Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wrightfan and Warnakey Present Smile

Hey everyone!

After a rather long hiatus, I have returned to bring you my best bootleg to share yet. 2 of the biggest names in the Beach Boys internet blog scene, Warnakey and Wrightfan, have teamed up to bring you Wrightfan's newest version of SMiLE.

I helped produce this version and I think we are both proud to share it with all of you. It was arranged to reflect the original 12 track version of SMiLE that Brian Wilson had planned in 1966. We also worked very hard to make the sound crystal clear.

We both really hope you enjoy it!

Side 1
1. Our Prayer/gee
2. Heroes And Villains
3. Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine
4. Do You Like Worms?
5. Wonderful
6. Child Is Father Of The Man
7. Cabinessence

Side 2
8. Good Vibrations
9. Wind Chimes
10. Vege-tables
11. The Elements
12. Surf's Up

download1, download2, download3, download4

Let me know what you think.

- eric


Tim said...

I really like the version of Heroes & Villains on this one Eric, well done!

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,

Thanks for uploading,downloaded it 2 times, but only Our Prayer works.I can see that each of the other songs has its MB, but doesn't play.Don't know why.


warnakey said...

Hey Phil, I'm really sorry you've been having these troubles. I just downloaded it myself and everything extracted and played properly. If you would like I could email you each track. Just throw me an email ok!

Anonymous said...

Eric, just found out the songs played normally with QuickTime.But my Player is Windows, and there it's only ok for My Prayer.First time this ever happens (have 10 versions of Smile and more than 2000 other songs).Extraction is normal.Don't think e-mail will change that,do you?
Anyway,thank you very much for your precious time,you're so kind.Hope your work is fine for you.Sincerely,

jim said...

Hey Eric,

Thanks for the mix! I really like this version and its nice to hear surf's up back at the end!

Anonymous said...

Hi both,
Certainly sounds clear and original. Interested to read that you have reworked Surf's up, and kept the pre-citom ending. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this. Is there a lossless version anywhere? I only ask since I know that Wrightfan has posted his previous versions to TTD. Thanks and keep up the great work.

AlternateBrianWilson said...

Eric -

You've ruined my holiday weekend. I will now spend it listening to this repeatedly...


TONEE73 said...



Anonymous said...

just stumbled across your mix and i must say i'm impressed!

Brandon said...

Sounds great. Would love to get a lossless copy!


Anonymous said...

the link isn't working for me. i would really like to get a hold of it!

B.Stanley said...

Hey do you think you could pretty please re-up this? I'd really love to hear it and the link isn't working properly!

Heli0tr0pe said...

FYI, all of the links to this are 'blocked' by the stupid MassMirror...

warnakey said...

fixed it again! this whole thing is tough to keep up with!

Anonymous said...

This mix is perfect for the purist! It sticks to the original 1966 track list and is in mono. It's what SMiLE could've been in 66/67!

Webby said...

Nice mix. Any chance you could document where each piece comes from?

warnakey said...

I believe wrightfan has documentation of where the clips came from. You should ask him!

Daniel Rodriguez said...

This is excellent! Thank you warnakey and wrightfan for some tremendous work and effort! I think aside from a few artistic liberties that can be jarring on first listen, this is the perfect 66/67-type reconstruction.

Together with Ryan Marks's smile for the 2004 reconstruction, and the 2004 wilson version itself (on vinyl, of course) these albums are the best testaments to the greatest album that never was.

Excuse the clich├ęd terminology; it is rather late over hear and I had to comment after listening to marks's reconstruction and then yours back to back.

As a follow-up question for a new acolyte to the Beach Boys, which of the other mixes listed on your blog do you personally prefer, for either 66/67 or 04 reconstructions?

warnakey said...

thats so kind of you!! thank you!

but of course i prefer the 66/67 reconstructions. I think the alternate brian wilson version is actually my favorite. It's really fantastic!

Again, thanks for your comment! Youre awesome Dan.

- eric

Anonymous said...

I can't get any of these to download, argh!

Steve Engler said...

Download link 1 is reporting "file not found", would you please re upload it?


Anonymous said...

Heroes & Villans at 2:06, the segue from the voice-only bit to the sweeping strings bit is AMAZING!!!

It comes in so unexpectedly, and reminds me very much of how Brian might've mixed things if he had completed it - i.e., totally jarring changes that somehow WORK GREAT.

King Stag said...

Really amazing sound quality. I think it's a lovely, succinct mix and I'm a big fan of smile mixes that stay true to the original track listing (although more often than not, who even know what that original track listing implicated?).

My only beef is with the horn intro segue into the vocals at the beginning of Heroes and Villains. I think the blend could be a bit more harmonious (maybe as simple as just turning the horn down?). Anyways, I hate to be so picky, but I'm not a beach boys fan by accident, I s'pose.

All in all, great work.

mighty-eric said...

You did a great job! Really love it. Thanks for posting this.