Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Beach Boys Rarities

'65 Beach Boys - Sherry, She Needs Me
'65 Beach Boys - Graduation Day (studio version)
'67 Beach Boys - Lonely Days
'67 Beach Boys - Go and Get That Girl
'69 Brian Wilson - Where Can She Be
'70 Beach Boys - Lookin' Down The Coast
'83 Brian Wilson - The First Time (demo)(Flintstones movie)
'90 Brian Wilson - This Song Wants To Sleep With You
'92 Al Jardine - Crumple Car
'96 Jeffery Foskett - Maryanne (THE Beach Boy sound!)
2006 Mike Love - Unleash The Love
2006 Mike Love - Cool Head, Warm Heart
2006 Mike Love - Brian 's Back (remake)
2006 Mike Love - Make Love Not War
2007 Beach Boys - Camp California
2007 Beach Boys - Summer Time Music
2010 Brian Wilson - Live Let Live (Arctic Tale movie)


Reggie said...

Hey Eric, how's life going?

warnakey said...

Hey Reggie!

Things are good! Had a baby and started a business so haven't been on much in the last year, but I am going to start up again! How are you doing sir?

Reggie said...

Fantastic! Congratulations on all the good news! I'm doing pretty well also, basking in the love of a good woman. We've been talking about the baby business...

warnakey said...

Excellent Brother! I don't know if this would be your first rodeo, but if it is I'll leave you one little piece of advice to remember when times are tough. "Only love can conquer hate".

Keep in touch and check out the new stuff I'll be posting in the next few weeks!