Saturday, August 23, 2008

Streaming That Lucky Old Sun

You can stream and here all of Brian Wilson's new solo album, "That Lucky Old Sun" below.


Anonymous said...

It's good, different to the demos, more polished. Not a classic, but it is great to hear that Brain's voice has practically lost the slurring which has been quite evident of late


Anonymous said...

Not a classic?


(head just exploded)

(new head ordered on eBay)

(new head also explodes)

What's not classic about it? The great production? His strongest singing on record since the early 1970s? The interweaving of themes, melodies and songs that create a SMiLE-esque Pet Sounds?

Or just that it's not 10 years old yet, and thus can't be considered a classic because it's still a new release?

warnakey said...

the singing isn't really that good. if this is his best singing since the 70s then i wonder if youve even heard any of his other solo albums?

the singing on this album is not too good compared to say, 1988's Love and Mercy.

Nathan said...

However, Brian is also 20 years older than he was in 1988. Almost everything about this new album impresses me. It is, in my opinion, his most consistently ambitious and impressive work since his years with the band.

Anonymous said...

I'd say its his best since "Mt. Vernon and Fairway". Or at the very least, his best since Love You and Adult/Child.

Anonymous said...

Why insult the guy for saying it's his strongest singing? Isn't his opinion as valid as anyone's?

Besides, Brian's singing is sporadic at best on the 1988 album. Night Time is hardly a gold standard.

Anonymous said...

What I would say is in the match between BW and Paul McCartney producing music since the demise of their super groups, BW wins hands down


warnakey said...

just wanted to mention, no one is "insulting" anyone.

its called a debate!

and of course everyone has good points, thats why i post em! =]

The Milner Coupe said...

There would be a 'single' or two, if there really was such a thing now days.

I think he sounds great. The production is crisp. The songs? Some are a bit indulgent to Brian's old 'Cotton Fields' habit for my taste. But I will buy it and hopefully go see him if he swings through.

If you want to hear a new Beach Boys related classic, check out Glen Campbell's new CD.

Great site by the way.