrumental versions of Smile songs and poorly edited cuts stolen from other Smile releases. There are some cool things on here though, like the 15 minute cut of Good Vibrations and the FABULOUS live version of Heroes and Villains.

Look 2:46
Heroes and Villains (Cantina Version) 2:56
Bicycle Rider (Segment) 0:35
The Old Master Painter (Track Only) 1:05
Wonderful (Track Only) 2:07
Smile Instrumental Link 0:58
Prayer 1:05
Child Is Father to the Man (Two Sections) 1:12
Friday Night 1:29
Tones 0:58
Wind Chimes (Smiley Version) 2:36
Can't Wait Too Long (Alternate Mix) 1:47
Good Vibrations (Live 10/22/66) 5:10
You're Welcome (B-side) 1:07
Vega-Tables (Alternate Version) 3:28
He Gives Speeches 1:09
Smile Instrumental Link #2 0:52
Heroes and Villains (Demo) 0:50
Surf's Up (Demo) 3:36
Good Vibrations (Sessions) 15:17
Fall Breaks and Back To Winter 2:06
Cabinessence (Track) 3:56
Surf's Up (Track) 1:36
Water Chant 0:58
Heroes and Villains (Live 8/25/67) 3:45
Brian's Favorite Vega-table (1991) 0:14


link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5, link 5


fluffymarshmallow said...

beach boys facebook page is offering new files for fans to listen to ... a new mix of "Vegetables," plus some studio work on the "sleep a lot" chorus.

both are awesome

Bradpetehoops said...

Have a great day!