Tuesday, April 8, 2008

SMiLE Sheet Music

Hi there everyone!

My next post on this blog is going to be more of a project (similar to the one sentence reviews and how it took me a few days to finish it), but this time I will be posting sheet music from the original SMiLE album (because someone asked me to do it).

Perhaps some of you remember that I was working on a documentary a few months back? Well I gave up on it, mostly because my laptop is not good enough to handle making movies and doesn't have the storage that I need to hold all of those clips and sound bites. I tried, but it ended up near destroying my computer. However, it could still happen in the future if i get bored enough and/or inspired enough!


This is going to be a mammoth undertaking to figure out songs, sheet music-ify them, and post them here. (It's a lot of HTML!) So please bear with me for a while. I will be taking the MIDI files from the Project Smile disc and using a program called MidiNotate to notate them to sheet music. Please note, the sheet music is not perfect (for example, piano tracks are limited to either the bass or treble clef only, not both), so for that I apologize. I still hope a lot of you musicians will be able to get something out of this!




Download and listen to the MIDI

More coming tomorrow, but for now I'm too sleepy. This took 4 hours!


synthbaron said...

Project SMILE has a lot of great MIDI files on it.

Tim said...

This is a great idea (even though I can't read sheet music to save my life - as a guitarist turned keyboard player, I've always found chord symbols much more understandable and helpful), but why does the link tell me I'm banned from using direct links?

Thanks for all the hard work you continue to devote to this blog of yours though, Eric.

Anonymous said...

Hey I wanna thank you so much for this! thankyou for all your hard work. I just wish I could read sheet music, who cares though, I'll figure it out. PLease keep the hard work up.

Sam said...

You have my highest respect for pulling this together; I'm sure it was a lot of work. This looks great!

c r said...

Any other songs you can do would be a bonus when you have the chance. I'm thinking particularly of Wonderful/Look/Child is the Father of the Man. Thanks for this, anyway.

THE SAINT said...

They actually have an official SMILE chord book.. I saw it in North Carolina.. It might be easier to pick that up and scan it in.. But Thanks for this..

Anonymous said...

I made this midi about 3 or 4 years ago. There are a bunch more on project smile.
I've uploaded all the ones I did here:


Anthony said...

Excellent! A great piece of muscial history on show.

Thanks Eric,

Anthony (Glasgow, Scotland)

Anonymous said...

Great work! a lot of work very helpful.
Any chance to re upload your link with midi files? or was it lost during your hard drive crash?
thank you very much