Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Keeping in touch

Hey everyone, I just wanted to keep in touch.

I haven't updated this in a while, mainly because I caught a nasty virus that messed up my computer bad a couple weeks ago. I've got it all fixed up now and it's good to go.

Did you know when you search google for "beach boys blog", my site comes up first? Cool eh?

Anyway! I don't really have anything new to post. But I will be reuploading all of my beach boys photos again. (I found the CD I stored them on)

How are you?

- eric


Yannick said...

welcome back. ;) keep up the good work, eric!

greetz from germany

Argantonio said...

Greets from Cambridge!
We miss more stuff, MAN!
By the way, How can I get The Beach Boys movie you have in your blog?
(I mean, it is not on emule..)

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

You wouldn't happen to have the Beach Boy's unreleased outtake for "River Song" would you? I think it appeared on some Dennis Wilson disc for Pacific Ocean Blue, back in the day it was an-impossible-and-out-of-print album to find. I'm so glad that album is finally coming back out. Just thought I'd ask. Happy to see this blog is still going strong.

warnakey said...

I think the user took that movie down a while ago. I really don't know where else you could find it, unless you were to buy it. Maybe its on Ebay or something. Its from 1991 I think. A made for TV special.

warnakey said...

Hey there Anon,

theres a video of the album version of the song here:


As for the outtake, I didn't know one existed!

I'll look around though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

Thanks for all your excellent work.

What about your Smile version with Wrightfan?

Greetings from Belgium,


warnakey said...

Hey Phil! The Wrightfan version will be done this week (if God allows of course)

I'll definitely post it when its done and we both agree that it is releasable.

Eddie said...

Hey first time I come across your blog and its a hell of a job your doing... congrats. I love the beach boys myself and its great to find someone just as dedicated to their music.

Best regards from Vienna,


Anonymous said...

Hello Eric,

Thanks for the answer.
Really curious about it.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

This is a great site. Many thanks for the Heroes and Villains stuff.

If your interested, I uploaded a Beach Boys BBC documentary at www.mininova.org a few weeks ago. It's titled "Art That Shook The World" that can be found under BBC Documentaries.

Best Wishes,
Steve UK