Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Beach Boys, The Devil and Insane Rants

Hey everyone! Eric here!

Now usually I will inform you of some kind of interesting news, or link you to some kind of download. However, that will not happen today! Today I am going to share with you some epic laughs.

Through searching the web I ran across a website run by a religious fanatic named David J. Stewart. He continually rants about the Beach Boys supposed connection to the devil and the evils of rock and roll music in general (did this guy ever see Foot Loose?).

You can read the entire article HERE, but if you don't have enough time to read through all that nonsense, please read some of these very humorous quotes.

"Everyone reading this article needs to be warned about the evil music of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. Obviously, Wilson is NOT a born again Christian; but, rather, is a child of Satan (Ephesians 2:2)"

"SMiLE was the result of Wilson's LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) ,"acid," drug highs. Interestingly, the modern word for "Pharmaceutical" comes from the same Old Testament Hebrew word "sorcery." Drugs have been used by the Devil's crowd for thousands of years as a medium for demonic influence"

"In 1966, the Beach Boys came out with their album, Pet Sounds. Please notice the goats which they are feeding. This is no coincidence, the goat represents Satan"

"Oh listen friend, you have absolutely no idea how much Satan has infiltrated commercial music (including rock, rap, country, etc). Dolly Parton recently sang and re-popularized one of the most demonic songs ever written, Led Zeppelin's, Stairway to Heaven. How evil and demonic!"

"Brian Wilson and his music are of the Devil."

After such an informal read I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for those pesky demons infesting my Good Vibrations.



Stephen said...

Hi Eric. I know it's wrong to respond to people like this. They should be ignored. I had to send him a response though, as I found his opinions offensive. Sorry if it goes aginnst anyhting you believe in - Stephen.

Here is what I wrote - I left a false email address in case he starts hounding me!

Music is a very powerful tool, which is why I presume you used some spooky music for the section about The Beach Boys. When I look at all the trouble in the world, nearly all of it seems to come from organised religion, and certainly not from music. If you think drugs are evil then where may I ask did religion come from in the first place? Visions and epiphanies came from a chemically altered state of mind, not god. People like you can use an argument for anything, and the whole history of christianity is littered with mind control and truth twisting. The Bible itself is a hodge podge of contradictions, the biggest being that the old testament and new testament gods are completely different entities. Christianity came from the hebrew faith, which in turn was derived from older egyptian ideas of monotheism. Sorry, but it is a fact that christianity is derived from older pagan beliefs, and many pagan ideas have been incorparated intom it. Why do you think christmas day is celebrated on December 25th? It was an existing pagan festival, onto which christmas was grafted when christianity was introduced to Britain by the romans.It was thought it would make it more palatable to the locals. It is a well proven fact that it was not Jesus's birthday. Jesus was a wonderful person, but was not the son of god. There is no god. Human Beings are enquisitive creatures with an overwheming desire to understand things, and if there is something they don't understand thay invent something to explain it. There is your god. Let me imagine for one moment god exists, (which for me is the same as entertaining the notion that Santa Claus is real)Now I live a good life, I try to do right by people, and help people, and suffer days of torment if I inadvertantly hurt someone. If I was to die and find myself locked out of heaven due to a technicality (non belief), and behind me in the queue a peodophile is let in because he recieved last rites, or repented, then I want no part of your god. Your god is wrong. And if heaven is full of people like you, I'd rather be in hell with Brian Wilson. Sorry to go on, I don't know you, or what has happened in your life to give you such twisted opinions. I actually do respect your right to an opinion, though I doubt that goes both ways! I just think you are seriously misguided, and brainwashed if you think The Beach Boys music is satanic. And the fact you felt the need to dub on some crap spooky music to underline your point is just laughable and pitiful. Stephen

warnakey said...

Hey I don't mind Steve! The guy is flippin nuts.

And I find him quite offensive as well. I just hope you were able to get at least a small laugh!

- eric

Anonymous said...

Quite the coincidence, I was looking at that same site this morning and laughing at how ridiculous this guy's assertions are. Its actually kinda sad to see that this sort of mentality still exists in the 21st century. This isn't the 1950s anymore, and even back then rock and roll wasn't the end of the world.

Stephen said...

It is funny, but it also worries me that people like this are actually taken quite seriuosly by a lot of people.

Have you seen my new post yet giving info on my new album(s)? As I have your email address already, can I add you to my mailing list for my upcoming web site?

Anonymous said...

Beach Boys < Satan

yahwehfrk said...

While I take issue with a lot of what Stephen just said I also don't want to get into a big discussion (not the time or place). But as somebody who considers himself to be a born again Christian I also take issue with a lot of what the guy has to say. The only thing I have ever heard bad about the Beach Boys music is their M.I.U. album which it is well know that like the Beatles the boys (especially Mike Love I think) was into TM and Maharishi. However I do choose my music carefully and the Beach Boys have been and will always be one of my favorite groups (even more than the Beatles).

P.S. Thanks for this blog.

Bob Haldeman

triff said...

Oh, Americans are sometimes such crazy people.
And religion (and all of its insane variations) seem to have an important part in life and in politics ("God bless America"). Happy to live in Europe.

Mark said...

There's a video of 2 devil freaks on YouTube going off on Brian and the Beach Boys. Not sure if it's the same guy. Actually 2 guys doing a very amateurish intro, then they go to a taped segment of a guy on a fancy set, who breathlessly explains how satanic the BB's music is. Funny stuff.
I call these people devil freaks because I think they're more into the devil than they are into God.

Anonymous said...

I think religion plays a much bigger role in people's lives in America in the south, midwest, and southwest than in the northeast (where I'm from), and the west coast. Even the people who are really heavy into religion, at least ones that I know, are pretty tolerant of differing beliefs (or lack thereof) as long as you let them be. Its basically a "live and let live" type thing as far as religion is concerned in the area where I'm from. (and as an aside, I don't follow any sort of religion, nor do I believe in any sort of spirits or deities, but that's not stopping others from believing what they want to believe)

Anonymous said...

As much as I find this Stewart guy a nut. God is real.

Anonymous said...

Christianity is not derived from pagen beliefs. Holidays such as Christmas and Easter share some "pagen" traditions. The birth of Christ and the resurrection of Christ are not two of them. Santa and easter eggs are.
The God in the bible is the same God in the old and new testaments.
As he is the same God today ,no matter if you live in europe or the east or west coast of the USA.
As far as Brian's music (This is a music blog) I'm sure the beautiful harmonies of the Beach Boys have made God some I doubt he SMiLEd at SIP.

David J. Stewart Exposed! said...

In my blog, I point out clear contradictions David J. Stewart has made in attempting to condemn the Beach Boys and their music. He says that their music is of the devil yet he also says he likes their music. He also contradicts himself the same way about Michael Jackson, Boston, the Beatles, and the Bee Gees.

You also find some other eye-opening things David J. Stewart has done that reveals him to be a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

as the Waterboy's mom would say: "Brian Wilson is the Debil!"