Thursday, December 31, 2015

Keep Sending Out Those Good Vibrations

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! I just wanted to take this brief minute and sign off from this blog (probably) for good. When I first started writing here in 2007 I was a freshman in college with no money, no job, no girlfriend and nothing but unlimited time to listen to the Beach Boys and hunt for their music online.

No longer.

Today I work full time at an IT company in Raleigh, NC, have a 14 month old son, am going through a divorce and just started a new company where I am going to 3D print medical equipment to sell to hospitals all over the world for fractions of a penny on the dollar. My life has become so busy and full of purpose that it seems like I will never have the time to repost all of the things I have shared here over the years.

I've met hundreds of friends over the years because of this blog and I truly love every single person that ever read my blog, emailed me, enjoyed the stuff I shared or shared the blog with their friends. This blog was the most important thing in my life for YEARS.

I will never forget the happy feelings that I had when I committed my life to sharing the music of the Beach Boys to the world. I will continue to listen to the Beach Boys in the background while I commit my new life to saving people's lives and being a good father and member of the worldwide community.

Thanks for all the wonderful memories and keep sending out those Good Vibrations.

- Eric Warncke