Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Smile - Mok's version

Mok's Smile is one of the best versions of Smile, but instead of having me describe it you should instead read his description below.

Here's a rough idea of what's on this disc and the work that went into it:

1 - Our Prayer
This is a synchronization of the beautiful stereo mix with the mono mix found on bootleg (which I believe is a more coherent sound).

2 - Heroes and Villains
This is an amalgamation of all of the great pieces of Heroes, in an order I find appealing. There are attempts at increasing the clarity of the mix made by using the isolated vocal tracks from Sea of Tunes synchronized with the main mono track (making a rough stereo). Longer than I would like (8:00) but I feel complete by the end. (probably 3rd most worked-on)

3 - Barnyard
Pitch matched the instrumental track from bootleg with the demo piano and vocal from the GV box. It fits, amazingly, although a considerable amount of elbow grease was applied.

4 - I'm In Great Shape
The 'waking up' sounds of H&V sections mixed into the actual wakeup "mornings tumble out of bed..." vocal/piano demo by Brian (a bit cleaned up).

5 - Do You Like Worms
IMHO, the right pieces in the right order, this track sounds amazing. I believe one of the finer sounding tracks, 99% in stereo. Vocal clarity was obtained by mixing splits (again) into the stereo track.

6 - Child is the Father of the Man
Hard to get great quality, since most of the material comes from acetates, but I mixed several different 'takes' and 'remakes' of this song into one, satisfying another completions urge. Nobody's thought of *this* yet. Lots of work went into this (probably 4th most worked-on).

7 - Look
Not much editing, just judicial eq to clean up - the sequencing of this song and the next are key.

8 - Good Vibrations
A GV 'greatest hits' edit - the best parts of this song mixed as if it was whole. Now I hear this edit when I hear this song on the radio (and it hasn't ruined it). Find it in your heart to forgive my hacks, I think it's worth it.

9 - Holidays
Segueing out of GV, Holidays is not edited, just cleaned up as well. This track and Look were 'done' IMHO. A clever way in and out of GV.

10 - The Old Master Painter
A tough edit of the stereo instrumental with the mono vocal mix. These do not sync up well, but my crossfades take care of the wonky-ness.

11 - He Gives Speeches
Padded at the beginning and faded out at the end, a minor touch-up to the "beginning of side 2" (for me).

12 - Wonderful
The version from the box set, unaltered. This is beautiful, and never should be messed with.

13 - I Love to Say Da-Da
I know, I know, Cool Cool Water isn't Da-Da, but I felt this made a better flowing track with the two edited together (water chant drops in the middle).

14 - Mrs. O'Leary's Cow
H&V intro is Fire. This segues quite nicely into Cow, and that dies out.

15 - Friday Night
After the craziness, the 'rebuilding' smoothness comes in. Stereo Version was cleaner, sorry for the right channel only woodwork. (Woodwork is always in mono!)

16 - Reprise
A reprise of the H&V theme, with no H&V-specific vocal. I thought it went well here. A cleaned-up edit and fade makes it leaner, but still nice.

17 - Vega-Tables
This was just love from the beginning. This plays everything I want to hear of Veg, with only a slight weird phasing that could not be avoided. So many sections with so many edits, this was probably the most intensive editing on the project. Mostly stereo (where it counts) and I 'never was lazy' putting it together.

18 - Wind Chimes
Almost the same edit as on the box set, but using stereo sources from the bootlegs for (better?) sound.

19 - CabinEssence
This incorporates the 'instrumental' sections from the boots (I can't ever go without hearing that) with the completed Carl vocal version from the box set. I cleaned up some of the vocals on this track so they stand out a little more.

20 - You're Welcome
Regardless of the intent, I couldn't resist putting this on there. Very little work involved, but it might be noticeable to others...

21 - George Fell Into His French Horn
I clipped a small section of this because I heard the segue from this track to the next in my head months before attempting this project. It makes me laugh and works in a way you would never expect.

22 - Surf's Up
One of the hardest things to work on in the project and ultimately the most rewarding. I love the stereo backing track, but wait, there's now Brian's demo vocal (and only Brian) in sync! Pitch correction, time compression, whatever it took, I had to do it just to see if it could be done. This was the whole inspiration for the project, and the last thing I worked on. Try not to cry when you hear it the first time. Goosebumps every time.

Ultimately it's too long and overstuffed to be an 'album', but there never was an album, and this is my way to feel totally complete with Smile (if one ever can). -Mok

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Anonymous said...

Interestingly this was created before 2004 (2001 I think) and a lot of his edits appear in subsequent fan mixes


Heli0tr0pe said...

Cheers brah!

Anonymous said...

I love it.
I already had it. Along with Ryan's, one of the best ones!
Thanks, Eric!

david said...

Thanks Eric, always wanted this classic.

Anonymous said...

probably the best smile mix

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

I spent a half year, myself, a couple of years ago, remixing and compiling 'smile'.. with mixes and tracks found nowhere else in the world.....having had the unique perspective of over 30 years as a pro musician, i think i may have a unique take as to how it should have been.
I'll have it posted on h**p:// for readers of this blog only.... click the title....
it's a little raw, to me ... i hearat least two imperfections in it already... but is what it is.... Thank you for a great Beach Boys support site!

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

nobody interested?

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

Here's a direct link for same (doc rock mix)..

juanpablo said...

yes! I'm interested but please reupload it

Anonymous said...

This is really great... except for Surf's Up. It goes wayyyy off time, specifically around 1:56 with Brian's demoed piano, and the first "Columnated ruins domino" line.

Other than this, however, it's nearly perfect. Probably my favorite SMiLE reconstruction that I've heard (so far).

Anonymous said...

Also Doccus, please do re-up!!!