Saturday, July 25, 2009

Endless Bummer - The Worst of the Beach Boys [1977]

In the tradition of bootlegs trailblazed by the legendary Elvis' Greatest Shit, here we have a compilation of about 50 minutes of the Beach Boys' most embarrassing moments to have been captured on tape. It goes without saying that this is not only not for the average Beach Boys fan, but not even for many Beach Boys fans who collect the group's unreleased material. Instead, it's something only for the completist, or those with a somewhat masochistic sense of humor. But if you are intent on investigating the most disagreeable skeletons in the group's closet, many of them are here, including really drunk (and long post-prime) vocals on live versions of "Good Vibrations" and "You're So Beautiful"; shamefully exploitative Mike Love-sung ads; a Carl Wilson anti-drug radio spot; Brian Wilson's infamous solo rap song "Smart Girls"; a Spanish version of their unloved comeback hit "Kokomo"; the notorious mid-'60s outtakes in which Murry Wilson rips into his sons and the rest of the group at a recording session; a bad Bob Dylan imitation/parody by Mike Love; and various ragged rehearsal tapes/outtakes. Actually, this material is more interesting than many a mediocre group's best efforts, as a band this good couldn't help from letting some talent, ingenuity, and humor seep through even when they were at their most painfully inept. But relative to the standards of the Beach Boys' usual work -- and even relative to the standards of many Beach Boys bootlegs -- it's oft-painful listening, with some historical interest for those cataloging the band's oft-dysfunctional history, but little entertainment value. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

01. Carl's Anti-Drug Radio Spot
02. Good Vibrations
03. You Are So Beautiful
04. Brian Hanging With Some Nerds
05. Be True to Your Bud
06. Hyatt Regency Promo
07. Smile Promo
08. Mile Slams Smile
09. Vocal Rehearsal 1
10. Smart Girls
11. Carl & The Passions Radio Promo
12. Kokomo [Spanish Vocals]
13. Mr. Sandman/God Only Knows
14. Cell Block No. 9
15. Mike Does Dylan
16. Never Learn Not to Love
17. Help Me, Rhonda [Vocal Session]
18. "I'm a Genius, Too"
19. "We Need Help"
20. Vocal Rehearsal 2

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Anonymous said...

Thankyou for this interesting listen, some bad and cheesey recordings but who cares!

J.P. Gelinas said...

Good to see you're back in action!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!!

Leiflet said...

I guess i had slightly higher hopes for this, because the Beach Boys more than most bands that have ever existed have put out some truly atrocious crap. I mean, vehemently terrible songs and albums alike.

Instead, this bootleg... well... sucks. Ok, Brian's rap is about the weirdest thing i've ever heard. But most of the other stuff has already been available. And how is the SMiLE promo one of the worst "songs" ever recorded? Someone didn't think this through too much.

Anonymous said...

The Dylan Parody isn't a Dylan Parody. Mike is "impersonating" Sonny Bono.

Anonymous said...

Leiflet must not be a huge BB's fan like some of us. The BB's album's that he might be referring to (if i am guessing correctly) would be "MIU", "Love You" and "15 Big Ones". These are also panned by the critics w/ the slight exception of "The BB's Love You". When I became a severe fan back in 1998 w/ the help of a generous fan who provided me with all of their music, including boots, The lp that I really dug was "MIU". I was into rare 70's music at the time and this lp is alotta fun. Ok, the lyrics and the music isn't up there with Pink Floyd, but it's the Boys, for bad or worse they recorded for us when they could have remained silent. I also listen to Yoko Ono Lennon, so my taste is kinda out there.
Thanks for the music and the great site. I checked out your band 's music. My groove is in a mellower bag, but I liked it.

Kim Morrison said...

Love it. Thnk u

Kim Morrison said...

Love it. Thnk uuu