Saturday, May 1, 2010

Brad Cook's SMiLE Edit

Hi Beach Boy fans,

Sorry I haven't updated in a few months; I've had no internet. But now that I do have access to the web again I checked my email and found this mix of smile sent from reader Brad Cook. His description of his mix and tracklisting are below.

I've had a few ideas for a while so it only took an afternoon to edit this all together. Granted, I've omitted quite a few songs. Good Vibrations doesn't belong in my book, so it's out. Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine, Friday Night and Barnyard are all dropped as they don't do much or go anywhere to me.
Also, I've opted to use Hawthorne versions of Heroes & Villains and Vega-tables which are Smiley Smile takes. Sacrilege maybe, they are better versions i think, particularly this version of Heroes and Villains is better than the cantina version that many people favor.
I've also opted continue to have the suites as the Americana/Cycle of Life/Elements.

1. Untitled Instrumental [Spanish Guitar Piece] (Secret SMiLE Disc 2)
2. Heroes & Villians (Hawthorne)
3. Holidays (Odeon)
4. Heroes & Villians [Intro] (GV Box - Actually Fire Intro)
5. Do You Like Worms (Odeon)
6. Cabinessence (Extended Intro added* GV Box)
7. Heroes & Villians [Sections] (GV Box)
8. Prayer (GV Box)
9. Wonderful (Extended Intro added* Vigotone) (GV Box)
10. Child Is The Father Of The Man (Jazzy Part inserted at the start* Odeon)
11. Look (Odeon)
12. VegaTables (Hawthorne)
13. Wind Chimes (Extended Intro added* Secret SMiLE Disc 1) (GV Box)
14. Fire (Secret SMiLE Disc 2)
15. Waterchant (Odeon Cut from Cool, Cool, Water)
16. I Love To Say Da Da (Odeon)
17. Surfs Up [Instrumental + Demo] (Odeon)

Download here


Paul said...

Really enjoying this one. Thanks!

Leiflet said...

I can't believe that people are STILL making SMiLE bootlegs!! It actually makes me want to make another one... a super-psychadelic version.